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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spirit Bound Discussion **Spoilers Alert**


BEWARE: This Post Contains MAJOR Spoilers. It’s purpose is to discuss Spirit Bound’s plot, IT IS NOT A REVIEW. If you want to read my spoilers free review please click here.
If you haven’t yet the book yet, I suggest you read it and come back here to give us your impressions!





If you’ve read my review, you know I am totally insane for this book, and I’ve been wanting to post this discussion for a while, but out of respect for Richelle Mead, I held back until release day. But Now is the time to discuss what we thought of the major plots points! *happy dance*


I’d like to start by talking about Rose’s Trials, I mean what a great way to start the book! I was already pumping adrenaline just reading the first 2 chapters. I was also Happy to see Janine and Abe there, though I wished they were more present for the rest of the book.

Up next, the prison break. I man OMG. Three teenagers breaking a high security guardian prison? As impossible as it sounds, Richelle gave all the elements needed to make it believable. They played their cards smart with disguise and everything,  the only part that was less plausible was the last part, from the main office to the gate. I mean you would expect more security, especially after they rang the alarm.

Next step, Vegas. I really liked Richelle solution to heal Stroigoi. Enchanting the stake with spirit was smart and that it has to be weld by a spirit user was necessary, otherwise it would have been way to easy to save all Strogoi in the world. I really liked Lissa’s determination to save Dimitri even though she would put her life at stake – pun intended, and Rose’s decision to not let Lissa do it. She wants her lover back but not by risking her best friend’s life.

Dimitri’s ambush was great, and the consequences were even  better, if I may say. Loosing Robert and Victor opens possibilities for the last book and Rose’s guilt add even more emotion to that tsunami we are already caught into. I was really wondering if Eddie would betray them after that.

And I really felt for Adrian we he discovered this major plot. Poor guy is so in love with Rose and she’s trying to save her ex. So much in love that he is inclined to help her in her impossible task. It’s a wonder Rose can still live with herself, not that I blame her, but I mean, poor Adrian.

I’ll skip right next to Lissa & Christian’s kidnapping, now that was an ultimatum! I had high respect with Rose’s determination heading to the scene. She knew one of the two people she loved the most would die that night and she didn’t shy away. I want to point that later in the book people praised her for her abilities in that battle, but she didn’t fight all that much. Pushed away a few Strogoi and what not but she pretty much went straight for Dimitri. Anyway, I really loved how the whole scene played out and Lissa was indeed amazing, it was great to see her step-up to the plate!

And now all hell broke loose, I can’t believe Dimitri refused to see Rose after that, the things he said to her in chapter 20 I couldn’t believe it. I swear I put the book down and was pacing, frustrated. I really felt like hitting him in the head, I mean what’s wrong with the guy. Rose gave everything she had to save him, and how does he thanks her? By pushing her away. I mean WTH! I know the guy feels guilty but is SHE forgive you, then man up and move on. Make it up to her, but don’t push her away. Geez, I mean even a few days after I finish reading it Dimitri still pisses me off lol

And of course it gets worst, the quote that really stood out for me is the following

I’ve given up on you. Loves fades. Mine has.

those little 9 words really broke my heart. Once more I put the book down and went pacing lol, I was at work when I read that part and I was telling everyone around me how Dimitri pissed me off and read the quote to them. They all thought I was crazy lol. This specific quote was worst for me then the prison scene because before he always told her that he lost ability to love, that he wasn’t good enough for her bla bla, but this time he told her he didn’t love her anymore. In my book, it’s much worst.

Next I would talk about the almost sex scene with Adrian. While Rose didn’t mean wrong, I once again feel bad for Adrian. She tried to push away the hurt from Dimitri by jumping into Adrian’s arms and while I know she really wanted to let go of Dimitri it just wasn’t right.

And finally, what I will call the breakfast scene. I LOVED that scene because it gave me hope in Dimitri again. I loved how he defended her when the guards came for you and it proved that he still loved her even though he claims otherwise. I can’t wait for The Last Sacrifice to see how their relation will wrap-up. I really hope it’s for the best!

And the Queen’s murder? What a blow. I never saw it coming honestly and I really wonder who set Rose up. And I’m happy Abe is her lawyer, I guess it means we’ll see more of him in the future. And what is there to say about the Queen’s note? Lissa have an half-brother? WA! I wonder who it is, maybe it’s a character we already know? Or will another new character be introduced? Geez December is way to far away for all these questions =(


Now it’s your time to tell me what you thought of Spirit Bound! Please comment on the scenes I pointed out, or if there’s another scene you wanna talk about, knock yourself out! I really want to know what your opinion!

Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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  1. I actually loved the almost sex scene with Adrian--he really really grew on me in this book and wrong or not, Rose NEEDED someone to be there for her in as strong a way as possible after all that had happened and he was there--I loved it. And yes for the breakfast scene--I think poor Dimka is just so traumatized and embarassed he can't stand the thought of facing Rose and all he owes her--or...maybe he knew about Adrian from the start and was totally jealous and hurt so thats why he wanted to stay away? Either way, whether or not he was lyingg about the love fading or that was a serious after effect of turning strigoi I think he'll have no choice but to admit how he feels about her in book 6, or he'll heal and the love will be restored. So glad Christian and Lissa got back together and the Queen's note was great--I loved that there was more to her than we ever realized.

    December is too far away!!!

  2. I hear ya Frankie, I'm not condemning the almost-sex-scene I just can't help putting myself in Adrian's place and feel bad for him. I was also happily surprised by Adrian, even though I love him since he made his first appearance, he grew on me that much more this time.

    And yeah, I so cant wait to see that aftermath of the Queen's note!

  3. Can u please tell me what happens with Rose and Adrian in SB. He is my favorite character ever!!!

  4. I'm buying the book today- but I don't understand, is Dimitri healed? And Rose is still with Adrian at the end of the book? Man! What's wrong with her? If her heart belongs to dimitri, why is she trying to mess with Adrian, knowing how he feels about her?

  5. Yeah I can finally talk about the book. I have had it for a week and it has been killing me not to talk about it.

    I like adrian, he loves Rose but will never have her. Chapter 20 ripped my heart out and the love fades comment broke my heart.

    I had predicted the use of spirit on a stake but having the spirit user stake the strigoi was a fun twist.

    I loved that Rose told the queen how it is and that the guards admired her for it. (there may be a rebelion in the next book)

    Abe is awesome. Where is janine in all of this?


    I predict that Adrian, Demitri, Robert and Victor will bust Rose out of jail. Abe will find Lissa's brother and with two Dragimor's they will change laws and Lissa will become queen.

