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Monday, April 04, 2011

Hunger Games movie cast

Examiner.com announced the official cast for the movie, which was confirmed by Lionsgate.

We already knew Jennifer Lawrence would play Katniss


But now we know who will play Peeta and Gale!

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta

I’m having a hard time seeing him as Peeta, I would’ve preferred Hunter Parrish, but I’ll wait and see the movie before I throw rocks over casting.

Liam Hemsworth as Gale

He wouldn’t have been my first choice either, but maybe he can pull it off. Hopefully they will dye his hair to =P

So what do you guys think about the cast? Who would’ve been your first choice?

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  1. Hey Tynga :D
    Great post! I honestly think that Josh will be awesome, he definitely will look the part once his hair is dyed, and I think he's an awesome actor, I can't wait to see him as Peeta :D
    I haven't actually seen The Last Song, but I'm assuming Liam can act because he had a lot of competition, and I think he could definitely look the part, but I agree they should dye his hair a bit darker :)
    Oh and the first picture you have of Liam (on the left) is actually his brother, not him, just so you know. lol
    Thanks for sharing Tynga :)

  2. Katniss is dead on perfect. The boys....not how I pictured them at all.

  3. LOL His brother is prettier than =P
    I'll fix that!
    Thanks for pointing it out =D

  4. Josh Hutchinson...where do I know that from... *thinks*
    To start with, I'd had doubts about Jennifer. But in that picture, she looks perfect.
    For Gale and Peeta...I'm not sure. Never pictured them like that as I was reading it...I always imagined Gale with longer hair for some reason...

  5. I imagine Gale with a real badass look. Kinda like Shiloh Fernandez: Picture

  6. Thank you so much for linking up with the We are Canadian Blog hop! I am a new follower :)

  7. Although Jennifer wasn't my first choice, I feel like she will be a good fit. I really wanted Hunter Parrish and Ben Barnes for the boys though! To me, Josh is almost TOO stocky to how I envisioned Peeta. And Liam seems too old. I suppose we'll just have to see.

  8. I guess it could be worse. I wasn't a fan at first of Jennifer Lawrence. But she's growing on me. I think they cast the perfect guy to play Gale.. but for Peeta I would have picked someone else. But I'm still anxious to see the movie either way. :)

  9. They both need their hair dyed and I'm not sure I like Peeta. Now Gale, that's hot :)

  10. I wish The boys could switch roles..I'm team Peeta and Liam is hot!

  11. I don't picture the boys like that, but time will tell. I'm sure I will change my mind when I see them in action :)

  12. These are some great actors I think will do a fabulous job! I have not yet read the series *blush* so I can't pick some of my own cast :(.

  13. I was mad at first because I think if you just switch them then their perfect. Liam looks like a Peeta and Josh looks like a Gale, but I will wait until after the movie to freak out too much.