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Saturday, December 17, 2011

It’s a boy! Nop… It’s a girl! Or is it really?

It’s time for a baby update!

Yesterday I had my ultrasound and I’m now at 21 weeks. It’s the ultrasound when they check if the baby has all the correct pieces in working orders and It takes quite some time hehe. I’ve been counting the days down to yesterday for a good 2 weeks because I was just so excited and it turned out being a painful experience o.O

My rendez-vous was scheduled for 2:30pm, but I was meeting my doctor nearby at 11am, so I got to the hospital early, at 1:15pm. The clerk at the desk refused to register me because I was “too early” and made we wait an hour before she did, which ended with my meeting the technician at 4:00 instead of 2:30. Let me tell you, by then I was exhausted and cranky, but still very excited to see my baby again!

The technician was a student from Sweden and she was totally confused in her stuff, maybe she was stressed?, and she hurt me like a never thought an ultrasound could hurt. I swear, at some point I was crying and thought I would faint because she applied so much pressure on my belly. Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy my experience.

At week 12, I announced you I was having a boy? Well turns out it’s a girl… maybe LOL 

Yup, they still aren’t sure it’s a girl, but the radiologist said she’s 90% sure it’s a baby girl. Which I’m really excited about (either way was great, but now I can hope to share my books with her in a couple of years!) but my husband was disappointed a bit, he really wanted a son, but maybe next time… or maybe the next ultrasound they’ll announce us it’s a boy? Who Knows! lol

We already choose a name, but don’t know yet how we will spell it.

Lilianne, Lillianne, Lilyanne, lilyann, Lily-Ann? So many spelling options, but the last one is my favorite ^^

Here’s a shot of the ultrasound, it’s a terrible shot, but it’s the best I have. You can see her profile and a hand, possibly sucking on her little thumb =)


They discovered there could possibly be a problem with her kidney. One of the elements shouldn’t be wider then 4mm and she’s at exactly 4mm, so they want to check it out again in 11 weeks see if it’ll be ok, if not they’ll have to investigate at birth, but they technician didn’t seem too worried. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’ve been feeling her move for two weeks now, which is amazing! Maybe I’ll change my mind when she starts kicking my in the ribs, but for now I’m in heaven =)

I truly can’t wait to finally see my little angel <3 Due date April 27th!


Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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  1. Sorry to hear your technician was so heavy-handed. :( But at least you have a lovely image of your baby. Hopefully your next experience will be more fun. I hope it is a girl because you've picked a beautiful name. :)

  2. Awww...maybe next time your husband will get the boy, but he will love her and shower her. You just wait and see. So happy that you get to have a picture of her.

  3. congrats and been there with a tech who couldn't figure it out.

  4. I hope your next u/s is a much better experience. Will you be having a 3D u/s done to determine the gender? The name you've chosen is beautiful :)

  5. First of all congrats to you and your husband! Second, sorry the tech was so harsh and hope you have better one next time. Did you pick out any boys names just in case?

  6. Aww! Congrats again! Know I said it before but it cannot be said enough! Weird that they can't tell what the baby is yet. Also strange that they're changing their minds! Well to be safe just get gender neutral clothes until the baby comes!

  7. You will fall in love with her or him the second you see her or him; and then all will be well!

  8. Aawwww I remember those days (just 2 years ago) it's such a wonderful and exciting time I envy you! And I love the name you picked out I really like the spelling Lilyann and Lily-Ann. And believe me once he/she is born your husband will not care AT ALL what sex your baby is. <3 Good luck during the rest of your pregnancy and congrats I didn't know :)

    Xpresso Reads

  9. Being pregnant is so much fun. Try not to worry too much about the kidney, keep positive thoughts flowing.

    Weird about the ultrasound - they're not supposed to hurt. No way do they need to press so hard. Next time, speak up - so whoever is doing it knows they're hurting you. Sometimes people don't know their own strength. Hopefully you'll get someone gentler anyway. I've had five pregancies with numerous ultrasounds and they never hurt.

    Take care

  10. I remember seeing my daughter for the first time...she looked like an alien. When your pregnant, the due date seems so far away. Congrats again!

  11. What a lovely name you've chosen! :)
    I love the updates! ;)

  12. Congrats!!!!!!!! (Also, have you thought of Lily Anne? Because Anne is the best spelling. Anne of Green Gables taught us this. ;) )

  13. @jenn thanks ^^

    @Grace I'm sure he'll be happy, he is already making plans to keep the little boys at bay hehe

    @julie ty =)

    @VIxen No 3d, they're too expesive =/

    @BHLmistress Yes we did, It'll be Joshua if its a boy =)

    @Jessica Yeah so far I'm going for yellow and green ^^ The baby ketp her legs tight-up together during the ultra sound, at some point she opened her legs but it wasn't conclusive enough to say for sure it's a girl. Maybe on the next one we'll know!

    @Diane I can't wait!

    @Giselle THank you <3

    @Mardel Yeah I'm positive =) I'm sure everything will be fine, and my hospital is the best in the province for kids.

    @Rain Maiden It seems far, yet there's so much to do hehe

    @Chrystal thanks!

    @Laina I'd rather keep it in one word or people will call her Lily or Anne :)

  14. The technician said my son had the same thing and it ended up being nothing - crossing my fingers same for you - stressed me out a bit but ended up good : )

  15. Congrats Tynga, and I wish you joy with the addition to your family. Hope the next ultrasound will be painless.

  16. SQUEE! This is sooo exciting! Thank you so much for sharing all of the details with us Tynga!!!!! I personally really love the way you spelled Lily-Ann like that the way you like it :). *HUGS!* CONGRATS!

  17. How sweet :). Thanks for sharing.
    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the ultra sound this time. I hope any in the future go better. I'll keep you and baby in my prayers.

  18. Congrats!! I have a little girl, tons of fun! My little niece that was just born, her name is Lilyana. Very pretty name.

  19. Congrats on the ultrasound! Too bad it was so painful! Did you think to leave some feedback with her supervisor or something? I know I would have! I probably would have interrupted the u/s and asked for a different technician! Those should NOT hurt. How disappointing to be in so much pain during a joyful experience!

    Hugs to you!