    I also think that in order for Rose to end up with Demitri, Adrian has to die. (I hate to see it too, I really like him)

    I predict that Avery was not just a spirit user, she could have prophecy/visions and the Rose/Demitri vision will come true.

    Before SB I predicted that Rose would get pregnant with Adrian before he died and then Demitri and Rose could raise the little girl (named adrian of course) as a family.

    I was happy with this book and the series is still my fave!

  6. Anonymous said...
    Can u please tell me what happens with Rose and Adrian in SB. He is my favorite character ever!!!
    They are dating, but their relation isn't really clear. Rose still has feeling for Dimitri and Adrian knows.

    Anonymous said...
    I'm buying the book today- but I don't understand, is Dimitri healed? And Rose is still with Adrian at the end of the book? Man! What's wrong with her? If her heart belongs to dimitri, why is she trying to mess with Adrian, knowing how he feels about her?
    Dimitri is healed, but he rejects Rose because he feels guilty about what he did. But she doesn't want to give up on him. She's still kind of dating with Adrian the whole time though.
    At the end, we'll she's in jail so I don't know if she qualifies to date anyone =P

    Infertility Goddess

    I think you're probably right about Lissa becoming Queen, but I don't think the boys will have to break Rose out of jail. I think Lissa will be politicaly involve to free her.
    I really don't think she will get pregnant with Adrian though hehe and I hope from the bottom of my heart she will end of with Dimitri. I really love Adrian but what R&D have is just to special to end.

  7. Hi Tynga, first thank you so much for your review and thank you for the great review i really loved it!!!I read it yesterday and today i somehow got hold of some chapters up to 21 only but better than nothing!!
    While reading thank god i was alone because i kept screaming that i would scare the..out of anyone near me!!I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS..I can't find words to express myself i was so in the book that now i can't say the difference between book and reality rose and dimitri and all the others are so alive that i have gotten confused..do i make sense?I am going to read again and come back for discussion

  8. Ioanna - Yes it makes sense lol I felt the same!

  9. Oh people that you so much for your despatch at high-mindedness time. It helped me in my assignment. Thanks Alot

  10. Thanks for posting this, I don't mind reading spoilers, it just makes me want to read this even more.
    Damn volcano..lol. I want my book now!

  11. hello would like to ask a favor .... in the Brazilian fans are crazy behind this book maiis in Brazil is not available yet and will not know when released! you could scan the spirit bound to me? if the answer is yes send me by email driih.santo@yahoo.com.br
    thank the Brazilian fans

  12. Hello Adriana, I'm sorry but no I won't scan the book. It's piracy and I am totally against it. You can see this post for the reasons why: http://www.deadlinedames.com/?p=2700

  13. Dimitri strigoi get to see Rose with Adrian?

  14. He will see them together once, but they also are with Lissa and Eddie.
    But he learns they are a couple, as to before or after the healing he learns it, well it's not clear really

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. There is no Adrian vs Dimitri faceoff mainly because Dimitri is held prisoner, but also because he is trying to push Rose away.

    I'm no sure I understand your second question sorry =/

  17. Sorry my poor English

    Dimitri reacted to know that Rose wants to cure it

  18. Umm.. Dimitri as a strogoi didn't know what Rose plans were, so he never knew she planned to heal him. And after he was healed he treats Lissa like a goddess, but completely ignore Rose and he doesn't want to see her anymore.

  19. OMFG! I can't believe that he made it to her! After all she did. Bastard! ¬¬'

    When Adrian see what Roe did, what he did?

  20. Wait. Are you telling me that Dimitri felt for Lissa? o_o
    I mean, there's rly no hope for the couple Romitri?

  21. Wait! Dimitri is cured in this book? Lissa is the cure him? OMG! Must I read Spirit Bound! :O

  22. Ok! what do you mean by Dimitri being held prisioner? So is Rose???? I need to read the book, the wait is killing me!!!!!!
    Please tell me mores... P L E A S E ! ! !

  23. As Rose was caught by the guardians? Dimitri did something? I was wondering that and one more thing, because Rose was arrested and whether the trial = (Can not wait to read the entire book he seems to be tense.

  24. Dimitri volta Dhampir ou moroi?

    why Rose is captured? killed the queen and blamed Rose?

    sorry for questions, but I brazilian girl and stay crazy here... hehe

  25. ok, can you clarify some things? I'm confused! who healed Dimitri ? My friend thinks he has developed a bond with Lissa, is this true? As for Rose is arrested for being accused of having murdered Tatiana, is this true? Could you clarify? And Dimitri defending Rose, how does this happen?
    Oh God!This suspense is killing me ! I need SB book here! we,brazilian fans,are needing this book!(sorry for my bad english :/)

  26. Alright I'm gonna try to answer all of your questions.

    Mariazzinha - Adrian knows, and he isn't mad but he isn't happy either. He is hoping Rose will stay with him.

    Amanda - No Dimitri isn't in love with Lissa. But He swore to stay by her side and protect her all of his life.

    L. - Yes Lissa will cure Dimitri, he becomes a Dhampir again.

    Vampire Academy Chile - Dimitri is held prisoner for a while because to Court doesn't believe that he isn't strogoi anymore. And Rose is in jail at the end because she is accused of the Queen's murder.

    Renata - Rose is accused of killing the Queen, and when the guardians come to arrest her, Dimitri is trying to stop them to protect her.

    Kar - Dimitri is Dhampir.
    And Someone else killed the Queen (we don't know who) but Rose is accused.

    Feeh - Lissa Healed Dimitri, But ther eis NO BOND between them. Yes Rose is arrested and accused of murder on the Queen, but she is not quilty. Like I said above, Dimitri tried to protect Rose when the dhampirs came to arrest her.

  27. But who killed Tatiana ? How did dimitri thinks about rose been on judge ? Did he watch de judge ? How did rose feels about it ? somebody tried to help her ?

  28. We learn that Rose is on trial and that's how the book ends, we don't know anything else

  29. Who accused Rose of killing the Queen ? How did they cure dimitri ? Did rose and adrian have a sex scene ?

  30. Rose is accused by the Court because there are proofs against her, there is an *almost sex-scene* between adrian and Rose

    ***Please makes sure you read the previous comments, I don't want to answer the same questions many times.

  31. OMG! But how did he act about this fact ? did he try to take rose back ?

  32. Whoa,there's a lot of questions but did christian die ? i read some spoilers sayng that he's dead.I'm sorry if i'm a boring girl haha,

  33. No Christian doesn't die. He is trying to reconciliate with Lissa

  34. This is a excellent new,i love christian <33; How Rose was feeling when she arrive the judge room ? I promise,this is the last question haha.

