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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Megan’s Mark by Lora Leigh

lora leigh - megan's markMegan’s Mark by Lora Leigh

Book Stats:
Reading level: Ages 18 and up
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Massmarket paperback: 295 pages
Publisher: Penguin
Release date: May 2, 2006

Series: Breed #7

Reviewed by: Stéphanie

Source: Personal shelf

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Cursed with the extraordinary power to feel other peoples’ emotions, Megan Fields has tucked herself away in a remote corner of New Mexico, working as a small-town sheriff’s deputy. She finds solace in the silence and heat of the desert. But when Breeds begin dying on her watch, Megan realizes that the secrets from her past can’t stay buried forever. Someone is out for blood—her blood.

An arrogant Feline Breed, Braden Arness broods with feral intensity. His mission to solve the mysterious murders brings him to Megan, a woman who accosts his senses like no other. Only with him can she let down her guard—and surrender to the insatiable hunger that wracks her body. But as they team up to hunt the elusive killers, Braden and Megan find themselves becoming the prey…

I’m quite behind on this series, but I still wanted to share my thoughts with you. Most of the books that I’ve read so far in this series have been very entertaining but for some reason, this one fell short. I assume that my expectations were too high, from the others that I’ve read, and after finishing it, MEGAN’S MARK became my least favorite of the series. I still highly recommend the whole series, especially if you like good romance with your paranormal fiction.

For those of you who have never heard of this series, the Breeds are basically a group of people who have been genetically engineered with human and animal DNA in a labs across the world. Their creators had in mind to create a species of superior killers and soldiers, and tried to keep them in captivity and beat the freedom out of each individual Breed. Obviously, the Breeds got tired of being mistreated and those who have freed themselves have joined together to fight against their common enemy, the Genetics Council.

When you pick up a Lora Leigh book, you’re guaranteed strong and virile men throughout. The main male character of this book is Braden and his possessive nature made me like him very much. His dedication to helping Megan was admirable and his ability to keep his distance when she needed it was perfect for the role of Megan’s mate. Megan is a woman that has always done everything for herself and even if she likes having Braden by her side, she still wants to be able to fight for herself. Together, they compliment each other very well and it created great romance. But that’s just it. Even if I really enjoyed all the romance, the book a bit of lacked action. Megan and Braden are known thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, but both seemed more interested in staying home, in bed. Although there were some fight sequences, and they did get out of the house once or twice, some of these scenes didn’t amount to much. And it just didn’t feel thrilling enough for me.

Megan’ psychic abilities was also a low point for me. She’s supposed to be a strong and intelligent woman that went through intense training at the police academy. To me, someone with her dedication should have been able to find a way to control her ability without Braden’s help. And just because he was genetically engineered in a lab, it doesn’t mean Braden should have all the answers to her psychic abilities. I have a very hard time seeing the link between the two and how everything can be very hard for Megan to control one day, and then be very easy only days after meeting her mate. I think a little bit more attention should have been given to the description of the psychic abilities. The biggest low point for me, however, was the antagonist. His reason for attacking Megan and for doing the things he did was unrealistic, even for a blood thirsty psychopath.

Even if I listed a few things in the book that didn’t work for me, I have to hand it to the author; Lora Leigh knows how to write a good romance scene. She had me devour her book in no time, even if this book is my least favorite of hers. It definitively has me wanting more and I already have a few of her hot and steamy books waiting in my TBR pile.


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  1. I've read the series and the hot romances are certainly very good; some of the stories not as good as others but overall worth the read.

  2. I have had this and a few other books in the Breed Series on my shelf for a while now and I have very high hopes for them. I love some other books/series by Leigh and I've learned that her older books are far better than her new crap so I thought going with this older book by her would be right up my alley. Sounds like it was rather disappointing instead.

    Thanks for the great review, I'm sorry this didn't live up to the previous books for you.