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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward –Discussion


Ok I wrote my review but I still have more to say, and I couldn’t do it without spoiling things…so this post was created! Ok this is just a jumble of thoughts and feelings, I’m not gonna win a literary prize here, but let’s have a fan-girl/boy moment together!


Ok ok I knew Zhadist had to be cool for all is wild, dark, anti-social exterior and I LOVED getting to know him! All the scenes with Bella, the way his was fighting with himself because he wanted her, but thought he didn’t deserve her. That she should have a better man than him. Geez it killed me. The guy have a very strange way of seeing the world (but can we blame him really?) but he is so sweet in his own awkward way. And really I doubted a few times they would end up together. I just wanted to yell at the both of them at some point and knock some sense into them oh god! The whole thing was just SO good!

Then there’s the not so good. WHY KILL WELLSIE? OMG! So cruel! She was so sweet and loving and amazing and now we won’t get to know more! Why??? I’m really sad about it, but totally respect the author’s balls. Hopefully, Tohr will works through it but GOD, when O pulled the trigger I was like NOOOOOO. Put down that book, walked in the house for like 2-3 min not wanting to believe he shot Wellsie, hoping she would just be injured. And I was so disappointed when I finally picked the book again, and Tohr felt this pain in his chest… I knew it was over.

And to kill Sarelle to? John and her were so cute. I was hoping they would save her. Now John is all alone with Tohr who vanished. I really love the kid =(

Geez the whole thing was so cruel and broke my heart. I really hope everything will get better!

O is one bastard I’m not sad to see go. Bella was so courageous! I hope he won’t come back from the grave again.

Phury was also quite a revelation. I really feel for the guy. The way he suffers quietly for all his brother has suffered. I really hope he gets a happy ending to. I was glad he didn’t start the heroine at the end. I was like c’mon man, don’t do that!

And Rhevenge is the Reverend WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I DID NOT see that one coming. I thought he was a sympath too because of the drugs and how Marissa tasted something in his blood, but stupid me I never did 1+1 lol Now that I know, all the hints were there. But boy, I really didn’t see it coming. Am I the only one? lol

So glad Zsadist turned his life around and is improving, and is now involved in recruit’s training. I really can’t wait to read the following book! I’m gonna wait a bit though before I pick up the next one, because I wanna make the pleasure last haha

Alright now that I’m done rambling, please let me know what you think!

***Please refrain from giving spoilers from the next books, I haven’t read them!***

Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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  1. Z is a sweetie (never tell him I told you that). He is a great man, on my top 3 of BDB. I love Wrath, Z, and JM.

    And they needed to kill her because JM needed a f-up back story, more f -up than before if possible.

    I love this book! The last book came out yesterday, I wants it!

  2. I am proud to have a fangirl moment with you! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! I loved this series. I remember when I first read Dark Lover. It was the first of *that kind of book I had read. And there was no turning back for me. I became an alpha male junkie!

    I read all the books at the time pretty fast so the titles and characters all kind of blend together for me. Rhage is my favorite brother. Have you gotten to his story yet? We'll talk...

  3. @Tachima - Who's JM? John?

    @Sharon - Don't worry I take my time to read them and the name blurs to lol Yes I read Rhage's story, it's the second book. I really liked him to, but ATM Zhadist is my favorite ^^ It might change, who knows!

  4. The first three books are my favs, I could read them over and over. So Tynga how do you feel about the names J. R used for the brothers? Some people hated the names, I thought they were different and cool. I have never know an author to step that way with the names of her chracters.

  5. @Rain Maiden I like 'em but I think they are a bit too much alike. I confuse them all the time. Esp Rhage / Phury & Zsadist / Vishous

  6. I'm jealous that you've only started reading these. I've been there from the beginning and have to wait a year for new books! This hurts me. Haha, I'm glad your enjoying the series. I can't wait till you get to later books.

  7. I thought maybe he was the Reverend but wasn't sure. I loved Z's book it was amazing. Yes I was so upset as well about Wellsie in fact I think I screamed at the book LOL.

  8. I love the names, but you are right about getting them confused. Wait till you get to the whole Qhuin and Blay storyline. OMG! and Butch and V! OMG....oh, crap...fangirl mode ;)

  9. Z is my ultimate brother. His story ripped my heart to pieces. I'm a sucker for the tortured soul. You should definitely get the Insider's Guide to read a special story about him and Bella. :)

    Wellsie was harsh, and Tohr has some dark days ahead.

    JM becomes quite an intricate part of this world. I adore him.

  10. @Smash Attack a follower sent me a pdf of the Insider's Guide but I definitely wat to have a copy =)
    I <3 John to!

  11. Okay, I honestly really need to read this series ASAP!