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Monday, August 30, 2010

Mockingjay Discussion **Contains Major Spoilers**

**** Warning!! This post is meant as a discussion with people who read the book and contains MAJOR SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the book yet, I suggest you do so and come back =) In the mean time, you can read my spoilers free review! ****


First things first, I LOVED MOCKINGJAY!

I’m gonna try and put some order in my thoughts, but it might come out all weird, please don’t judge me *winks*.

First let’s talk about Finnick, it was so sad to see that he was so strong in Catching Fire and now so broken in Mockingjay. I really felt for him and I love his character so much! His reunion with Annie was amazing and they got married YAY! Then everything went downhill when they invaded the Capitol and he died! OMG I didn’t want him to die =( And it happened all so fast, with no mourning like it was no big deal *heart-broken*. But at least there is still a little bit of Finnick in his child =)

Second stop is Cinna, I have to confess I was nursing the hope that he wasn’t killed in Catching Fire but was only (ok understatement) taken and tortured by the Capitol and that we would see him again. He was so calm yet so fierce and determined and made a world of difference for Katniss, I really loved the guy!

Now onto Gale, I really like him. He is fierce and would do anything for Katniss. I wasn’t surprised when he volunteered to raid the Capitol to recover Peeta, but it showed how much he cared for her. While I don’t doubt his feelings, I don’t think they were meant to be together. He has so much anger and frustration and Katniss already have loads of those feelings to, so I guess the both of them together would just bring more hatred (not toward each other mind you!) on a daily basis.

Sweet sweet Peeta, I was speechless when we discovered in Catching Fire that he’s been taken by the Capitol. I can’t even imagine what he suffered while held prisoner and the way he reacted when he first saw Katniss again was a slap in the face. I honestly never saw it coming and it was heart-clenching to see him that way. And they way he was fighting the mind control (because let’s be honest that’s pretty much what it was) was breath-taking. He loves Kat so much, and we already knew he would do anything for her, but everything was more intense in Mockingjay. I think Katniss made the right choice when she chose Peeta. They are both broken beyond repair but they find comfort in each other.  They are so different, yet so alike that it’s a perfect match.

I was really impressed with Katniss, the way she fought so hard to try and redeem herself of all the death she is feeling guilty for. Taking over district 2 was very special I think, mostly because of the memories of her dad, and the whole invading the Capitol chapters, well I can’t even find words to describe how awesome and exciting it was. And the death of Prim, caused most likely by the bombs Gale and Beetee created. I never saw that move coming. It was intense, cruel, but so perfect.

Maybe you guys can help me, there’s one thing I didn’t understand in the book. It’s when all Victors still alive voted to have an arena with Capitols children. Why did Katniss voted yes for Prim? I honestly don’t get it.

So anyway, this is all that comes to my mind right now, please discuss and add your own favorite moments! I wanna know what you guys thought!

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  1. I'm so glad you found that Mockingjay was a fitting end, too. It was painful to read, but so well done.

    I think that Katniss voted yes for Prim because she wanted retribution. The only reason she was entered in the Hunger Games and became the Mockingjay is because she fought to save Prim, and yet the Capitol and the Games essentially stole Prim from her in the end, anyway. I think she wanted the Capitol children to feel the same pain that she felt and to meet the same end as her sister.

  2. I loved Mockingjay,No book has ever made me cry that much. Or make me feel so sad and hurt. The ending was perfect there was no way there could be a happy ending. While reading I had to keep my emotions to a minimal and try not to shout at the book - because my dad and sister were about a days worth of reading behind me.

    When Cinna got taken away in Catching Fire I really hoped he was alive. When I learned he was dead I couldn't belief it. Then as I read throughout Mockingjay when they brought up Cinna I would pause and go "aww Cinna".

    I love Finnick - and I was happy that he was reunited with Annie and they got married. Then he freaking died (which was when I started crying). Although every time I think, "Finnick Odair in his underwear" I giggle, it's one of the few happy things I keep with me.

    I wanted to beat the crap out of Peeta when I found out he had tried to kill Katniss. Then I read he'd been hijacked and they explained what hijacking was then I was thinking that maybe Katniss and Peeta weren't going to work out. Then I was all awe when he started to get better.

    After Peeta had been hijacked and Gale and Katniss were in district 2 trying to crack open the Nut. I thought they'd work out. Until Gale decided to cause a rock slide that would block the airways, that's when I was thinking that Katniss wouldn't end up with either of them. Then Peeta got a bit better, and then I knew she was going to end up with him.

