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Monday, March 08, 2010

Interview and Giveaway with J.A. Saare

Hello everyone!
Today I have the huge honor to introduce you to J. A. Saare, she's a new author to me but you might have read some of her short stories before. She nicely accepted my invitation in honor of Dead, Undead or Something in Between, released on February 7th, 2010.

Would you like to introduce us to your first novel, Dead, Undead or Somewhere in Between ?

Sure thing! Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in between is an urban fantasy novel situated in New York. It’s told through the voice of Rhiannon, a bartender and necromancer who is trying to escape a tortured past.

A chance meeting as she was hustling some nine-ball ousted her from the necromancer closet, and now, she’s facing the music with the one thing that creeps her out the most – vampires. Forced to assist them in the search of their “twice-dead” brethren; she begins sticking her nose in places it doesn’t belong. As she advances deeper into their community, she learns more about her abilities, what she’s capable of, and most importantly, she is forced to face the demons of her past.

If you had to pick a song to describe your main characters, what would it be?

Oh man *grin* there is no one song that could adequately do so. They are so different. Rhiannon is the balls, Disco is the class, and Goose is the brains. Somehow, I don’t see The Breakfast Club theme working out for them.

What do you think makes your book unique among all the UF books?

That’s a tough question, because UF is so popular and there is a vast variety of material out there, some of which I’ll confess I’ve not had the opportunity to read.

Considering the source material, the most notable difference would probably be my voice. When I started writing, I detested it, and wished I could write more mainstream. However, I soon learned that it’s just a part of the deal. You think a certain way and, as a consequence, write a certain way.

Are you working on any other projects right now?

I’m sighing as I answer, because the answer is always yes. I have multiple projects going on right now, none of which are anywhere near completion. As it stands I am penning The Renfield Syndrome (follow-up to Dead), Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon (follow-up to my Desires of the Otherworld story, Eternity and a Day, written under the Aline Hunter pen which will release with Loose Id this summer), and my new erotic paranormal romance, Omega Mine.

There are other stories I’m creating as well, including a new UF entitled The Company of Wolves, which I plan to wrap up by the end of the year. ;)

Now let's learn more about you =)
What profession did you dream about when you were younger?

Anything involving horses. I loved them. I used to dream about being a jockey of some kind, riding to victory lane atop a huge, black steed. A few years later it was a veterinarian, but when I learned about euthanasia, I decided that wouldn’t work either.

It wasn’t until I hit my teens that I decided becoming a teacher would be something I’d enjoy. I love kids, and the idea of surrounding myself with them was something that appealed to me greatly. It’s true what they say – they keep you younger.

I know you like horror movies, which one is your favorite?

Such a difficult question! And the answer always changes. Today, I’m in vampy mood, so I’ll go with Fright Night featuring Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, and Roddy McDowell. That is one of the sexiest vampire movies ever made, aside from the cult classic, To Sleep With A Vampire. Lordie me, who knew Scott Valentine was so hot!

What's your favorite book ever?

East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I get weird reactions when I tell people that sometimes, but it’s true. There is something so powerful about that book; the voice, the characters…just can’t shake it.

I know it's a bit morbid, but always so interesting! If you could chose your gravemark, what would it say?

The poem I saw in one of the old graveyards on a rundown back road made such an impression on me. I was only sixteen at the time, but I never forgot it. I’d probably like to have it on my tomb. It’s called Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.

The most silly thing you ever did?

I wouldn’t call it silly, but once I was dared to get my tongue pierced by my boss (I worked in the best video store ever – a cross of mainstream videos and “adult” entertainment – and he was the bomb). My sister came in showing off her new tongue piercing, and he bet me I wouldn’t go right then (while on the clock) to the tattoo studio to get it done.

I held out my hand, took the cash (it was forty bucks I believe) and went straight away. After my tongue had a nifty little barbell, I returned to work and finished out the shift. I was such a rebel back then. ;)

Thanks for having me on the blog! ;-) It’s great to share with everyone and say hello!

Thank you very much Jaime for playing along! It was great to get to know you =)

Now on to the giveaway, Jaime generously offered an e-copy of her erotic short story, A Kiss Before Dying.

Here's what you gotta do to enter:
You MUST be 18+ of age.
You MUST be a follower.
You MUST fill the form below.
easy enough? *grins*

Giveaway ends March 20th, 2010.

Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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  1. unfortunately i don't have blog. i hope i still can enter :)

  2. Yes Mariska, I'm counting you in, I know you're a faithful follower *winks*

  3. I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and thank you again for having me on the blog! ;-)


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  5. I'm reading Dead Undead now! LOVE the title!

    I can't wait to read more of your work.

    Sooo, do you still have the tounge piercing?


  6. Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in between sounds like a great read - I'll have to check this one out :o)

  7. LOL Lynne!!!

    Sadly, I removed it several years ago. ;) I hope you're enjoying the story!


  8. I'm way late, but fun interview as always. Both Dead and A Kiss Before Dying are incredible! And I love the idea of a tongue piercing...the hero in my WIP has one. ;)

  9. Dead Undead is going on the massive TBR list. And seriously, coolest boss ever. I want a boss who would dare me to get my tongue pierced, but then again I work at the library so IDK how well that would go over. LOL.

    (Find the Time to Read)

  10. Aloha JA Saare *waving*

    I am so happy to have read this post because this book sounds great!!!

    Adding to my TBR list ASAP!!!

    Btw, thank you for sharing that poem... it is beautiful!!!

  11. Hey Cari, Jess and Ck. My boss was great, I loved him. ;-) I'm glad you liked the poem Ck, and I hope you like the story Jess!

  12. WOW! You got your tongue pierced for a bet!! I wouldn't dare, I think it must hurt a lot.

    The book looks great, I like the title (and the cover). I must read it!