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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Cover Reveal: Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

If you follow Rachel, you’ve know for a while now that she’s working on a new series, and Blood Bound is the first book. Rachel Describes it as:

"Romeo and Juliet meets The Godfather." It's very dark and kind of twisted. Oh, and for those who have been asking me what Liv is, she is a Tracker. Kind of like a paranormal bloodhound. She finds people who need to be found. Most of whom don't want to be found. If Blood Bound were a movie, it'd be rated R for L, V, and SC

I truly can't wait to get my hands on it as I love everything Rachel writes and thankfully I won’t have to wait much longer since the release is scheduled for August 23rd, 2011!

Here are both edition of the cover, US first, than UK.

I’m not quite sure which one I love best, I think both are gorgeous in their own way!

What do you guys think? Will you buy this series?

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  1. I am *super* excited for this. Rachel is such a talent, and I'm eager to see what she's come up with this time.

    - Chelsea / Vampire Book Club

  2. I love the UK version better mainly for the colours but the images are gorgeous as well (I love skylines and cityscapes).

    I haven't read much Rachel Vincent to be honest. I've read Shift and her short story in the 13 Deadly Kisses anthology but that's it. This sounds really good though so I'll add it to my TBR and I've ordered the first 3 books in her Soul Screamers series so my lack of Rachel Vincent will be rectified soon enough ^_^.


  3. Wait not Shift I meant I've read Stray.


  4. I am so excited for this book!

  5. I wasn't in 13 Deadly Kisses. Though that is a really awesome title. ;)

  6. @Sandy you need to read the othe Shifters books they get better and better! Alpha had me weaping.

    @Rachel Hi Rachel ^^ *hugs*

  7. These are two really awesome covers! I have to say I prefer the US one!! (I love purple LOL!!!) and I like the added design at the top of the front cover :).!