  35. She was confused because she didn't really know why they were accusing her, and she didn't even know how and when the Queen died.

    **I won'T be able to answer anymore questions until later tonight, I'm heading back to work **

  36. Is there any love scene between Rose and Dimi? kiss or something?

    Thank U!Thank U!Thank U!Thank U!

  37. How Dimitri defends Rose??

  38. Kar - No there isn't

    Criatiane - He fights

  39. Just finished. Thanks for your non-spoiler review! I was NOT expecting Dimka to be healed in this book -- or maybe I thought it would happen towards the end. It was so much better than I thought it would be.

    I was solidly "Team Dimitri" until this book -- and still am -- but Adrian really shone here...sigh...

  40. I just have one question.... How do you get hold of the book b4 the release date????

  41. Rebecca - The publisher sent it to me.

  42. Finished the book and loved it. I think Richelle had Dimitri act the way he did because that is how his character is. First of all, he was weeping which I thought that part was beautiful. He is afraid he is going to hurt Rose and doesn't trust himself right now. He really does love her but is pushing her away for her own protection (we all know he wouldn't really hurt her of course). So the reason he said the famous words "Love Fades. Mine Has" is because he felt it was the only way to get Rose to back off. Now I am convinced that he is going to kick some serious butt in Last Sacrifice. He has a plan and you can tell by the way he was looking at her in the court room. He will do anything to protect her. The anticipation is unbearable but I hope this means there will be SEVERAL steamy passionate love scenes in last sacrifice and Hopefully Dimitri will be the one to lose control first this time. That would be pretty sexy! I hope he breaks her out of prison himself and then they go on the journey to find Lissa's brother/sister together alone:) Just a thought. Also, I'm am wondering if Tanya killed the queen and framed Rose to keep her away from Dimitri. Because she didn't like the queen herself. As far as Adrian goes, The almost sex scene was very hot I will admit and he has grown on me but he doesn't protect her and he's not a bad ass and he has addictions he needs to take care of. I do want him to have a happy ending though because he is a nice guy but I don't want it to be with Rose. The anticipation is killing me but I think that's what makes me like Rose and Dimitri together so much. What guy has that kind of self control when a sexy desert princess is constantly throwing herself at him?? That's pretty sexy.

  43. I totally agree with you Shannon! I hope R&D will have their romance. But I think Dimitri will help Lissa find her sibling and that she will break Rose out of prison by political means.

  44. So I'm almost done with the book, and I'm still Team Dimitri! Sorry, Adrian doesn't do much for me...I think Rose almost has to force herself to relax or get close with Adrian- yeah he's nice and all, but I was a little turned off when he left her and Eddie to fight in Vegas. I mean he supposedly loves her and he just left? What she feels for Dimitri is REAL- he has her heart, and always will! And I really hope that this really works out fot the two of them in the last book...they are totally meant to be together- their love is intense and strong, no mater what the obstacles are thrown at them...Rose needs to let Adrian go, she is using him whether she recognizes that or not...

  45. I think the book was great. But I have to admit I liked Adrian better when he was seperate from Rose. I found him alot funnier being the inappropriate drunk chain smoker, but I couldnt stand him in this book he just made me angry I guess it is because I am a hardcore Rose and Dimitri fan. Which brings me to my next point. When Dimitri kept rejecting Rose it killed me! I felt like my heart was being shatterd each time! But I do agree the breakfast scene really gave me a lot of hope, and also when she was walking out of the trial hearing and Rose discribing the way that he looked at her. I really hope that Rose and Dimitri finally get back together beacuse the reunion I hoped for did not happen which was sad :(

  46. Oops. I noticed I put that I put Tanya killed the queen but I meant Tasha. Christian's sister. She seams suspicious and I could see her not liking Rose since Dimitri turned her down so he could be with Rose. And I agree with the above comment on Adrian not defending Rose in Vegas. What was that? What kind of a man would just leave while his girlfriend is being attacked? Rose and Dimitri belong together:) Remember the psychic told Rose that she was going on a journey with someone after being trapped??? Who will take the journey with her?Hmmm...December is too far away!

  47. Yeah I really want Dimitri to lose control in the next book and have some serious passionate scenes with Rose. I understand why he keeps pushing her away right now- but I think he needs to realize that Rose needs him- she is NOT complete without him... no matter how hard she tries (first with Mason, and now with Adrian)- yeah Adrian may be nice and all, but come on he is no Dimitri. I hope the author ends Adrian and Rose very quickly in the beginning of Last Sacrifice so that Dimitri and Rose's relationship can be focused on for the rest of the book. I want Dimitri to be jealous of her with other guys- I want to see that passionate/possessive side of him. I want him to say "mine" when he's with her- lol!!!

  48. I loved the book and I kept thinking who may be Lissa's half brother/ sister and then Jill came to my mind, because of the green eyes and then we meet her mom who's a dancer (I think that Eric's mistress was a dancer in Vegas too or something like that) and her father isn't mentioned.
    Probably just a crazy idea XD
    I think Dimitri was lying in the love fades thing and I think that unfortunately Adrian will die in the last book =/

  49. WOW Jess! Jill is actually a very good possibility, I didn't even think about it!

  50. I can finally join in the convo because I finished reading last night! Wow. This is my favorite series by far and Richelle just keeps delivering. When I closed Spirit Bound, I was like THAT is how you write a book. I am going to BAWL when I finish Last Sacrifice!

    Poor everyone in this book... The characters' reactions and motivations are so genuine. Poor Adrian. I can't imagine him ever giving up on Rose, just like I can't imagine Rose ever giving up on Dimitri. It broke my heart how he gave up on himself, and I was SO MAD at him during the last 3/4 of the book, but it totally made my heart soar when we got to see a glimpse of the old Dimitri during the breakfast scene.

    Lissa having a half-sibling was pretty predictable after hearing about her dad pumping money into a strange account. I am SO curious to see if it's someone we know. I'm so glad Tatiana didn't end up being the bad guy, even though she died. I loved her character in this book and I can't blame Rose for being so suspicious of her. I LOOOVED Rose's defense of herself during her hearing. I was like there's my girl! Haha! I want to hang with this chick in real life!

    Also I was so happy Christian and Lissa got back together. It was so stupid why they broke up and how they tried to stay apart! I love that Abe showed up too. He and Rose are so much alike.

    Ah SO good!!

