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Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Book Closeout Sale!

Gigantic kids sale!

Book Closeouts is having another amazing sell, this time for kids (and YA) titles!

Here’s a little teasing of books you can find!

Cover Cover Cover Cover Cover CoverCover Cover Cover Cover Cover CoverCover Cover Cover Cover Cover Cover  Cover Cover Cover Cover Cover CoverCover Cover Cover Cover Cover

Since each of those title are only 1,49$ each… it makes it kind of hard to resist!

BTW even though this store is Canadian based, they also ship to US!


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10 People left their mark' :

  1. Oh wow! Mind if I move to Canada? ;) Seriously, what a great sale! I really the book stores back home in the U.S.

    Though I do love W. H. Smith here in England (because shopping in a physical shop vs. Amazon is really much better), 1 British pound = $1.65 USD. Not such a good exchange rate. >.<

    Hence, I'll stick with Amazon.

  2. That is, I *miss the book stores back home in the U.S. LOL

  3. that's tempting, i'll check it out lol

  4. I like there prices but I don't like the shipping cost!

  5. @Rebs Yeah I know - but when you buy many it's worth it in the end =)

  6. Gah! Don't point awesome things like this out. It makes my wallet thinner.

  7. I've found lots of great books at even greater prices on this site. I wasn't aware of this latest sale but thanks for sharing :)

  8. There's actually a Bookcloseouts.com (the US version), which is nice b/c then you don't have to worry about currency conversion charges. Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to buy some books for my classroom. Hopefully!

  9. @Rubita - True, but unless it's a glitch because I'm Canadian, the address at the bottom still shows them as Canadian based? Or maybe I can'T view the Americain Counterpart from Canada?

  10. Crap, I just bought another 16 books; you have to stop linking to this website!