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Monday, August 06, 2012

Blood Fever by Veronica Wolff

veronica wolff - blood fever

Blood Fever by Veronica Wolff

Book Stats:
Reading level: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal
E-book: 304 pages
Publisher: Penguin
Release date: August 7, 2012

Series: Watchers #3

Source: Review copy from author

Reviewed by: Stéphanie

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It’s the start of the fall semester, and a new crop of Acari and Trainees has descended on the Isle of Night. Watcher training has intensified, and Drew has a new roommate named Mei-Ling. But Mei-Ling harbors a dangerous secret that drove the vampires to abduct her against her will. Drew knows she shouldn’t get involved, but she can’t seem to leave her roommate to fend for herself.

Luckily, Drew has other things on her mind—like vampire Carden. A blood bond to a brawny, eighteenth-century Scottish bad boy tends to preoccupy a girl. And though she’s still figuring out what this bond means, one thing has become clear: She craves him in a major way.

But then bodies start turning up on the island. All the evidence points to the existence of a rogue vampire, and the sinister vampire Alcántara is gunning for Carden, even though Drew has proof that Carden had nothing to do with the murders. Now she has to find the true killer—without endangering Carden, Mei-Ling, or herself…

This series keeps getting better and better! I enjoyed the first two books in the series but to me, they simply felt like an introduction to heroine Drew’s vampire world. And that’s to be expected, right? Everything is new and needs to be explained. However, in BLOOD FEVER, the third of the series, the story line really starts to warm up as the characters face battle after battle.

For all the young characters, school will never be the same. The fact that they’re attending a special vampire school isn’t necessarily an original concept in the young adult literary world but what goes on outside of class will have you biting your nails throughout the book. On an island in the North Sea, this vampire school is training young women into soldiers and young men into vampires and I’m sure physical education is unlike anything they ever expected. Most vampire myths are laid to rest as we learn more an more about these vampires, especially the fact that only boys can become vampires. Instead, girls are trained to fight and become warriors and spies for the vampires. Although, it’s still not all that clear why these girls are absolutely necessary and I’m sure Veronica Wolff is keeping a few secret things to herself, for now.

In BLOOD FEVER, one thing that stands out from the other two books, is the romance. Even though Drew always had a few guys interested in her, it’s only in this newer book that things get hot. Drew’s many different guys includes vampire Alcántara, vampire Carden, Tracer Ronan and vampire trainee Josh. So romantic and feudal tensions are definitively not missing in this story. As Drew grows closer and closer to one of her admirers, jealousy and maybe disinterest becomes evident among the others.

Of course, romance isn’t the only thing that gets hot. More action, more fights and more deaths follows Drew and her schoolmates. Like in the other books, Drew is still threatened by older bullies and Draugs (a sub-race of rabid vampires). You can’t help rooting for Drew in all her battles especially since she’s gone through so much as a child and as a student. On top of everything, she finds it’s her duty to determine who is responsible for the death of so many girls on the island. And I guarantee you, one of the deaths will catch you by surprise.

In my opinion, there’s only one thing that could have been better which is the passing of time in the narration. At times, it was difficult to follow the story since time passed very quickly between some scenes while some other scenes lasted quite a bit of time. Other than that, I have nothing to critique about Veronica Wolff vampire series. Drew is such a mentally strong character, despite her small stature and her quick snarky responses are amusing and entertaining. Everything began in ISLE OF NIGHT but so much has happened since our introduction to Drew. If you’re a fan of young adult vampires books and strong female characters, and you haven’t read this series, this might be the right match for you!


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  1. thanks for a fun post and awesome giveaway!

    I like YA vampires (as long as they don't sparkle :) ) is that they are scary w/out being vicious or terrifying... or they are gorgeous and dreamy :)

  2. I still haven't started this series, but I know that I need to. I'm going to have to move it up my TBR List :)

    That Bookish Girl