  51. Honestly, I think a Victor supporter killed the queen. I mean, come on, he hasn't been there for most of the book yet he is busted out of jail, therefore, perhaps Richelle is alluding to that. Also, I think that Rose's tarot reading, her new one is going to come a lot more into play. The last one, I think may have something to do with a kid, so perhaps the spirit-stake makes it so Dmitri and Rose can have a kid, but ew. Anyways, I am so NOT Team Adrian. I mean, yes, he's a nice guy, but it's not love. I understand that love can grow, but I just, don't find them to be right for each other.

  52. omgsh I can totally see Tasha being the one who framed Rose... but when I was reading te book I was under te impression that when Ambrose handed Rose the not that it was like a suicide letter... so like I am confused did Tatianna kill herself or did someone actually from Rose??

  53. Courtney - Yeah I agree with you on everything, someone earlier mention Jill might be Lissa's sister, and I think it's possible. She's been around for a while, but never quite made a difference in the story, so it might be it!

    April - I Really love Adrian, but I agree that him & Rose just doesn'T cut it. He might be crazy in love with her, he isn't the one for her. R&D forever *winks*!

  54. i dont think that Tasha framed Rose of the murder because she wanted dimitri. Tasha and Dimitri were only friends but i think that Robert and victor murdered the Queen! Victor wanted to rule and take control of the court so he would be the one who killed Queen tatiana and framed rose to get her back from putting him in prison in the first place

  55. April- I agree with you. I am not Team Adrian either- yes he is a nice guy, but not sure if it's love- really he has rebelled all his life, and of course he cares about Rose (she kept resisting him all this time), and Rose is a great way for him to rebel against his family. Either way, I think she needs to end it with him so he can move on with his life... She's using him as a distraction from Dimitri just like Mason. She cared about Mason too, but she didn't love him like she loves Dimitri. She can NOT get Dimitri out of her system no matter how hard she tries- even the mention of his name gets her heart going- now that's true love... and I'm wondering if the "journey" that she goes on is between her and Dimitri- I thinking maybe they get her out of jail and Dimitri and Rose try to find the real killer... and in this journey yes they have an objective goal, but it's also a jouney for the two of them... where Dimitri finally become the passionate man he has been and fights for what's important to him (Rose)- well, I'm hoping this is the case anyways... Love me Dimka and Roza!!!!!

  56. Omg, just finished reading it, and its AMAZING. I didnt think Dimitri would be turned in this book, but he was :) December is just TOO far ¬_¬ I'm team Dimitri, although i like Adrian a lot, but them together just isnt right. And the Queens note, why did it have to be kept such a secret? The answer is probably obvious but oh well :P & the queen should have explained more. I think Jill will be the other Dragomir becasue she hasnt been in it much. I love abe,you can tell he's Rose's father ;) there should have been more Janine in it though. This is my best book series by far, its just a lot different to other vampire type books.

  57. OMG, I'm absolutely in love with this series and this book really did just complete it for me.
    I'm not really concernec about the Rose/Dimka/Adrian as I'm pretty sure she'll end up with Dimka, and all though I really hate to say it I think Adrian will die[I'm a huge Adrian Fan] I never really liked him&Rose, but his romantic side and character really won me over.
    The main plot twist that I'm eager to learn more about is Lissa's half Step Brother/Sister.
    After finishing the book, I couldn't stop thinking about this new mystery character, masculine Feminie, Moroi/Dhampir?
    I kinda wish it's a girl, though I think it would Reject Rose more out of Lissas family relationship, so I'm thinking it might be a boy, to replace Andre.
    And I liked the way we met Adrians family in this, though I do wish he had a brother or sister, just to make things a bit different considering Rose/Lissa/Christian/Mia/Eddie/Mason aren't revealed to have any siblings, it would've been a nice twist, but it doens't really bother me.

    I'm sooo excited for Last Sacrifice, I don't know how I'm going to make it until then!
    I hope it all ends off well, and Adrian doesn't die.. xD
    I've never been A Dimitri fan either per say, but I do think he's the best match for Rose.

    Ohh, it felt good to finally get that stuff off my chest. My sister/friend that read the series haven't finished the book yet, and my other friend only knows what I've told her about the series, so I never really had someone to talk to Spirit Bound about <3

  58. They made a comment that the Queen is ALWAYS heavily guarded... so that can mean a few things:

    1. It had to be one/ or a group of people really good with compulsion
    2. All the guards turned against her beacuse of the age thing (doubtful)
    3. Someone has to be working on the inside to get into Roses room to get her stake

    Victor and Robert are still suspects, but I think they are just too obvious...

  59. I agree Lydia I think it would be to obvious

  60. I loved this bood especially adrian.ive always loved his charecter and personality. i liked him and rose as a couple and loved the "he was wearing silk boxers becuase, honestly what else would adrian wear" that made me laugh.
    I hate to say it but i do think adrian will die DX it would be a shame to loose his charecter.
    I felt sorry for dimitri as i used to like him but found myself shying away from him from when he became a strigoi.

  61. God, having no one to talk about Spirit Bound is driving me crazy!
    When I read the parts about Dimitri not wanting to be with Rose, I ran out of the house, screaming like a crazy woman, lol. Dimitri and Rose HAVE to be together. Anything else is just WRONG. And, about Jill being Lissa's sister... It would kinda make sense. Like, the thing with her having Lissa's jade eyes, and her father never being mentioned and all. AND it says somewhere in the book that Lissa's frantic... something, babling, reminded Rose of Jill. By the way, I think Adrian's gonna go crazy in Last Sacrifice. I'm sorry if my Enlish is kinda screwed up, I'm only thirteen and from, eh, Norway...

  62. Megan - Yeah I didn'T really like DImitri in Blood Promise either.

    Bette- no worries you did great =) English isn't my main language either ^^

  63. I really think that it was Mikhail who framed Rose. Or at least broke into her room to get the stake. He was nervous when he ran into her after the party. It would have been perfect timing as well.
    I completely forgot about the mention of Jill's mom being a dancer. I definitely agree that she is most likely Lissa's half sister!!!
    I think this is by far my favorite book in the series so far. What an amazing twist - Shann

  64. I think the reason the note was passed to rose so secretly and why tatiana was murdered are closely related. i think it has something to do with lissa and her family. 'cause tatiana sort of predicted that something is about to happen to her beforehand. and i think that whoever lissa's half-brother/sister is, he/she is in deep danger(someone even tried to get information from the alchemists) which is why it's best that a few trusted people only know about the note. i'm not convinced that victor is involved in tatiana's murder either.
    neway, this book is great*thumbs up*! I also didn't think richelle would let dimitri be healed in the book, seriously totally unexpected. but goodness, why did he have to act like such a jerk -not that i haven't seen that coming- after that?! and now, i'm just wondering how rose is gonna be allowed to go on the journey(to search for lissa's half-brother/sister, in my opinion) seeing that she has been accused of murdering tatiana and locked up..i so can't wait for the last sacrifice!!! i'm sure richelle would not cease to surprise us.

