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Monday, April 12, 2010

Guest Post and Giveaway with Tenaya Jayne author of Blue Aspen

1 Cup of reality, 3 tbsp fantasy, beat on high for two minutes
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First of all I want to thank Tynga for giving me a guest spot and this topic. I don’t claim to be an  expert on anything, but finding the right mix of fantasy and reality was something that weighed heavily on my mind while I wrote my novel, Blue Aspen. I’m a very analytical person; whenever I read a book or watch a movie, I dissect it. Why did I hate it? Why did I love it? To my way of thinking, down to the smallest detail, what was done well or poorly? For me, writing fiction is like a massive jigsaw puzzle. There are lots of dream sequences in my novel and times when I blur the line between fantasy and reality. It’s wonderful to read the different impressions of my readers. Some consider Blue Aspen chilling, while others think of it as a poetic romance. Psychological, PNR, fantasy, thriller, mystery, and magical realism, they all fit. I certainly blurred the genre lines.

When you intend to blur the lines how blurry do you make them? Well, that’s one of the best things about books; there’s something for everyone’s taste. Books and movies that play out like real dreams don’t hold my attention because real dreams are nonsensical. I don’t feel any anticipation for what might be coming next when the main character might be swimming and the next moment baking bread. I have read books like that, or tried to.

Dreams can be a slippery slope in fiction. While your own dreams may interest and delight you, how often have you been entertained by the recounting of someone else’s? I used my heroine’s dreams as devices to achieve a few things: help the reader become acquainted with who she is, who her lover is, and to convey ideas, subtly. It was my desire for the fantasy element to propel the story forward, and to be the icing on the cake. Did I get the right mix? I tried, but there again is a matter of opinion. It’s up to you to decide.

It was my ultimate goal for Blue Aspen to have a sweet tongue and a sharp tooth, much like my heroine’s lover. For those of you who decide to read it, it is my sincere hope that you enjoy the ride. Thanks again to Tynga, and to all of you. Happy reading!
-Tenaya Jayne


Tenaya generously offered TWO personalized hardcover copies of her book Blue Aspen with handmade (by Tenaya herself) bookmarks! How fabulous is that?

When seventeen-year-old Dulcee Elders' mother embarks on a road trip from their home in California, Dulcee knows something odd is about to happen. Her suspicions are confirmed when they arrive at Uncle Jack's house outside of Durango, Colorado. Without another word, Dulcee's mother is gone, and Dulcee faces life with her reclusive and wealthy uncle in a looming rural mansion.

Dulcee has suffered from insomnia ever since her father died more than ten years ago. But once at home at Uncle Jack's, inexplicably Dulcee now can sleep; sleep brings not only strange and intricate dreams, but a dream lover. For now, Vincent Sands is only the silhouette of a man, but when Uncle Jack leaves town for business, Dulcee's dream world and reality collide. Once she is alone, the silhouette is no longer content to remain only in her dreams.

When Dulcee is asleep, Vincent can give her anything she wants, even the ability to talk to her dead father. Inevitably, Vincent must leave when Uncle Jack returns. Dulcee experiences the high price of loving Vincent-an addiction rivaling that of any hard-core drug. Desperate to bridge the gap between them, Dulcee faces a crucial decision that carries irreversible consequences.

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Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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