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Saturday, August 06, 2011

In My Mailbox–Crazy Haul!

In My Mailbox

Before getting to serious business, I would like to thank The Story Siren for hosting In My Mailbox every week =)

For Review:

Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent [Amazon | Book Depository]
Under Attack by Hannah Jayne [Amazon | Book Depository]


Delirium – Special Edition by Lauren Oliver [Amazon | Book Depository]


The Missing by Shiloh Walker [Amazon | Book Depository]
Spectre by Phaedra Weldon [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Phantasm by Phaedra Weldon [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Revenant by Phaedra Weldon [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Dark and Stormy Knights – Anthology [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Blood Song by Cat Adams [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Siren Song by Cat Adams [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Hourglass by Claudia Gray [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Minion by L.A. Banks [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
The Hunted by L.A. Banks [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
The Bitten by L.A. Banks [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
The Forbidden by L.A. Banks [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
The Forsaken by L.A. Banks [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
The Thirteenth by L.A. Banks [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Bad Blood by L.A. Banks [Amazon | Book Depository]
Bite the Bullet by L.A. Banks [Amazon | Book Depository]
Never Cry Werewolf by L.A. Banks [Amazon | Book Depository]
Vampires Not Invited by Cheyenne McCray [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
No Werewolves Allowed by Cheyenne McCray [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
One Silent Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Night Embrace by Sherrilyn Kenyon [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Daemon's Mark by Caitlin Kittredge [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]
Bone Gods by Caitlin Kittredge [Amazon | Book Depository | Book Closeout]

Make sure you check out those Book Closeout links – a lot of those books are still at 2$


Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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32 People left their mark' :

  1. Fantastic Haul!! Enjoy them all.


  2. Crazy Haul. Hoping to have a big mailbox in two weeks as I'm at a conference next weekend. Off to read now.

  3. *SQUEE!* Awesome haul darling!!!! :) If I were you, I'd be in book heaven!!!! Really great deals!!!

  4. You weren't kidding when you said you had a crazy haul! It's cool that you got so much LA Banks stuff!

    Here's mine:

  5. Admit it, you needed a truck to bring them all home :-D !

  6. Hi Tynga, thanks for sharing your haul! I was looking forward to this because ever since you told us about Book Closeouts, I became very interested in ordering books from them since they are so much cheaper than even The Book Depository!

    I was wondering if all the books arrived in very good condition. They seem to be in great condition judging from your video, but I was wondering if there were any books with perhaps dents or scratches on covers or corners (because I am kind of a freak about the condition of my books, lol)? Also, on their site, they state that most of their books have publisher marks on the edges to mark them as bargain books, so I was wondering if you can confirm whether these marks are indeed on all their books?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I would appreciate it if you can let me know the condition of these books since I am really interested in buying from their site. Thanks!! :)

  7. Huge haul there - nice one! :)

  8. WOW! You went crazy! That's so much fun, though - buying a whole pile of books. :D Enjoy!

  9. Awesome haul! Hope you enjoy them all. :)

  10. What a huge haul...congrats ;)

    I'm currently reading Hex Hall and I also have "Delirium" in my next IMM post, not the special ed cover though :(

  11. Holy Cow! You got a LOT of books this week! Of course after I saw Rachel's Blood Bound I was green with envy!! Hope you enjoy all your many many books!

    Happy Reading!

    Here's my IMM

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  12. @Michelle THank you!

    @Grace Awesome! I hope you have a great time!

    @Moonlight I wa sindeed!

    @Megan Yes I'm glad I got them =)

    @Birgit LOL the box was waiting for me at the door when I got back from work and I had a hard time lifitng it to get it in the house haha

    @WInnie They were all in good condition. One had it's back cover slightly bent when it was packaged, but you can barely tell anymore. Out of the 27 books I bought, only 5 had a mark on it, it's on the bottom of the book. You can see a picture here. Let me know what you think!

    @Mel Thanks ^^

    @Wendy I had a lot of fun indeed. Can't wait to shelf 'em all!

    @Jessica thank you <3

    @Angelica Delirium is awesome I hope you like it!

    @Jessica .. and It's signed too... I forogot to mention it LOL <3

    @Danielle LOL

  13. Naughty girl! Buying 27 books! :) Hope you enjoy them all!

  14. I had no idea L.A. Banks passed on. I just bought one of her book a couple weeks ago. That's awful.

    Love Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series and Cheyene McCray as well. Have you read her Magic series?

  15. @Kristen i've been very naughty indeed, but they were so cheap!

    @Jenn No I haven't read her Magic series, though I think I have one of them lost in my shelves somewhere o.0

  16. WOW. I'm taking it you went on a shopping spree or something?! LOL Enjoy!!! My IMM is here! Happy Reading,

    ~Zakiya LadyWings :D

  17. Hey!

    That is a pretty immense IMM. I wish mine was as full.

    Really love the cover of Delirium, mines nowhere near that pretty.

    Congrats on getting married!

    Here's my IMM

    Amy@adumbrations (new follower)

  18. Look at all those books. I'd love to get a haul like that.

    Paranormal Haven

  19. Don't you love sales? So many amazing books! I hope that you enjoy them!

  20. Holy moly. SO MANY BOOKS.
    I'm about to have a crazy IMM like this one in a week or so...I went a little crazy in the Amazon bargain bin, and THEN I did it again on Better World Books...

    Enjoy them all!

    Here's my IMM.

  21. LOVED Delirium and I'm planning on buying the special edition soon!

    My IMM is over here if you want to check it out. :)


  22. I can't wait to read Blood Bound. And Delirium is amazing!! =)

    My IMM

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. wow! with the deal you got I don't blame you for getting all those books. I can't wait to see what you think of the Sherrilyn Kenyon books that you got.

    My IMM

  25. New follower :) That is one crazy big haul!! WOW! Happy reading!

    Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

  26. I got the special edition of Delirium too! It's so pretty.

    Here's my IMM.

  27. Thanks for answering my questions, Tynga! :) It seems like only the hardcovers and trade paperbacks may get marked, so mass market paperbacks should be fine. Now I'm very tempted to order from them... been searching all over their site to find books I want to build up an order to make shipping per book less (since domestic shipping starts at $10 even if you're ordering just one book!).

    Thanks again for your help, hope you have a great week! :)

  28. Wow you got a ton of great books this week. It is sad that LA Banks has passed away, I have never read any of her books. I hope you enjoy everything you got. Thanks for the link to the Book Closeout Website I will have to check it out.

  29. @Winnie My last order was actually 8$ shipping, but yeah gotta put as many books a spossible in that box! I became an affiliate over the weekend, feel free to use my link =)

  30. Oh, wow!

    I bought the ebook of Delirium, I can't wait to read it.

    I've never ordered from Book Closeouts. I will need to check them out soon.

    Hex Hall is also on my tbr list.

  31. @Mrs Q you should hurry while the books are still on discount ^^