  65. I can figure out the following things through Rhonda's cards reading:

    1º When she read the description of the Queen of Swords and said Rose had an enemy, i think that one should be someone we already know, but s/he had played such a good role being hidden. "She's still smart, still trying to get her way . . . but she's doing it through insincere ways." I don't think Rhonda is giving a description of Rose, isn't she?
    I have the feeling Danielle killed Tatiana, she has been so nice to Rose taking in consideration the fact that Moroi and Dhampir dating is scandalous!
    There is something in her that i can't stand, i don't know yet, but she had good reasons to make Rose look like she killed Tatiana.... it would be the easier way to keep her away from her son, with no regreats. And she probably was in favour to compell Dhampirs...

    2º When she refers to the Nine of Swords card, it something we already know and the problem that Rose if facing now, accusation and being unable to go out of a situation it's where she is right now.

    3º About the Six of Swords we can figure out what the jouney is about, looking for Lissa's brother/sister and the implications of this.

    4º And the Page of Cups i'm sure is about Lissa's brother/sister.

    As far as i can see, there two ways Rose being out of jail, the legal and the illegal one. The first, proving Rose was not the murderer, which i thinks it is less likely to happen. On the other hand the illegal one has more points in favour: Looking for Lissa's sibling and on the way trying to find out the real killer, who maybe be part of the royal families since Tatiana knew something was going on and deciding less harm possible for Dhampir people, it has more sense. By the way, we should give her some credit, and once again understant that sometimes things are not just black or white, most of the time they look gray.

    About Dimitri - Rose - Adrian relationship, until Blood Promise i still had some hope on Dimitri and Rose being together... right now, to me, Adrian is in another notch. He's been so pacient, supportive, underestanding with Rose and he deserves a chance. What i loved most at the end was Rose's determination to move on and stop suffering. She loves Adrian in a total diferent way she loves Dimitri, because she still loves him, but Dimitri had hurted her deeply after his return that it make me no sense. I mean, it is difficult to forgive what he did Rose in Russia, but it's different since he had been behaving as Strigoi, now the way he has been hurting her avoindg to talk to her and even saying that he does not love her anymore, for me, was too cruel, and he meant it.
    I want Rose to be with Adrian, but also i know she is meant to be with Dimitri, but until he doesn't change his attitude that's no going to happen. and i keep thinking Rose is going to be pregnant getting married or wherever to Adrian... and he is probably going to die.... trying to save her or i don't know, but i have to give him some credit. Anyway, i think at the end Avery's illusion will come true...

    and i can't help but listen to "Linger" by Th Cranberries.... that song is just for Dimitri and Rose!

  66. *SPOILER*******
    Omg, I can't believe that Rose is on trial?!?! Not to mention that these two forms of evidence was brought up: Security footing in the Moroi court and The online chat between Rose and Sydney. If you combine Sydney's alibi, Adrian's alibi, AND the note stating how to set up a private chat, then Rose could NOT have killed the queen. Aww, Mrs.Mead, are you really going to make us suffer to find out what happens in the last book in December?! It's going to be a long wait........

  67. VA Chile - Danielle being the murderer is a pretty good idea, she would have motivations too and it would seperate Adrian from Rose if she were accused, and she was pretty freaked out when she learn he had spent the night with her and she was scared he would get involved.

  68. hello! i have to say, i have mixed feelings about the book. i love it, but it also bothers me. i'm kind of getting annoyed with Lissa. i dont like how dimitri almost worships her, and totally ignores rose. that really bothered me. i mean, i had been imagining a great reunion, not a fight! at the same time, adrian is growing on me. i dont want rose breaking his heart. like i said, mixed feelings. otherwise, i loved the book. after i finished it(i stayed up all night)i kept talking to my freinds about what should have happened. they thought i was crazy. oh well! i cant wait to read the last book!

  69. Cat- My friends also thought I was crazy lol. Dimitri really pissed me off lol

  70. hi!

    I´M from Peru and we don´t have the books here yet, i found out about it on interrnet. And i gotta say that i became into a loyal fan until the end!!!!!!!!!!!.Love the series!!!. Which lead me to say that i´m a Adrian and Dimitri´s fan forever!!!!!... I love the characters and in Spirit Bound they didn´t let me down, we saw a side of Adrian that makes love him more and with Dimka, well a have to admit even thought he behave in that way with rose (what made me cry)it is obvious he still loves her , we see that at the end of the book.

    However...I gotta say that even thought i love Adrian,i don´t think he will ended up with Rose (a character who i love as well). I think -and gotta say with sadness- that hes is going to die:(. I mean, think about it, what robet told him about that he´s abusing of the magic and the smoking and drinking it is not helping makes realize that it´s a fact that will play a mayor role in the last book. Also, i think Dimitri is going to help Abe to break out rose from prison and, i have to agree with the others...During their mission to find lissa´s sibling i think they are going to have some romantic encounters! Which i will totally love, R&D are meant for each other!! (sorry Adrian). What do you think?. I can´t wait until December!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh.
    Grettings from Peru!!!!!!!


    You don't even realise how hard that was for me but I did see the words dimitri healed and sex scene and chapter 20.

    I have been so self disciplined with spirit bound, usually by now i have snuck a peek at the last page but i havent done that with this book and it is KILLING me

    I will be back tomorrow after i have finished spirit bound to read all of the the spoilerific comments.

  72. HAHA Wings ! Can't wait to hear what you think!

  73. OMG!!!

    That book was fantastic! There was sooo much to it!!!

    I love adrian, I have since frostbite because he is the kind of guy i would go for. Dimitri has pissed me off so much that I am sooo on Team Adrian and it's so sad because it's pretty much inevitable that his heart will be shattered.

    Im glad Richelle didn't reconcile Lissa and Christian because their fighting was sooo absolutely funny!

    and the trial?!?! what a load of crap, as if she would kill the queen!!!

    and I can't wait to see what the repercussions are of breaking victor out, no way is she going to get out of that!

    OMG!!! such an awesome book!!! I can't wait for Last Sacrifice!!!!!!


