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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Knight Angels: Book of Love by Abra Ebner


"Who are you?” I asked.

The nothingness whispered back.

“I am Death.”


When four teens enter Glenwood High, none of them knew the secrets they held were about to become their only defense.

Love, hate, and friendship now binds them, but what they don’t yet know, is that this is just the beginning…

Death is calling them home.


Even though I really liked the concept for this book, I had my reservations when I started reading The Knight Angels because I had just read a book with multiple characters narration that gave me a little trouble. But The Knight Angels’ narration was really great and I can’t see how this story could have been told differently.

We live this fabulous story from many perceptive, but mainly from five different ones:

Jane: Older of two sisters who lived a near-death experience when she had a car accident with her father (who passed away) at age 7. She was left with rather odd talents.

Emily: Jane’s younger sister is 16, troubled and taking drugs. She’s closing herself from everyone around her with goth style and loud music, but this is all an act to hide something bigger.

Wes: Both girls neighbors, Wes is an orphan living with his elder adoptive parents. He is deeply in love with Jane, but he also have issues of his own.

Max: He died almost a century ago in a tragic event and he is now an angel, roaming the earth for unclear reasons, but they are clearly tied to Jane.

Greg: Max’s twin brother, Greg also died the night Max did, but he stayed behind for much darker reasons. He craves for power and will do anything to reach his goal.

All of them are going to high school together, trying to find their path, all of them involved in complicated relationships, but Jane, Emilie and Wes will discover that there is more to this world than what eyes can see. They are all key elements in a Magick world. Their fate could change History.


I really loved this book for many reasons, but I think the main one was that for the first time ever, I could relate to one of the main characters, namely Jane. Of course I don’t have any special powers, but her family issues  really hit home, so her feelings felt true to me. And it got me wondering if Emily’s point of view was how the other side of the fence felt when I’ve been in a similar situation.

I’m talking about Jane, but all characters emotions felt right on point, so definitely two thumbs-up to Abra for that.

The plot itself unfolds at a steady pace and you are wondering for quite a while what are each characters ability and how does it affect the story? The puzzle pieces eventually fit together brilliantly when characters learn more about themselves and their powers. It isn’t easy for them as they are all confused in a maelstrom of emotions and it makes it all even better, to see them doubt and seek answers.

This book explores a very interesting perceptive on death, unfinished business and true love. Constantly putting it’s characters in a challenging position, questioning their beliefs and values.

They will wonder who are their friends, whom can they trust. They will make mistakes, but will they get a second chance? When your life is on the line, the risks are high.


I liked the end, I think everything wrapped-up very nicely and I find myself craving for more. I really want to know what’s next for our bunch of teenagers! I strongly suggest you pick this book: it's passionate and mysterious, be ready for a paranormal and emotional rollercoaster ride. You won't be disappointed!


Head to The Knight Angels website to Read an excerpt

The Knight Angels:
Book of Love
Book of Revenge
Book Stats:
  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Crimson Oak Publishing LLC (April 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0982272588
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982272589


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    6. elaing yes I know =(
      I've been keeping an eye out to.
      Abra told me she is working on having it available on BookDepository.
      In the mean time, It is available on Amazon.com though bought in bound copies and Kindle.

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