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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Great Deals Page!

You want to get your hands on the upcoming releases without killing your budget? Well you are at the right place!

On this page, I will list the deals I found for those shiny books we are all anxiously awaiting for!

Italic means this title is a new addition to the list.

** All Books listed are cheaper than Amazon.com **

To make this page as beneficial as possible, I am also inviting you share the deals you found, by filling this form (I will add them to the master list).


August 2010

Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
Almost to die for  Tate Hallaway Paperback 7,49$ 07-16-2010
Total Eclipse Rachel Caine Paperback 5,99$ 07-16-2010
The Clockwork Angel  Cassandra Clare Paperback 7,49$ 07-16-2010
Kisses from Hell Anthology Paperback 7,49$ 07-16-2010
Radiance Alyson Noel Paperback 5,99$ 07-16-2010
Sacrifice  Dakota Banks Paperback 5,99$ 07-16-2010
Mockingjay Suzanne Collins Paperback 5,24$ 07-17-2010

September 2010
Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
Paranormalcy  Kiersten White Paperback 8,24$ 07-16-2010
Torment Lauren Kate Paperback 7,49$ 07-16-2010

Merrie Destefano

Paperback 5,99$ 07-16-2010
Haunted Jessica Verday Paperback 5,24$ 07-17-2010
Double Cross Carolyn Crane Paperback 5,99$ 07-18-2010

Taken by Midnight

Lara Adrian




Blameless Gail Carriger Paperback 6,99 2010-08-22
October 2010
Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
Alpha  Rachel Vincent Paperback 5,24 (UK)/5,99 (US) 07-16-2010
Crescendo  Becca Fitzpatrick Hardcover 7,49$ 07-16-2010
Beautiful Darkness Kami & Margaret Paperback 5,99$ 07-16-2010
Sin Undone Larissa Ione Paperback 5,24$ 07-17-2010
Behemoth Scott Westerfeld Hardcover 9,74$ 07-17-2010
Crave JR Ward Paperback 5,99$ 07-17-2010

November 2010
Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
Out for Blood Alyxandra Harvey Paperback 5,24$ 07-16-2010
Ghost Town Rachel Caine Paperback 5,24$ 07-17-2010
December 2010
Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
Last Sacrifice Richelle Mead Paperback 5,24$ 07-16-2010
Fallen Angel Heather Terrel Paperback 6,74$ 07-16-2010
Matched Ally Condie Paperback 7,49$ 07-18-2010
Haven’s Spite Lilith Saintcrow Paperback 5’99 2010-08-22
Ecstasy in Darkness Gena Showalter paperback 5,99 2010-08-22
January 2011
Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
Hexbound Chloe Neill Paperback 5,24$ 07-17-2010
Iron Crowned Richelle Mead Paperback 5,24$ 07-17-2010
Tempest’s Legacy Nicole Peeler Paperback 5,99$ 07-17-2010
The Replacement UK Brenna Yovanoff Paperback 5,24$ 07-18-2010
Magic at the Gate Devon Monk Paperback 5’99 2010-08-22
Firewalker Allyson James Paperback 5,99 2010-08-22
February 2011
Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
Darkest Mercy Melissa Marr Paperback 5,24$ 07-17-2010
Archangel’s Consort Nalini Singh Paperback 5,99$ 07-17-2010
Desires of the Dead Kimberly Derting Paperback 5,24$ 07-25-2010
March 2011
Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
This Side of the Grave Jeaniene Frost Paperback 5,99$ 07-17-2010
Green-Eyed Demon Jaye Wells Paperback 5,99$ 07-17-2010
April 2011
Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
The Gathering Kelley Armstrong Paperback 5,24$ 07-17-2010
Already Released Books
Title Author Format Price (US$) As of…
Radiant Shadow Melissa Marr Paperback 8,07$ 07-27-2010
Wait for Dusk  Jocelynn Drake Paperback 5,99$ 07-16-2010
Unchained  Sharon Ashwood Paperback 6,49$ 07-16-2010
Eternal Kiss of Darkness  Jeaniene Frost Paperback 5,99$
UK Edition: £4.68
City of ghosts  Stacia Kane Paperback 5,99$ 07-16-2010

Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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  1. wow. this is awesome! Thanks for doing this. I'm off to, ah, browse ;)

  2. OMG! If only they did ship to Brazil... It would be insanely awesome! Thank you for listing!

  3. Love this!!! I voted yes because I thought this would be a great idea and it is! Thank you so much for thinking of this!!!

  4. This is amazing! All the work you're putting into it is just..wow! Thank you!

  5. Thanks so much for this, for someone who buys as many books as I do this is definetly great!

    By the way, you´ve got an award! Stop by my blog to claim it if you want!

    Have a great weekend!



  6. Not only did I find a new blogger but I found an awesome blog post!!! Thanks for giving us an awesome listing of all the fantastic books coming out and their kick a$$ prices!!!

  7. I bet this is hit! Everyone loves to find out about good book deals that saves you $. Thanks for putting this together. :)

  8. Do you think you could modify your form so we can leave links to coupons that aren't for a specific book or book deals like buy 2 get the 3rd book free sort of deal? etc.

  9. I guess you can add those in comments Donna =)

  10. Wow, this is pretty amazing ! Thank you for making this list :D


  11. Thanks for sharing! I sometimes forget that there are great deals to be had through other sources than just Amazon! Shame on me! :)

    (via CEP)

  12. You are the freaking BEST for having this up Tynga!!!!!!! OMG!!! You rock!!!

  13. lol ty Reggie =) Glad you like the idea!

  14. Today B&N started a buy 1 get 1 half off for Teen books. A lot of the YA titles, even upcoming ones, are part of this sales. Sale is on until 7/26/10:


  15. Tynga, you are the book goddess! I am officially naming you that! As a high school teacher, and a woman who just eats books in general, this site is worth its weight in GOLD! PURE GOLD! Thanks so much! I have you bookmarked and friended and all sorts of wonderfulness. I am new to the blogosphere, and am so glad I stumbled upon you.

    I'd love it If you had a chance to check out my teensy-tiny, shiny-brand-new, only three posts old blog. I only hope it will grow to be as awesome as yours with reviews and giveaways and helpful tips and such! YOU ROCK!

    Thanks :-)


  16. When I buy a book I always debate on hardback or paperback. Do you have a preference?

    I feel like if I buy a book, I want to keep it for a long time - as part of my collection. But paperbacks are cheaper and make my money go a little farther.

  17. I used to like paperbacks a lot more, and I generally buy paperback over HC when I can. But it's a book I really, or part of a series I already know I like, I usually buy Hardcover.