  74. Nushi-AdrianLover27 May 2010 at 06:53

    My friends and I have been waiting for Spirit Bound for soooo long. On May 18th All three of us kept calling out parents while we were at school to make sure they had got it. And I have to admit IT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!! (I use to be a solid supporter of Harry Potter but Vampire Academy is just too good)!

    Ok, about the Dimitri, Adrian, Rose thing. I love love love Adrian. He is just such a wonderful character, hot, funny, caring, cool, smart.
    But I agree that it probably won't work between him and Rose although I wish it would! I couldn't believe he still cared about Rose after she dragged him around everywhere. I do think she has used Adrian in the wrong way sometimes, and he has nothing but cared about her.

    About the queen killing, I thought for some reason that it might have been Ambrose. I know it's random but something could have happened to make him do it. Another idea... we know Victor had ultimate plans to take over the moroi world, so i thought maybe he compelled someone and did this and that, and finally got someone on his side into the court, or got someone in court to do it for him... but it was through him that the queen was killed. He has Robert's spirit usage, so he can work mega compulsion. They're just ideas anyway... =)

    By the way, what is you guy's favourite character in this series? (Besides Rose). Mine is certainly ADRIAN, for the reasons above of course =D but, and I don’t know if you'll agree, i also love CHRISTIAN. He always struck me as hilarious, but under all that he is also smart, and i think he does care about Rose too. I'd like to see Rose and him get closer in Last Sacrifice (not romantically, but as friends).
    Anyway, this blog is sooooo good, I've wanted to here what other people think for sooo long (my friends are just too Dimitri loving!)

  75. Nushi-AdrianLover27 May 2010 at 06:59

    oh, and also, does anyone think it might have been Tomas who killed Tatiana. Idk why he would frame Rose but tomas certainly has many motives to kill her.
    And if it was Victor who compelled someone or did something to get Tatiana killed, there is another motive he cold have had... That if Tatiana suceeded in finding the half bro or sis of Lissa's, then Lissa would get into the council, and that would ruin all Victor's grand plans of moroi-world domination. So... hopefully you understood that =)

  76. Hello Nushi! Glad you liked the book that much ^^
    My favorite character that's a hard one. After Shadow Kiss I would have answered Dimitri hands down with Adrian following, but I was so disapointed in Dimitri in book 4 and Adrian always shine so bright, at this both they are both equal, for different reasons. And I agree that Christian is amazing, too bad we didn't get to see him more in SB.

  77. i finished it.
    it was awesome!!! propably the best of the series up till now!
    however i'm very pissed with lissa and dimitri. she actually protected him more than rose when he was mean to her! i wanted to start screaming: "hello?she's supposed to be your best friend!".
    when reading these i wanted so much to punch someone...
    and dimitri was selfish and weak. i hated it. ok, i understand what he is going through but in some parts he was nothing like the dimitri i knew and loved.
    i loved adrian. he was sweet and funny and it is obvious he is in love with rose.
    best part of the book: the scenes after rose's arrest. the hearing scene? just perfect. now that's what they call CLIMAX.

  78. Okay, to be perfectly honest, I think that Dimitri has stopped loving Rose. It breaks my heart to say that but I honest-to-God think that he no longer has feelings for her. I think that being Strigoi changed him too much, that there will always be that Strigoi part of him that can't love. The breakfast scene? I think that it was instinct. Dimitri is a Guardian, it's his instinct to protect. And to be perfectly honest again, I'm sort of glad that he no longer loves her. After he turned Strigoi, I stopped loving him as much as I used to. I drilled myself, He was Strigoi, not Dimitri. Now, all I can think about is him as a Strigoi, killing all those innocent people. Don't get me wrong, The "love fades" part made me cry. But he obviously doesn't care about her anymore. And if he does, he's too wracked with guilt and remorse to show it at all. Adrian though, isn't. He so obviously loves her. And I think I'm starting to like Adrian more than Dimitri.

  79. Hey!
    Thanks for the spoilers. I love this book soo much it's insane! I especially loved Adrian and Rose together...I love his character, much more than Dimitri's! To be honest, I have never been much of a Dimitri fan and I don't really like how Rose obsesses over him...it's obvious though that Rose will end up with Dimitri...After everything that has happend, I seriously doubt his love for her! Anyways, when is the last book coming out? This year or next year?

  80. Anonymous - It will release in December =)

  81. I am a total Adrian fan. I don't hate Dimitri but i think he NEEDS to die. Rose needs to stop messing with Adrian because he has been so sweet and was always there for her. For the people who reckon Adrian's a wuss for not defending Rose in spirit bound think you've forgotten that Rose is trained to defend herself but Adrian doesn't now how. Since he's a spirit user it is harder for him to kill people as his strengths are in the soul not in attack. Adrian has stood by Rose the whole time even when she used him to find Dimitri he didn't mind because she promised she would give him a chance but she didn't. I know they 'dated' but that was only because Dimitri was pushing her away. It had nothing to do with actually letting herself FEEL for Adrian. Like with Mason she came on to him in an attempt to numb her feelings for Dimitri and that's not fair. I think Dimitri should die but since it is unlikely he will Rose should come out straight and tell Adrian how she feels instead of letting him think they still have a chance. I really hate the way Rose won't let herself be involved with Adrian but also tries to stop anyone else getting involved with him(like Avery; I hated Avery and Adrian didn't actually like her but still the way Rose reacted you'd think they were a couple).it's just plain mean.

    My hope's for Last Sacrifice is that Dimitri will die and Adrian and Rose will get together. I think this because ever since she met Adrian Rose has been possessive and seems to need Adrian. When Dimitri was Strigoi she set out to kill him but didn't seem to actually miss him and i'm pretty sure if Dimitri died she would have turned her attentions to Adrian. But with Adrian while she was in Russia she missed him and when he stopped visiting her in her dreams she felt 'hollow' and really wished she hadn't been so mean. Part of this 'attraction' is spirit induced but the other part is because she actually feels for Adrian and if Dimitri was out of the picture Adrian could easily take his place. Honestly the thought of rose and Dimitri makes me sick. He's so old and yuk where as Adrian is more her age and totally loves her.
    I reckon the whole Rose/Adrian/Dimitri will play a massive part in Last Sacrifice and i sincerely hope Rose and Adrian will come out on top(but for that to happen Dimitri will have to die)

