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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Guest Post + Giveaway with Ethan Rose

You guys might not know yet, but the authors of Rowan Of The Wood are celebrating the release of another book, Which On The Water! It's official release date was Oct 12th, and I am please that Ethan took a moment to write his thought about Young Adult novel for us!

Why Young Adult

Young adults for the most part are still in the habit of learning. Their imaginations are still active, not having atrophied yet through years of the daily grind. Truly imaginative fiction is needed to fuel these vibrant imaginations and this need is suitably filled by the young adult novel.
The young adult novel has much to offer the older adult as well. It can re-light the fires of youth, blow dust off of unused imaginations, and shake life back into their lives. Television and movies have become so realistic that there is no real need to engage the imagination when watching them. This may be why more and more adults are turning to YA fiction. It emphasizes the imaginative and minimizes the pretensions. The great American novels are fine, but they can also be heavy going. For light, relaxing reading, YA is the way to go. It's an escape into another world. It's a magical transformation back to a simpler time. It's a world where there are no bills or mortgages or screaming kids or medical bills.

The YA novel holds an additional benefit for parents. By enjoying the same books as their children, they can enter their children's world in a new way. They share the experience with their child, thereby bridging the gap and brining them closer together. This is one of the reasons that we like to call Rowan of the Wood a "family book," even though it is generally billed as young adult.
It is a book that the entire family enjoys together. We've had mothers tell us how they raced their sons through it or traded off chapter by chapter. We've had other parents tell us how they read it to their younger ones who are too young to read it themselves. Daughter hands it to mother, who in turn shares it with her mother. It's multi-generational enjoyment!
I remember when I was a teen, I loved to talk about the books I was reading. I made the friends I did in High school because we all enjoyed the same books and could talk about them together. Imagine parents and their children having a similar connection through the tumultuous years of puberty.
As a young adult, I didn't limit myself to that category. Then, as now, I read anything that would hold my interest.
Nothing makes me sadder than when someone says to me “your book sounds interesting, but I don't have any kids of the appropriate age.”
My only possible reply is “everyone is a kid of the appropriate age."

I have to admit, being still young myself, I never tought of the parent-teen bounding a novel can bring! Thank you so Much Ethan and Christine for stopping by my blog! I really enjoyed having you two around!

And because they are very generous they offered....
A signed copy of Rowan of the Woods....
A signed copy of Witch on the water...
AND! an 100% hand-made Green Man Journal, Christine is also a very talented artist!

Here's a picture of the price!

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If you'd like to know more about their novels and artwork please stop by their website!

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  1. I have never considered the possibility of a 'family' book for everyone to enjoy together! Thanks for bringing that to my forefront- I always read books to discuss with my brother... not sure why I never thought to try and get one of the parents to do the same =)

  2. My children will love this book and so will I.

  3. Hi Ethan and Christine,

    Are these books to be read in order or are they stand alone?


    also posted on Twitter, FB and blogged on Myspace, also follow you on Twitter too. :)

  4. Tynga, is this one open to the UK? Just checking...

  5. Please count me in!

    Re-posted your contest at: http://contests-freebies.blogspot.com/2009/10/rowan-and-witch-giveaway-at-tyngas.html


  6. Great interview! Posted you on my blog in a few different places... rexrobotreviews.blogspot.com!

  7. Gapyeargirl - I contacted Christine and it's US/CAN only, I'm sorry!

  8. Enjoyed the interview! Wasn't familiar with these books, but they look good! Entered the contest, so fingers crossed! :)

  9. Dina: They are a series, but they also stand alone :-D

    Thanks to everyone for your entries! Let us know what you think of the books if you decide to give them a try.

    Sorry about the UK thing, but it costs nearly $40 (?!?!) to send two books plus bookmark, so I couldn't have every contest open to overseas. :-(

    There are a few during our blog tour that are open worldwide. The one at Bitten by Books, for example, is. We also have a contest running on The Celtic Myth Podshow that is open worldwide, too...

    So enter many contests! :-D

  10. $40?!? Good grief. I can totally see why it's not worldwide. I will keep my eyes open for the other contests.

  11. gapyeargirl123: Yes! I was *shocked* at how much it was.

  12. Patricia Barraclough17 October 2009 at 21:25

    Very good interview. I really like your approach to YA literature. I am the children's librarian for a small county library. I am always looking for new books and authors. It is nice to see something that can be appreciated by by a variety of age levels. I am having the younger kids come in to check out YA books that older siblings have enjoyed. Unfortunately, most are inappropriate for the younger child. Books parents can share with their children are becoming rare. I hope to get some book money soon, and will be putting your books on my list.

  13. Oh, don't enter me in the contest, am not in the US. I already clicked "submit" yesterday. I don't know how to "unsubmit" today...

    $40 is a bit stiff just to pay for mailing. I could get a few more books for that :)

  14. WOW. A handmade journal! That looks so awesome! Ooh, and interesting books. Sounds like great reads :)


  15. Both books sound super, hope I win!
    I follow both Tynga & Christine on Twitter.
    Tweeted here http://twitter.com/samk52/status/4999607361

  16. That's so true, about parents benefiting from YA books too! Loved this post :)

  17. Nice interview. I can definately see myself and my future kids reading the same books and discussing them together.


  18. These books sound REALLY good! I enjoyed the interview too!


  19. Very good interview! I love this pair of authors! I wholeheartedly agree that parents should read YA!