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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Contest Craze- Mini Challenge #3 + Fan Art

I finally get to participate in a mini-challenge. YAY! (the other ones where US only)

For this challenge we need to write the synopsis for a sequel we wish were written. It cannot be a sequel for a book that is already “planned to exist” if that makes any sense.

For example you couldn’t right a sequel for the third book in the Hush, hush series, because it’s already planned.

I choose to write the synopsis for book #7 in the Shifters series (the final book is Alpha) and it would be called, Fierce.

*** If you haven’t read Alpha, I suggest you read no further as it may spoil it for you ***


(click for full view)

Faythe won an important battle but the war isn’t quite finished yet.

Sure eliminating Malone makes things a lot more easier, but she still has to prove her worth to his old followers and fight her way in a male’s world. With Marc and Jace by her side, she will set precedent in a macho culture but not everyone is happy about that. Territories are getting restless and strays are fighting to claim a place in werecat society.

Still mourning Ethan and her father, Faythe isn’t done suffering just yet. One of the most important werecat rule was broken when their existence was revealed to Holly and now there will be a price to pay for this crime punishable by death.


I am insanely proud of my cover, please let me know what you think!

Covers of the series:

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  1. I think it is awesome, that synopsis sounds like it would fit in perfectly to the series. I am a HUGE fan of these books myself and I am praying that some day maybe we will get a novella or something more to add onto this world. Time will tell I guess. Anyways, your cover and summary rock :)

  2. I love the description! And the cover is gorgeous (although I wouldn't have went with Megan Fox, she's just not my cup of tea.)

  3. That cover is awesome!! You're right to be very proud of it. Like the description as well, though I'd take Marc out of play ;)

    Great work!

  4. wow..you did a fantastic job.I'd read that book :)

  5. OMG that was great!! So wish it was real! Great job!!

  6. wow you have serious PS skills

    it looks AMAZING!!
    love it!


  7. Awesome job!! I really like. I, too, hope we get some short story down the road (doesn't matter the POV, I just want an update!) on how things are going.

    Cem--*shakes head* Jace got a good HEA...maybe he'll see Abby or Kaci differently once he has some time away from Faythe. *hugs* ~kyatty2007 ;)

  8. I love the cover of this

    jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com