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Monday, December 06, 2010

Dark Winter Tale, Part 4: Anna Windsor


If you missed the previous parts of the Dark Winter Tale story, Please Visit the master list!

The fourth part of this amazing was written by Anna Windsor author of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood series (details at the end of the post). She’s a new author to me, so I’m happy to discover her by your side!

“Be at peace,” said another voice so deep and resonant it rolled like a wave down Liv’s spine, leaving her shivering.

The creatures grabbing at her instantly let go of her ankles and clothes, turned toward the shadows at the far end of the cave, and dropped to their knees. They spoke a single word Liv didn’t understand, then bowed their ugly little heads.

Was that Latin? Some kind of language so ancient nobody even knows it anymore? And now they’re kneeling like knaves in a king’s court. This can’t be good.

What . . . in the hell . . . had Wyatt gotten her into now?

Her fingers tightened into fists as her brain struggled to categorize and understand everything she was seeing and experiencing. Getting yanked through the earth. Little troll men with spider web heads—bilingual little troll men, no less. A cave with shadows. And something very, very large moving in those shadows.

Definitely not good.

But the fey had been extinct for centuries. Everybody knew that. Whatever these little monsters and their shadow-pet might be, they couldn’t be fey, thank all the fates. The legends, the stories, the written histories—had more treacherous beings ever existed?

“I will not freak out,” she muttered to herself and the trolls, too, if they were listening. She was barely breathing, not even able to swallow, and she was shaking like the last clinging leaf in a hurricane, but she wasn’t helpless. She wasn’t even unarmed. By the Goddess above, whatever slunk out of those shadows would get the surprise of its life . . . if she could just make her fingers unclench and get her hand into her pocket. Yes. Like that. Just a little farther, and even the spider web trolls would regret snatching her down here to—to—wherever she was.

The torches seemed to flicker in their sconces as a man stepped out of the shadows not ten feet from Liv. She jammed her hand into her pocket . . . and froze.
Really, she should be doing something. Screaming. Running. Yanking the little bag out of her jeans pocket and getting herself out of this hole. But . . .
Tanned. Big dark eyes. Silky black hair dusting shoulders made out of muscle.
Work, brain.

He had to be two feet taller than her, with arms so ripped he probably juggled boulders just for kicks. His short-sleeved black tunic and breeches gave him something way past a bad boy look, but her eyes fixed on his ears. Pointed. Definitely pointed.

“Be at peace,” he said again, and the troll guys made jittery sounds of worship, throwing themselves at his feet.

Liv shivered again at the bass rumble of his voice, and her heart pounded so hard she could hear the blood rushing in her ears. The vision in front of her paid the trolls no heed, staring only at her. She couldn’t read his expression. He could be appreciating her, flipping out inside, or planning to sprout fangs and eat her.

This can’t be happening. He can’t be here. The fey don’t exist anymore. Liv’s brain finally did start working, but it wasn’t helping. At all. His coloring, that tan—a dark fey? Sweet Goddess, she had to stop staring at him and get out of this cave.



About the series: All three books are scheduled to release back to back (November 23rd, 2010: December 28th, 2010: January 25th, 2011) for your pleasure!

Captive Spirit

Trapped by temptation, bound by desire

Saving humanity from the supernatural has been challenging lately—even for a well-trained earth Sybil like Bela Argos, who must harness the magic of a fractious group of warrior sisters and battle a new wave of paranormal attacks. Another challenge is Duncan Sharp, the hunky NYPD detective who might turn into a demon overnight and devour Bela in her sleep. Still, the darkness taking over Duncan’s body can’t stop the molten heat unleashed by the intense attraction between them.

Duncan has two major problems: First, he has the soul of a suspected serial killer hitching a ride on his vibe. Worse (yes, worse) he’s got a demonic fever raging inside that promises a world of hurt for everybody, especially Bela. Now he’s all about getting even with the demons that put this freak curse in his blood—satanic forces that dare to unleash their savage lust on Duncan’s soul, his city, and the woman he loves.

Captive Soul

She’s definitely getting warmer.

Her flame power nearly extinguished in a battle against the dark forces attempting to control Manhattan, fire Sybil Camille Fitzgerald is down but not out. Joining a new squad of warrior witches, she hopes to reclaim her fighting spirit and, with luck, her pyrotechnic mastery. Two problems on that front: a new army of cannibalistic demons and her superheated lust for John Cole, an unholy blend of demon and U.S. Special Forces agent now working undercover for New York’s Occult Crimes Unit.

John knows he can’t be trusted—hell, he can’t trust himself. His warrior soul has entered a new, supernaturally fit body. Unfortunately, it’s a body belonging to the Sybils’ worst enemy, whose supernasty essence still lingers. But when John’s demon energy seems more alive than dead, it’s Camille whose scorching kiss keeps him human—for now. All he’s got to do is master his dark side and save Camille and the Sybils from an army of satanic hellboys planning their ultimate destruction.

Captive Heart

Hot, wet, and bothered

As the world’s only fully trained water Sybil, Andy Myles is too busy battling New York’s demonic population and coping with personal tragedy to trust her broken heart to the wrong man. Jack Blackmore, FBI adviser to Manhattan’s Occult Crimes Unit, is Army-tough and rattling Andy’s nerves big-time, criticizing her strategies for attacking the powerful flesh-feasting Rakshasa. She could happily drown Jack with a rogue wave of her water energy—or her kisses. Honestly, when did hating a man become so hot?

Jack’s all human—and he puts his trust in bullets, steel, and fists, not magic. Tough and confident, he’s never met a problem he couldn’t handle. Then again, he’s never fought alongside warrior witches who can kill with a flick of a finger or lost his heart to a wild, unpredictable woman whose kisses taste like sweet southern rain. As a tide of despotic evil sweeps through the streets of New York, Jack’s got one chance to stop a malevolent rampage—and claim Andy’s heart.


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Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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  3. @Tanya No this is Part 4 of 15 of a unique short story called Dark Winter Tale. It's a feature we created and 15 authors contributed. You can follow the Master List here: http://tyngasreviews.blogspot.com/2010/11/dark-winter-tale-master-list.html To make sure to don't miss anything!

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