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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines - Richelle Mead Style!

Richelle Mead came out with this really kool idea to make valentines base on her series, so here's what I created!

First of all, a LolCat version of Dimitri, I used a Blue Russian cat, gotta keep up with the theme =P

The following was based on a foreign cover of Storm Born!

I had fun doing them, just thought I would share ^^

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6 People left their mark' :

  1. Very cute. I am going to post mine later today. Good luck!

    * I ordered Shift, BD said it was going to ship in 48 hrs, (weeeeeee)

  2. Elie- Yay That means my copy will ship soon to!

  3. I love the vampire kitty!So cute!

  4. Such a cute vampire cat! My friend has a British Blue & they are a really lovely, friendly breed.

    I wish I was as creative as you are :o)

  5. oh my, that cat is creepy. lol

    makin a stop by from books at midnights saturday network