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Friday, June 25, 2010

Re-create Crescendo Cover Voting! Round 2

There we go, remember on June 1st we launched the Paranormal Summer Fest with the lovely Becca Fitzpatrick? We also launched a re-create cover contest for her upcoming book, Crescendo.

Artists around the blogosphere have been hard at work to try to win either an ARC or a Pre-order of Crescendo, and now is time to help them and vote for your favorite cover!

After no less than 500 votes in first round, 7 covers are still in competition!

I originally wanted to have top 5 for second round, but votes were so close I decided to pick 7.

To vote you will have to fill the form at the end of the post, you CAN vote for your own cover but you can vote only once!

My following words will sound harsh, and please ignore them if the hat don’t fit you, but I feel they are necessary.

I will not tolerate cheating.
You can vote only once. With your name and email address.
DO NOT vote with multiple email address.
DO NOT vote using someone else’s name. Not your mom, your dog or your co-worker.
(Friends and family are more than welcome to support you, but do not impersonate them)

It’s CHEATING and I will automatically eliminate whoever cheats.

Voting numbers are at the bottom left of every art work,
click images for the original size!









Thanks for voting!

EDIT: Voting ends July 4th, 2010. Sorry I forgot to mention it earlier ^^

Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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13 People left their mark' :

  1. When does voting end?

  2. When is the closing date please?

  3. Hi, hope its OK to contact you here. would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout (http://www.giveawayscout.com). Have a look and if interested drop us a line on our contact form (http://www.giveawayscout.com/contact/). thanks, Josh

  4. I wish I could vote for two covers, because I am torn. But, I chose one. Congrats to the artists who made the cut!

  5. Aloha! I received your mass email and so i just resubmitted my vote!=) Mahalo for your thoroughness!

  6. I resubmitted my vote today for round 2 -- got your mass email! Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Just resubmitted my vote. Good luck to all those who entered, and thanks for letting us know about the mix-up. :)

  8. I voted again...Hope this was the right form!

  9. Thanks for letting us all know about having to revote. These covers are amazing! So much talent in the blog world.

  10. GAHHH! I'm so torn! I like different things about ALL the covers.

    Just wanted to stop in and say THANK YOU to everyone who has voted, and especially to those of you who recreated CRESCENDO's cover!

    And thanks for making it so hard to choose, ha!


  11. Wow that was really hard to choose!

  12. It was a difficult choice Becca.So I lingered for a while.I Voted patiently waiting ;; Susan