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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Announcement: Fantastic Fables–Paranormal Edition!


This August I will have the pleasure to co-host a fantastic event with the amazing Angela from Dark Faerie Tales! Starting on August 1st, 2011 and featuring MANY Paranormal Authors, the Fantastic Fables: Paranormal Edition will draw you into worlds of wonders!

Everyday, for the entire month of August, you will be able to read a classic fable with a rather original twist, written by your favorite authors!

The concept:

We asked to our amazing crowd of authors to write a guest blog about one of their characters immersed in a well known fable, story, Disney movie, etc.  How would it affect their world? What would their character do? What if their character had been the Little Red Riding Hood (example)?

It will be a great chance to revisit our favorite stories, all the while enjoying to wits of our best characters (and discover new ones!).

Both Dark Faerie Tales & Tynga’s Reviews will feature stories everyday (still a few dates open as we speak) and giveaways will be joined to most posts. Amazing time guaranteed!

We are still in recruitment, but here’s what you can expect so far:

  • 65 authors/titles are confirmed as we speak! and we are still waiting for more confirmations.
  • There will be giveaways for the majority of titles featured, we are hard at work to try and get as many as possible :) Only the best for our readers!
  • The authors and publishers we talked to have been amazing, we are all cranked-up!

Who already confirmed their participation to Fantastic Fables: Paranormal Edition?

Adrian, Lara     (Deeper Than Midnight)
Anthology – Larissa Ione, Jacquelyn Frank, Alexandra Ivy, and G.A. Aiken     (Supernatural)Armstrong, Kelley     (Spell Bound)
Ashwood, Sharon     (Frostbound)
Bennett, Jenn     (Kindling the Moon)
Blackwell, Juliet     (Hexes and Hemlines)
Blake, Kendare     (Anna Dressed in Blood)
Butcher, Shannon    (Bloodhunt
Castle, Kendra Leigh     (Dark Awakening)
Chance, Karen    ( Hunt the Moon)
Chase, Ashlyn     (The Vampire Next Door)
Childs, Tera Lynn     (Fins are Forever)
Cremer, Andrea     (Wolfsbane )
Delany, Shannon    (Bargains and Betrayals)
Desrochers, Lisa    (Original Sin)
Douglas, Kate     (Wolf Tales 12)
Drake, Jocelynn    ( Burn the Night)
Durst, Sarah Beth    (Drink, Slay, Love)
Eden, Cynthia     (Never Cry Wolf
Estep, Jennifer    (Touch of Frost)
Faegan, Trinity    (The Mephisto Covenant)
Frazier, Angie    (Eternal Sea)
Frost, Jeaniene    (One Grave at a Time)
Gay, Kelly     (The Hour of Dust and Ashes)
Gideon, Nancy     (Bound By Moonlight)
Gray, Claudia    (Fateful)
Green, Chris Marie   ( Bloodlands)
Griffith, Clay & Susan    (The Rift Walker)
Gustainis, Justin    (Sympathy for the Devil)
Haines, Jess     (Deceived By The Others)
Harrington, Kim    (Clarity)
Hayes, Erica     (Blood Cursed)
Hearne, Kevin    ( Hammered)

Henry, Christina    (Black Night)
Holder, Nancy & Debbie Viguié     (Damned)
Holmes, Jeannie     (Blood Secrets)
Holzner, Nancy   (Bloodstone)
Jamieson, Trent    (The Business of Death)
Jewel, Carolyn    (My Dangerous Pleasure)
Jones, Darynda Jones    (Second Grave on the Left)
Kate, Lauren     (Passion)
Kittredge, Caitlin     (Devil's Business)
Kogler, Jennifer Anne     (The Siren's Cry
Laurie, Victoria    (Vision Impossible)
Lazellari, Edward    (Awakenings)
Lima, Maria     (Blood Sacrifice)
Littlefield, Sophie    (Rebirth)
London, Laurie    ( Embraced by Blood)
Lu, Marie    (Legend)
Malkin, Nina (Swear)
Mantchev, Lisa    (So Silver Bright)
McGuire, Seanan     (One Salt Sea)
Meding, Kelly    (Another Kind of Dead)
Miles, Elizabeth    (Fury)
Miller, Kirsten    (All You Desire)
Monk, Devon   (Dead Iron)
Murphy, CE     (Wayfinder)
Oliver, Jana    (Soul Thief)
Pearce, Kate    (Mark of the Rose)
Price, Kalayna     (Grave Dance)
Quinn, Devyn     (Darkness Descending)
Scott, M.J.    (Shadow Kin)
Stein, Jeanne    (Crossroads)
Stratford, Sarah Jane    ( The Moonlight Brigade )
Sylvan, Dianne     (Shadowflame)
Weldon, Phaedra    (Revenant)
Wolff, Veronica    (Isle of Night)

The Titles we’ll be featuring and/or giving away:


All the giveaways for the event will end on September 7th and the winners will be announced on September 10th.  Make sure you visit Dark Faerie Tales & Tynga’s Reviews every day in August to find out more about these great titles and authors,  and to enter all the giveaways. Feel start to start following us (if you aren’t already) to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Feel free to grab our button to help us spread the word!



We still have very few spots left open if you wish to join the party, or if you can offer copies of a Fantastic Fables release (the book doesn’t have to be on the previous list, there are many more titles we’d like to feature), please contact me at TyngaUF(a)gmail(.)com.

Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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