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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Mortal Instruments Cast

I’ve cast the Clockwork Angel before, now with the upcoming City of Fallen Angel release, I thought I could share my cast of the Mortal Instruments.

Jace Wayland:

fine, light blond hair and gold eyes.
He has a slim, muscular build.
Age: 17

If we can’t have Alex Pettyfer
I’d like to have Garrett Hedlund


Clarissa Fray:
Age: 15

We all know Lily Collins was officially chosen

My choice was Emma Roberts


Alec Lightwood:
black hair and blue eyes.
He is handsome.
Age: 18

My choice: Gaspard Ulliel

Adam Gregory wouldn’t be bad either, but I think he looks a bit too old.


Isabelle Lightwood:
very beautiful, tall with long dark hair,
dark eyes, and a slim waist.
Age: 16

Ashley Green is my choice!
Ravissante Ashley Greene

Briana Evigan wouldn’t be bad either

Briana Evigan Actress Briana Evigan arrives at the Premiere of Rogue Pictures' "The Last House On The Left" on March 10, 2009 at the ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Briana Evigan


Simon Lewis:
dark brown hair.
His eyes are the color of black coffee.
Age: 16?

Nicholas D’agosto would be my first choice
Image:Nick D'Agosto.jpg
My second choice would be Kristopher Turner


Magnus Bane:
very tall and very thin,
at least partly Asian.
Age: 19

I’m convince Joseph Gordon-Levitt would play the part, he’s a true chameleon

just imagine him with funky colored hair
Shannon Kook-Chun could be great to if he can play corky-ness


Luke Garroway:
jeans-and-flannel kind of guy
with brown hair and blue eyes.

I imagine the guy with a beard, sorry can’t help it!

I think  Joe Manganiello would do

Or maybe Ryan Reynolds


Valentine Morgenstern

Robert Downer Jr but with blond hair
if we go for a different style, Cam Gigandet would be nice but they’d need to make him look older.

Jocelyn Fray


Famke Janssen

Rachelle Lefebvre could also be nice


What do you guys think?

Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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11 People left their mark' :

  1. Wow! I never thought of Ashley Green for Isabelle, but she would be PERFECT!!!!

  2. Oohhh, nice post!<3 So...

    I've had about enough of Alex Pettyfer lately, so I'll pass. Garret seems good for Jace (but I'd pick Alexander Nifong though, he's younger).
    I like Emma for Clary, she would be my choice too. But Lilly seems good enough as well.
    OMG, I love Gaspard for Alec!<3
    Woa, I never thought of Ashley as Isabelle either, but now to think of it, she is a great choice indeed!
    And God, I can't think of someone for Simon at all. But I love your first choice! And I also love Joseph for Magnus.
    And Cam Gigandet for Valentine?! Oh yeah, that would sooo work for me!<3
    And for Jocelyn Rachelle is perfect.;)

    All in all, great picks!<3

  3. I love your choices for the cast! I think I agree with all of them. I'd be pretty much over the top excited if this turned out to be the cast. Great post!

    And I've given you an award on my blog if you're interested,

  4. I'm kind of tired of Alex Pettyfer too so I'd pick the other guy you went with. Other than that - I really love all of your choices.

  5. Ohhhh wow every single on of them I was like "ohh yes deffo" they are exactly how I imagined =]


  6. I love your cast choice!! Thank you for sharing! I am so looking forward to this!!!

  7. I love your choice of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and ALSO your choice of words in nominating him - he is a TRUE chameleon, he literally absorbs the roles he takes on.

    Rachelle for Jocelyn is another good choice - I think she'd have a fresher and younger approach than Famke!

    Overall, loving the list! Thanks for sharing! :D

  8. Your picks are great! I never even associated most of them with those characters. I love new takes on fantasy character casting. My favourite is your back up choice of Isabelle!

  9. I never even thought of Nicholas D’agosto for Simon, but now that you've suggested him I can't think of anyone who I like better!!! You've got a great knack for this kind of thing. Were you a casting agent in another life?

  10. @Eruanna LOL maybe, who knows!

  11. Thanks for sharing this i really like all the choices. I wish these would be the choices for the movie.