  82. Anonymous, so you're saying that the only way for Adrian & Rose to be together is if Dimitri dies?! As an Adrian fan that you are I really don't understand that. I mean I understand that you want him to have what he wants.Sometimes what we want is not always good for us.In this case you want him to have Rose which according to your opinion he can only have if Dimitri dies so she can be free. I'll take it step to step to see if I got it right.
    You call Adrian sweet. I'd say that he's too "sweet". How many guys do you know that would actually sit there and watch their girlfriend still going after their ex-boyfriend?! As far as men go not many and actually close to none.Some would fight for her! Next you say that it's ok for Adrian not to defend her because she's trained.Then nor should Dimitri defend her for the same reason. It doesn't matter if she can or if she needs defending. It's that when you love someone you defend them whether they need it or not. He’s a spirit user so it's harder for him to kill people. Here I'll just remind you of Avery and how it wasn't difficult for her to kill. Being a spirit user doesn't excuse him. Next you say yourself that she only goes to Adrian because Dimitri is pushing her away like she did with Mason! In other words she's in love with Dimitri so she's not in love with Adrian. So what is the solution you offer? Dimitri has to die!Explain this to me because I really don't get it. For the sake of your theory let's say Dimitri dies, how will that make Rose fall in love with Adrian? She'll be free? Why is she a prisoner now? What I'm saying is that you don't control with whom you fall in love with and someone’s death doesn't actually make you fall for another person. If her feelings for Adrian were strong enough then it wouldn't matter whether Dimitri was in it the picture or not. And there would be at least one intimate scene with the two of them without her thinking about Dimitri or comparing the two. Since that hasn't happened I think it's safe to conclude she's not in love with Adrian. Next, Avery. Rose missed Adrian in a time when she needed one soul to help her. She couldn't talk to Lissa since the link goes one way only and Avery was throwing her out and the only other person in contact with her was Adrian through dreams. She was alone and needed help! And really when you're alone in your life (even briefly) you would miss anyone that has been close to you lately. Also she felt jealous when Avery was getting closer to Lissa and Christian.
    Then you say that she seems to need Adrian. Have we been reading the same books? Since the first book she’s needed Dimitri, the connection and understanding! Next, you say that she sets out to kill Dimitri and didn't seem to actually miss him!! AGAIN, have we read the same books??? Because I'm quite sure she missed him to bits through the first half book (Blood Promise). She cried at his "funeral" and everybody treated her like a widow because she was acting so-not to mention that the first half book is all about memories she has of him!! She later let's him do all those things and remembers how much she missed him even if now he was Strigoi!! Sure, she didn't miss him at all!24 is old??? How old are you? I'll tell you this! Love doesn't have anything to do with age and logic! It's not about age difference or proper coupling. It's about how someone else makes you feel and helps to discover a whole new side of yourself or/and in some cases discover who you are!!
    I agree with you at only one point and that is Rose should make up her mind. But your thinking doesn't make any sense at all. Again, I'll point out that even if Dimitri dies that doesn't mean that Rose will fall in love with Adrian. Actually I don't think she will. If it was meant to be she would have fallen for him by now. Dimitri is not what is between them; it's the absence of love that is between them.

  83. I totally understand what you're saying but I don't agree. I don't get what you mean by too sweet, how can you be too sweet? With Dimitri defending Rose and Adrian not Dimitri's job is to protect people. I know he doesn't need to protect Rose but it is instinct and training as well as love that fueled that. Avery was a nutter of course she can kill but like Lissa said Adrian's and Lissa's powers lie in healing and stuff. It is not in their nature to attack and kill things it is in Dimitri's. If you judge love on whether you kill for someone or not maybe you need to think about whether you would kill for someone you loved. if you truly loved someone you wouldn't ask them to kill or be killed for you. I know Rose doesn't love Adrian but she can at least tell him so he can get on with his life. rose is for Adrian like Dimitri is for Rose and she needs to stop hurting him. no matter what she does to him Adrian always comes back and Rose takes it for granted. She should let him go instead of using him over and over. Rose may love Dimitri but that doesn't mean she has to be a brat to Adrian. I honestly think Rose fell in love with the wrong person. I know you can't help who you fall in love with but Dimitri was being a jerk at the end of spirit bound. Rose was willing to forgive him she still loved him and he was being a jerk. I understand he was ashamed about what happened but he really needs to get over himself. Rose doesn't care so he needs to get on with his life. He's being a total idiot and it bugs me. I'so sorry if my post offends/offended you but I'm just voicing my thoughts. I really hope you don't hold a grudge against me because of what I said. I swear I had no intention of berating anyone's opinions but just wished to share mine. I am a rather blunt person and often don't think before I speak/type. Please don't think I don't like Dimitri, I just like Adrian more. I am very sorry if I have upset you but I really don't think Dimitri deserves Rose. Don't take what I say to heart because I understand most people like Dimitri best but I disagree. Just saying. Sorry.

  84. What do you think Tynga? Do you think I'm being unreasonable (I'm the Adrian fan)?

  85. Anonymous here's the thing. I never said that one should kill to prove their love. Not at all!! But again let's take it from the beginning.
    Let me say that's it ok to disagree but it's not ok to belittle other characters to get one to shine and really how would that one shine if you have to destroy others to do that. By too "sweet" I mean that he has to go after what he wants and not sit and wait around. I used sweet because you did. Again, it doesn't matter who is trained or whose job it's to defend. It's an act of love. Wouldn't you defend a loved one if needed no matter having the skill or not (and I don’t mean to kill)?! Would you just sit around? It's a natural instinct! And no one is asking! It’s about offering (again not to kill, I used defend in its general form)! All spirit users have balance problems, some more than others. Adrian is not clear on that yet. And it’s not in Dimitri’s nature to kill; he’s been trained to (still feels guilt over his kills). By defend I don’t mean kill and there are ways he can defend her and in other occasions he didn’t. You want to accuse someone for the pain the character you love goes throw? Accuse the right person. Rose is the one that is wrong not Dimitri. Dimitri is being a jerk and a total idiot? Really? Have you ever been in a similar situation in your life? Dimitri killed innocent people and then did terrible things to the girl he loves!! How can you forgive yourself SO soon?! And he’s not sure he’s completely out of the woods yet. This one time it’s not about Rose, it’s about him! She needs to give him time and space to heal if she loves him and in due time he will be able to move on. You want him to move on straight away? In the book it’s been only a few days (not even a week)!!If he had he wouldn’t be the Dimitri we know! He would be out of character completely! We must be patient!
    I didn’t reply because I’m a Dimitri fan. I actually like all characters in there. I replied to your post because it really was mean and for no other reason. I’m fine with people loving one character more than others but to say that you want one dead and to belittle him so the one you love will shine is just mean. I like Dimitri more than Adrian but I don’t want him to die or anything close. I don’t bash him either and don’t really mind where the story goes. Both have some good qualities and some bad ones. And neither of the two guys deserve her right now the way she’s behaving. I don’t mind at all that we disagree. It’s fine and natural. And of course you are entitled to share and voice your opinion. But there’s no need to destroy others and offend in the process of it. Don’t worry, I don’t keep that easily grudges. Just keep in mind that there’s no need to belittle others. Enjoy your week end!

