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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guest Review: Under Wraps by Hannah Jayne

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Book Stats:

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Kensington (Mar 1 2011)
Language: English  
ISBN-13: 978-0758258922

Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles series:

Under Wraps
Under Attack (11-11-11)

Book Source: ARC sent by author

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Sick of wrongful-death lawsuits every time a full moon comes around? Call the Underworld Detection Agency.

As a human immune to magic, Sophie Lawson can help everyone from banshee to zombie transition into normal, everyday San Francisco life. With a handsome werewolf as her UDA boss and a fashionista vampire for a roommate, Sophie knows everything there is to know about the undead, the unseen, and the uncanny. . .

Until a rash of gruesome murders has demons and mortals running for cover, and Sophie finds herself playing sidekick to detective Parker Hayes. Dodging raging bloodsuckers, bad-tempered fairies, and love-struck trolls is one thing. But when Sophie discovers Parker isn't what he seems, she's got only one chance to figure out whom to trust. Because an evil hiding in plain sight is closing in. . .and about to make one wisecracking human its means to ultimate power. . .

Sophie Lawson is an executive assistant in the Underworld Detection Agency that encounters and deals with supernatural creatures on a daily basis. She has a vampire as a co-worker and shopaholic roommate named Nina, has a creepy stalker and admirer troll named Steve who talks about himself in the third person, and has a werewolf as her boss that also plays a leadership role in the underworld, Mr. Sampson. Everyone around Sophie has very powerful supernatural abilities; however, her abilities are very minimal. Although Sophie’s grandmother was a seer, the only powers she inherited were the ability to detect supernatural beings and that she cannot be affected by ‘magic’.

While working at the office one day, Detective Parker Hayes from the mortal world walks in and asks to speak with Mr. Sampson. The purpose of his visit is to discuss some recent murders that have possible supernatural suspects. These random murders seem to portray that a werewolf may have been involved, making Mr. Sampson the primary suspect. Sophie is assigned to work with the detective on the case and together they soon discover that the murders were not random as they first appeared to be.

With Mr. Sampson’s soon disappearance, and more bodies being found, it becomes increasingly difficult to clear her boss’s name. To make matters worse, those closest to Sophie are in danger including her.

I really enjoyed Detective Hayes and Sophie’s playful relationship and that they showed immediate chemistry. Sophie does a great job at keeping her hormones in check even though the handsome detective does everything he can to make that extremely hard for her. For all you romance loving readers out there, there are some parts in the novel that will definitely make your imagination run wild in some of the scenes between Sophie and Detective Hayes. That said, Under Wraps keeps it clean as it is geared towards young adult readers, however, it definitely encourages readers to imagine steamier outcomes between the two characters *winks*.

My favorite aspect of the novel was the characters. Sophie is an easily relatable character with a great sense of humor and shows strong willpower and determination throughout the novel. I also appreciate that the characters remained consistent and leave readers with just enough mystery so that their actions are not as predictable. A humorous element in the novel that is worth mentioning is a gun being placed in the freezer.

This is a wonderful debut for Hannah Jayne and I truly admire her creativity in this novel. Hannah Jayne incorporated just enough suspense, mystery, paranormal elements and a little hint of romance to make the perfect recipe for a fantastic read.

Under Wraps will definitely hook you in soon after reading the very first lines. I recommend this novel to those who enjoy the Paranormal with mystery and romance.

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Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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