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Saturday, June 18, 2011

In My Mailbox…. or lack there of…

lockoutWell it happened, Canada Post employees have been threatening to go on strike for months now, and for the last 2 weeks they have been. Which means the post services were really slow… slow to the point that I haven’t received any mail in those two weeks.

But it gets worst.

Canada Post is now on LOCK-OUT.

What does it mean? Not only all services completely stopped, no one can mail anything within or to Canada anymore, unless they use private services such as Purolator, UPS and the likes. And this, for an undetermined period of time, unless the government decides to step in and take actions.

Let me tell you, this freaking sucks!

This means no ones gets their taxes checks, we don’t get our bills but are still expected to pay them on time or pay fines and of course I can’t get any of my packages, stuck somewhere in the system! And I sure hope they won’t loose any of them –.-


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  1. Oh wow, that must suck. I always love how they still expect you to pay your bills and stuff when this happens. Fingers crossed nothing gets lost.

  2. Oh man. That stinks big time. I mean really. Do you have electronic bill payment in Canada? I use my computer and bank website to pay my bills. Hopefully this will be over soon.

  3. The rotating strikes weren't bad. I was still getting mail at home and at work. The lock out is stupid. I am not a big supporter of unions and striking, but I think the Canada Post employees chose to strike smartly.

    I am pretty on top of when my bills need to be paid, so I just have to make a mental note to check which ones I pay each payday so I don't forget them. That was my biggest concern. But, yes, I do have books on the way from Book Depository and I had preordered books on Amazon that should have come this week, and I guess I won't see them for a loooong time. Boo!

  4. Hell, that's utterly horrible - I hope it gets resolved soon! x

  5. Dang, that really sucks! Why did the Canada Post employees go on strike?
    And I seriously hope the government can put a stop to it all. (and I hope you didn't lose any books ^_^)

  6. @Jo-Anne yeah I'll have to susbribe to online billing systems =/

    @Grace yeah I'll have to subscribe, the electricty company subscribtion system is down atm... go figure!

    @Cat I have noe idea when my bills usually come lol so hopefully I won't get in trouble. I had at least 3-4 packages from BD and amazon on their way. I wanted my bluray of Red Riding Hood dammit! lol

    @Rusted thank you!

    @Kirthy From what I gathered, Canada Post are having budget issues because less and less people use mail services so they wanted to change the employees condition (something about sick days etc) but they still offered them a salary raise. ATM Post exmploys have a better pay then I do, and I'm a health professionnal. So yeah w/e... I guess we don't know the whole thing.

  7. Sorry to hear about that lockout. :-(

    However, I do hope the employees get what they are fighting for and the lockout ends soon.

  8. That does really bite! Especially when your bills don't have online pay as options. How can you be expected to pay a bill when you don't even get it in the mail?!

    Hope that gets resolved for you soon!

    My IMM goes up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by if you get a chance!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower

  9. I had no idea we were on a complete lock-out now. This is really terrible. :(

  10. I know! Canada post you.. *shakes fist at a Canada post mailbox*

    They've really been getting on my nerves but...sigh..what can we do, really? I'm just hoping they can make a settlement and move on with work because I have yet to receive my book depository orders and review copies that need to be read/reviewed in the month of July.

    Luckily I get paid via direct deposit so I haven't been having trouble getting my hard earned money.

  11. It does suck. But I'm totally Team Canada Post employees. I really believe they deserve what they're asking for all the hard work they do.

  12. From what I've heard the Postal Workers are more concerned with pensions, that's what all the news I've been watching seems to be focusing on. There are so many previous employees receiving pensions right now that it's costing them tonnes of money, so the company is trying to change the pension system to one big payment or something like that, and the workers aren't happy. I think the Air Canada workers are striking over pensions too.

    I don't know, I can understand the workers wanting to strike, but the money isn't there. The mail industry isn't exactly booming and with all of the baby boomers retiring and getting pensions, the company isn't exactly rolling in money to pay for all of this, and I can understand them wanting to change it to make it more affordable for them. They provide the workers with regular benefits and jobs, it's better than some people have. And it's not like they get paid minimum wage either, they have pretty high wages. Most people don't have pensions, so to be honest, I'm not all that sympathetic. And I'm not trying to be a bag to them or anything. I get they're upset, but it's just how I feel. My mom's a waitress, so I don't really feel all that sympathetic to people who complain about all of that stuff that they are getting when she gets just above minimum wage. Plus they're even making it so that people who are servers and waitresses don't even get regular minimum wage anymore. They should maybe look at other people's jobs and see how good they have it. Okay...I'm gonna stop before I end up with a full blown rant instead of a smaller one. :P

    I really hope that it ends soon though...I miss getting my mail. And I had stuff coming from BD too. :(

  13. This really does suck! I was sent a bunch of review novels and I have no idea where they are or whether they made it to the facilities on time before the cutoff uhgggg :(