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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"When I'm not writing" with B. Jane Lawson + giveaway!

Jane LawsonToday's guest post is by B. Jane Lawson, author of a new e-series about a Morganna Cork, a young woman who moves from L.A. to a small coastal town, where she works at her estranged cousin's inn and gets caught up in a Magickal war. The first book, To the Cliffside is available now.

Keep reading to find out what B. Jane does when she's not hard at work on the next Morganna Cork novel and to enter in a giveaway to win your very own copy of To the Cliffside.


What I’m doing when I’m not writing is wholly dependent upon the hour and day of the week.

8:00am Saturday mornings, you can catch me with my laptop, a Starbucks iced soy chai latter and chocolate croissant, easing into my day.

9:30am Monday morning I’m at my peak busiest at work – staving off a mountain of request and needs from colleagues and clients.

8:00pm Thursdays you can catch me sprawled on my couch, as the voice over the speaker shares, “Previously, on the Vampire Diaries…”

Jane Lawson


12:00pm on a Sunday I can be found on my bicycle (mine is the blue one on the right, I was just testing the red one!) riding west on Broadway or Arizona in Santa Monica, heading towards shopping, the beach or a restaurant/bar for a bite and a beer.


7:00pm Tuesdays I’m curled up into a ball reading one of the hundreds of books I read in a given year. My bookcase is crazy and my better half has mandated that new books in mean books being donated out. I’ve thwarted that mandate with Kindle! And, yes, that is an autographed copy of Darkfever.

8:00pm Monday, once per month, I’m at my book club meeting at the library.

10:00pm Friday I’m at happy hour eating $1 oysters and drinking $4 glasses of wine.

11:59pm Saturday I’m out dancing or listening to a live music show.

7:30pm Wednesday I’m out jogging, training for the biathlon I’ve convinced myself I can win.

10:00am Sunday I’m having hours of conversations with one or more of my many sisters who I live many thousands of miles from.

9:00am Tuesday you might find me waiting for a sample sale on Gilt home or jetsetter to start.

12:00pm Thursday I’m on my lunch break building copious playlists on Spotify, something that I approach with scientific and artistic pleasure.

10:00am Saturday I might be at beach Yoga with Brad, a wonderful free class at the beach.

These are some snippets of the things I do in a given week, and in putting this together I realize that I can be quite formulaic in my pursuit of leisure. In addition, I love to travel and my next big trip is to Dublin where I plan to take in the sights and do research for the Morganna Cork Series.

I must admit, though, that when I’m not writing, I’m doing an awful lot of thinking about writing.


Thanks for sharing with us, B. Jane! Sounds like you're keeping busy. =)

For more information about B. Jane, visit her website or find her on Facebook or Twitter.

And here’s the scoop on To the Cliffside:

Morganna Cork has lived twenty-four uneventful years in Los Angeles under the thumb of her overbearing mother. The only thing barring her from a totally average existence is that she’s got a secret, magical ability to heal herself and others.

An encounter with her mother results in exile to the small coastal town of Puesta del Sol. There, she will be a guest and employee at the Cliffside Inn, owned by her estranged cousin Maeve. Morganna resigns herself to a winter of work and boredom in this one-horse town.

Everything changes when she accidentally pulls into the driveway of the devastatingly sexy Callupo Stone. Instantly she is attracted to the infuriating man who makes no bones about his lack of interest, even if he seems to be right behind her at every turn. The sparks fly as she does her best to thwart his every attempt to corral her.

She soon discovers that she’s not the only one with gifts. There is an entire community of people known as Magicks, each unique and powerful in their own right.

As Morganna undertakes a journey of self-discovery and determination, she befriends Anya, the spunky, sassy, sometimes employee of the Cliffside and bearer of town gossip. Together, they begin to unearth the mysteries surrounding the strange reappearance of a vindictive villain, on a quest for power, in which Morganna finds herself directly in the middle. Simultaneously, they witness the succession struggles of a secret society, in which Callupo and many of their close friends are members, whose existence and purpose eludes them.

Morganna undergoes a radical transformation of self as she becomes an unsuspecting participant in a Magickal war that has been thirty years in the making.

 Read an excerpt

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B. Jane is offering two (2) e-copies of To the Cliffside through Smashwords.

To enter, obey the Rafflecopter!

Giveaway closes March 5, 2012.

Open internationally.

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Born and raised in the Toronto area, Jenn moved to St. John's, Newfoundland, eight years ago for school. She's still in school (thankfully on another degree!), now trapped in her dissertation. When she's not dissertating, which happens more often than it should, Jenn spends her time reading, watching movies, playing volleyball, travelling, and enjoying the local music scene. Her latest addictions: yoga and Almond Crunch cereal.

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  1. That bookshelf looks a lot like mind. Thanks for the interesting When I'm Not Writing. I'll have to look up this series.

    1. Stephanie, I know what you mean. These books have a way of just piling up!

  2. I like to read and also have too many books lyig around the house.

  3. I too spend lots of time on the phone with my sister who lives on the other side of the country, and of course, I've always got my nose in a book - whenever I have any spare time. Luckily, I don't have anyone to yell at me for bringing home more books, I just keep buying more book shelves, as well as adding them to my Kindle. :D

    1. Barbara,

      I need more bookshelves!!! But Kindle is nifty for fast purchases. I'm reading the Chloe Neill Chicagoland Vampire series now and its so good that I'm glad I can buy the next book right away.

  4. I haven't taken gone bicylcle riding in awhile but the weather is looking up so maybe soon. There are a couple beaches and mountain trails nearby that makes riding it fun.

  5. I also enjoy reading.

  6. Great blogpost, fun to learn more about you B. Jane. Not entering the contest, as I have already won the book last week :)

  7. I love to read and have lots of books and I love Starbuck. Tore923@aol.com

    1. Then maybe you would love the Cliffside Inn!!! Its just the kind of book to curl up to with a nice latte.

  8. I like biking, reading, and jogging. I wouldn't be up for a biathlon but I like to run the occasional 5K.

  9. Thank you all for your comments. I'm glad there are so many other avid readers out there!