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Sunday, September 05, 2010


Book Piracy fails, and maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve had a anti-piracy button on my right sidebar for months now, and after Kristi from Story Siren posted her opinion about piracy I decided to create my own buttons against Piracy. Please use ‘em and raise awareness!

Kristi’s post about Piracy

Jeaniene Frost’s post about piracy (My favorite!)

Piratesfails Piracylastyear PiracySucks  stoppiracy

Smaller versions:

 stoppiracysmall Piracylastyearsmall PiracySuckssmall Piratesfailssmall


I suggest you link those Icon to one of the posts I linked above, or your own post about Piracy Awareness!

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  1. Great buttons.
    E-piracy just sucks and I can't understand that people do it.

  2. Love the buttons so I'm grabbing one for my sidebar. Just like TV shows books can be cancelled too.

  3. Awesome.

    I just don't get pirates. I mean, how hard is it to understand that stealing is stealing?

  4. I love these buttons and will link your post in my piracy post located here:


  5. These are awesome. Thank you. I will put one on my page :)

  6. These are so cool! As is your stance on book piracy! Thanks!

  7. Perfect! Thanks, that's just what we all need.