  86. Anonymous here's the thing. I never said that one should kill to prove their love. Not at all!! But again let's take it from the beginning.
    Let me say that's it ok to disagree but it's not ok to belittle other characters to get one to shine and really how would that one shine if you have to destroy others to do that. By too "sweet" I mean that he has to go after what he wants and not sit and wait around. I used sweet because you did. Again, it doesn't matter who is trained or whose job it's to defend. It's an act of love. Wouldn't you defend a loved one if needed no matter having the skill or not (and I don’t mean to kill)?! Would you just sit around? It's a natural instinct! And no one is asking! It’s about offering (again not to kill, I used defend in its general form)! All spirit users have balance problems, some more than others. Adrian is not clear on that yet. And it’s not in Dimitri’s nature to kill; he’s been trained to (still feels guilt over his kills). By defend I don’t mean kill and there are ways he can defend her and in other occasions he didn’t. You want to accuse someone for the pain the character you love goes throw? Accuse the right person. Rose is the one that is wrong not Dimitri. Dimitri is being a jerk and a total idiot? Really? Have you ever been in a similar situation in your life? Dimitri killed innocent people and then did terrible things to the girl he loves!! How can you forgive yourself SO soon?! And he’s not sure he’s completely out of the woods yet. This one time it’s not about Rose, it’s about him! She needs to give him time and space to heal if she loves him and in due time he will be able to move on. You want him to move on straight away? In the book it’s been only a few days (not even a week)!!If he had he wouldn’t be the Dimitri we know! He would be out of character completely! We must be patient!
    I didn’t reply because I’m a Dimitri fan. I actually like all characters in there. I replied to your post because it really was mean and for no other reason. I’m fine with people loving one character more than others but to say that you want one dead and to belittle him so the one you love will shine is just mean. I like Dimitri more than Adrian but I don’t want him to die or anything close. I don’t bash him either and don’t really mind where the story goes. Both have some good qualities and some bad ones. And neither of the two guys deserve her right now the way she’s behaving. I don’t mind at all that we disagree. It’s fine and natural. And of course you are entitled to share and voice your opinion. But there’s no need to destroy others and offend in the process of it. Don’t worry, I don’t keep that easily grudges. Just keep in mind that there’s no need to belittle others. Enjoy your week end!

  87. I loved this book. I love all vampire academy books :) I know dimitri is still in love with rose he just needs to get passed his guilt in what he put her through, and I can understand that. Though, it did frustrate the hell out of me as well, and I was quitting smoking cold turkey when I read all the va books just imagine how much I got up and paced around the house. I also just can't shake the feeling that adrians family is in on setting up rose. I know how daniella ivashkov is supposedly accepting of rose, but there is something sketchy about her that I can't put my finger on. The way she got mad at the death watch, got her talking about the queen in front of more people after the dimitri questioning, the way she reacted when she heard adian spent the night, it seemed like she wasn't mad at adrian spending the night but mad because she possibly had an alibi, then she asked the lawyer for the time which could have been made up, and the way she objected to abe as her lawyer made me think she wanted her cousin to screw rose over more. I just think daniella is involved in some way, her sweet act is fake. Well see I can't wait until december. Do you know where to preorder the book?

  88. @Dani I agree with you about Daniela I had the same feeling when I read the book.

    You can Pre-Order Last Sacrifice here

  89. :) VA series = best series ever
    . hehe, i reread the series once more to have the memories fresh in my head before i read SB, and so i could pass time, so when i would finish SB the LS wait wouldn't be so bad, haha, well i finished the book yesterday at 4:45 AM, wanting to scream XD hahah
    1. dimitri is pissing me off, i kept thinking all of these things that Rose, (i thought) should've said, like pointing out to him that even though he's trying to ignore her so she won't get hurt, he's hurting her even more. +_+
    2. . . . i love Adrian, but he's gotta die. well, Rose would be pushed over board on the boysthat she's gotten killed for her (mason) but i mean i would prefer if R&D ended up together
    3. Christian & Lissa were ticking me off when they were mad at each other, i mean c'mon! you obviously cant keep thinking about each other :/ but wtvr
    4. when tatiana died, i kinda party danced in my head, because i mean it needed to happen so (my theory) Lissa becomes queen wth christian at her side, giving the Ozera name a new reputation
    5. Daniella is such a fake
    6. ^_^ i love Abe, but i kinda missed Janine in the book, but i would prefer abe over janine any day, bc i love his personality and i was SOSOSOSO haoppy when he came in those doors at the end :D
    7. now ROSE pisses me off when she is with adrian bc obviously when she kisses him, im guessing, that she would prefer it was dimitri, but i guess if by dumping him shed feel an endless guilt, bc she sorta just used him for his $$ to find Dimka, get info to save him and then she restores dimitri and in a heartbeat she'd pick him over adrian. i think she should have ended it with him a while ago so he wouldnt gget hurt
    8. im hoping victor/robert play a part in the next boook
    9. i kinda like tatiana way more after i read that note, and i guess Ambrose was right about her, and hehe i love how he has Rose's name in his
    10. i adored how dimitri fought for her in the cafe thing. (: but. .. i kinda dont like how he has the ability to kkick everyone's butt, no matter how skilled they are (queen's gaurdians). i mean i think there should be a line where the god title ends, even though his super skills are neccasary for Rose to love him even more, i just , eh, i think its surpassing the feeling of the book where it's hard to tell the difference of reality & the book to where im kinda thinking i dont think so . . . i probably dfidnt make sense and im gunna end this bc this is probably a butt load of wordss
    - Josefina

  90. Great points Josephina!
    The only thing I don'T agree on is the Adrian must die part. I think R&D will end up together either way, I just wish Adrian wasn'T hurt in the process.

  91. I only found out about the va series a little while ago. I have only read to sprit bound and I'm and currently keeping my eye open for last sacrafice. I think tasha killed the queen, Jill is Lissas sister, Daniella broke into the alchemist records, dimitri and rose will end up together and I think that Adrian and Sydney would be a awesome couple
    P.S I think Lissa would be queen