    Prim's death was devastating. It was unexpected.
    I felt bad because at that part my little sister thought Prim was Effie, and I had to be the person to tell her it was Prim.
    I really started bawling my eyes out when Katniss was yelling at Buttercup back in District 12 because Buttercup was looking for Prim but Prim was dead, truly a sad moment.

    I also think that Katniss voted yes for Prim because back at the beginning of the first book if Prim's name had never been called at The Reaping then there may have never been a rebellion because Katniss would never have volunteered, she never would have been in the games, and she never would have moved so many of the people with her actions.

    There's what I think. Although I probably forgot something.

  3. I was bothered by Katniss's choice for the Capitols children. AFter everything she was fighting for, why would she want more innocents to be hurt? Maybe she realized from that point what she was going to do to Coin, so her answer really didn't matter.

    I also was hoping Cinna would pop up ... :(
    I was sad too that there was no mourning time for Finnick.

    I was never team Peeta or Gale. I didn't think I had a favorite until she choose. I really adored them both, Gale a little more. I see that they weren't meant, but I was till sad that he stayed in District 2 and probably never saw Katniss again.

    I think Gale made the decision for Katniss. If he went back with her, would she still have choosen? I think she still would have continued to be in limbo with Gale and Peeta.

  4. I loved it, too, and was emotionally disturbed about it for a couple days after finishing it. I agree with everything you said about Cinna, Finnick, Gale and Peeta. However, I would have liked more closure on Gale. Why District 2? He was working with Beetee, who's from District 3. What kind of position did he take that he gave up on Katniss for? So I was confused about that. I would have also liked a more drawn-out ending with Peeta. I really missed the sweet spots that were in the other two books.

    Katniss wasn't her usual kick-butt self, which a lot of people saw as disappointing. I think she was just worn down and I could deal with that. I did get frustrated with how many times she blacked out and woke up in the hospital, then tells what happened after the fact. The part with Prim was especially confusing and frustrating.

    I didn't get Katniss's decision at the end either, at first. But I've gone back and read it. It's at that point that she realizes that nothing will really change under Coin. There were obviously people working for Coin who were for another Hunger Games. Because Coin saw Katniss as a threat, Kat needed to show that she supported the new president...at least for the time being. I don't know if she actually knew that she was going to shoot Coin five minutes later, but she was at least already thinking about it. I think saying "for Prim" was just a way to justify her decision. Haymitch gets it, too, which is why he stuck with her.

    I wish it had been longer and more things explained. I wish I felt better that Katniss and Peeta are really okay, because I don't feel the closure there.

  5. I think the reason why Katniss voted yes for the games (and how she exchanged the look with Haymitch, and he voted yes too) is because she saw it as her only opportunity to get rid of Coin. She pretended to be on Coin's side and then was able to take her out with her arrow when she was supposed to be shooting Snow. Katniss is fervently against the Capitol and its show of power (e.g. the Hunger Games), so it's horrifying to her to see Coin going in the exact same direction. Therefore, she pretends like everything is fine, because if she made a big fuss Coin would have her killed (or at the very least, silenced) before Katniss or anyone could take her out.

  6. Sandy - that scene with buttercup also broke my heart. I cried like mad.

    Tina- I think Gale stayed away because he can't help but feel guilty for the bomb who killed Prim. Like he is responsible and failed Katniss. I don,t think even if he stayed they would've stay together.

    Kristie & Ashley - I think your right about why Katniss said yes. That thought occured to me to, but I wasn't sure.

  7. Thank you so much for your thoughts, I find them to be what I felt but not able to properly express. The book ends with such somber beauty that surely will be unforgettable.

  8. WOW! That book was crazy. It was so good, but so SAD. I was not expecting it to be so dang sad.

    Losing Finnick after he found happiness with Annie just broke my heart. I am so glad they had a baby. That makes it better somehow.

    I am glad that Katniss ended up with Peeta, but I wish I knew that Gale & Katniss had closure with one another, had forgiven one another, & could be friends. Not best friends like they were, but friends who have been through hell & back with each other. Like, I wish Gale got himself a little girly & the 4 of them were friends & they had kids who were friends. I guess that would be a little too perfect an ending though.

    I was surprised that Katniss voted yes about HG. I dont know why I think she did that, but I like the theory that she did it to pretend to be on Coin's side so she could kill her. I wish she could have killed Snow too, but Katniss has never liked killing so it's fitting that she kill as few as possible.

    It was an amazing trilogy & I stand amazed at Suzanne Collins!

  9. I could seriously make this the longest comment ever with my ranting, but to sum everything up, I thought this book was great and I LOVE Peeta! :)YAY true love!!

    Ok and I totally agree that when Peeta fist say Katniss again it was like a slap in the face, you couldn’t have said it better.