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Friday, August 31, 2012

PSC: Giveaway with Carrie Vaughn


Carrie wished to participate but didn’t have time for an interview or a guest post and chose to offer one of you a copy of Kitty Steals the Show!

Kitty Steals the Show (Kitty Norville #10)

Kitty has been tapped as the keynote speaker for the First International Conference on Paranatural Studies, taking place in London. The conference brings together scientists, activists, protestors, and supernatural beings from all over the world—and Kitty, Ben, and Cormac are right in the middle of it.

Master vampires from dozens of cities have also gathered in London for a conference of their own. With the help of the Master of London, Kitty gets more of a glimpse into the Long Game—a power struggle among vampires that has been going on for centuries—than she ever has before. In her search for answers, Kitty has the help of some old allies, and meets some new ones, such as Caleb, the alpha werewolf of the British Isles. The conference has also attracted some old enemies, who’ve set their sights on her and her friends.
All the world’s a stage, and Kitty’s just stepped into the spotlight.

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Carrie is offering one (1) lucky winner a copy of Kitty Steals the Show!

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Ends Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
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Vaughn was born into a military family and has lived all over the U.S. She received a BA from Occidental College, after which she went on to work too many jobs to count until she went back to school to receive her MA from University of Colorado at Boulder. She currently lives in Boulder, CO.




Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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  1. I love the Kitty books. What do I love most about her? I think her name makes me chuckle a little - who names a werewolf Kitty? I like that she is strong and has overcome a lot from the first few books to now.

    1. same with me i once siad to somebody what would you think of with a wolf named Kitty and she just burst out laghing lol

  2. What I love about Kitty is that she uses her head and tries to get out of situations without resorting to violence. It's easy to be the strongest person in the room and just tear everything apart, but Kitty is alpha without being the strongest physically. Instead, she's mentally tough.

  3. I like that Kitty is the leader of the pack instead of a submissive female.

  4. I love Kitty's embracing her curiosity and her tenacity in getting answers. That her leadership strength isn't in mimicking males, it is her own style of consensus building and caring deeply for her pack, her loved ones.

  5. I love that Kitty comes across as so normal, especially in the first book. She's kickass later, but she gradually gets that way instead of always having super powers.

  6. I love that Kitty is the leader and she's a wolf with the name Kitty ;).

  7. I too enjoy the fact that Kitty is a werewolf! Since her name she goes by is Kitty!

  8. I enjoy shifters of any kind but wolves more than others!

  9. I love Kitty because she's strong, resilient, and has made a life for herself, despite the things she's gone through.

  10. I love how strong she is and how she doesn't take any crap from anyone.

  11. Heard great things about this series and can't wait to start it :D Thanks for the chance to win! All I've heard about Kitty makes this series sound more intriguing.

  12. This sounds like a really interesting book!

  13. I have not read anything with Kitty in it but after looking at the book summary it sounds like its something I would really enjoy to read!

  14. I love Kitty's independence.

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  15. I have not started this series yet, but I hope to soon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I think the First International Conference on Paranatural Studies is an awesome idea.

  17. I haven't read the series yet, but she sounds like a strong heroine! I love that!! She doesn't sound like a damsel-in-distress.

  18. I love that Kitty is a strong, independent heroine that doesn't take crap from anybody.

  19. I haven't read this series. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this one, I really love strong female characters. I am adding this to my list! Thanks for the chance.

  20. Even though she not an alpha she always muddles through.

  21. What I love most is that she is a strong female character!