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Friday, August 17, 2012

PSC: Short Story & Giveaway with Diana Cosby & Erica Ridley


Anthologies are a great way to discover new authors and personally, I know I should read them more often. Today’s guests, Diana Cosby and Erica Ridley, are both featured in the anthology BORN TO BITE that’s hitting the shelves later this month. They both have a passion for vampire tales, so the bestselling authors have joined forces to create a fun vampire tale using their heroes from their respective stories in the anthology.


A Summer Camp Short Story
by Diana Cosby and Erica Ridley

Shielded by the brush on the cool summer night, Mártainn Macane—known as Cain—glanced at Aedan MacGregor, Laird of the Highland Vampire Coven. “The traitor is among those around the campfire. Now to determine which one.”

“As if whoever responsible will admit his guilt?” Aedan asked.

“Nay, he’d deny it like the coward he is,” Cain replied, “but the treachery must end. Each day that passes, shared knowledge of the vampire warrior code exposes a new weakness and another of our vampire warriors is killed.”

The full moon slid from behind the midnight sky like an omen. Silvery fingers of light swept the land, toyed with the rise of flames at the campfire.

“Bloody hell,” Aedan breathed. “Count how many vampire children surround the fire.”

Cain scanned the group. “Only twelve. Young Scáth is missing. The betrayer has slipped away to meet with whoever he is passing our secrets.”

“Before we trail Scáth,” Aedan said, “let us be seen by those around the campfire. If anyone else is involved, their actions will expose their guilt.”

In silence, Cain and Aedan stepped from their shield of leaves.

Connell McKinn, the son of a vampire warrior and bard, was leaning forward with the mastery of a seasoned story teller. “Dead,” he breathed, his fierce gaze pausing on his ensnared audience. “A stake shoved through his chest with the moonlight illuminating the kill as if druid-cast!”

One of the younger vampires gasped, another glanced toward the forest as if seeking the vampire murderer.

Connell stilled. With a slow turn, he glanced toward them. He stood and bowed. “Sir knights.” The remainder of the vampire youths scrambled to their feet and followed the bard’s example.

A tremble of leaves to the far side of the camp caught Cain’s attention. “Come out of hiding!”

“Scáth was but out to find a fairy,” Griogair, son of the smithy, said with a defensive tone. “We saw one in the woods.”

“Bedamned,” Aedan whispered. “Mayhap both are involved.”

Anger stormed Cain’s face. “Scáth, show yourself!”

The rustle of brush fractured the night a second before the young vampire stepped into the clearing.

“Where do you claim to see this fairy?” Cain demanded.

The young vampire hesitated, then glanced toward Griogair. “Beneath a leaf.”

“A lie.” Aedan stalked closer. “The fey are nae small. I know this as my wife is from the Otherworld.” A gasp shuddered through the group. “To whom do you betray us?”

Scáth stumbled back, trembling.

“I’ll have the truth,” Aedan demanded. “Griogair, do not continue to protect him.”

“Wait,” Scáth said, swallowing hard. “The blame is mine. He knows naught of what I’ve done.”

Confusion swept Griogair’s face. “What are you talking about?”

Cain caught Scáth’s arm. “Murder.”

Scáth jumped. “I murdered no one! I was merely… telling tales.”

Eyes hard, Aedan pried a telltale bit of parchment from the vampire youth’s clenched fingers. “Betraying our secrets is more than a tale, but an act of treason. A betrayal for which you shall now regret.”

Cain bound Scáth’s wrists and bowed to the hushed conclave.

As the two vampire warriors disappeared into the shadows with their prisoner, a new campfire tale was born…


Here’s the scoop on BORN TO BITE, which will be release, August 28th, 2012!

Born to Bite

Darkly handsome and dangerously sexy, these voracious vampires are out for blood—and bound for eternal love…

Dark Secret by Hannah Howell
Alone in the world, Murdina Dunbar sets out in search of the only family she has left—and finds an ally in the mysterious Sir Gillanders Baldwin. Something about her sexy protector stirs her blood. Soon, not even the whispers that he’s a dangerous demon can keep her from his bed….

Never Been Bitten by Erica Ridley
Rumored to be a vampire, the rakish Mr. Macane is ravishing all the ladies of the ton! Yet, Miss Elspeth Ramsay cannot bring herself to tremble in his presence. But once Ellie feels the touch of his teeth at her throat, she finds herself biting him back! Surely this sudden bloodlust can only mean danger for her family—and her heart….

Highland Vampire by Diana Cosby
As King of the Highland Coven, vampire Aedan MacGregor knows that falling for the fey Rowan Campbell could destroy her. But one taste of her healing blood and he craves her like no other. Dare claim her as his own, knowing he might lose her forever?

Purchase: Amazon | Book Depository



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Erica RidleyErica Ridley writes Regency-set historical romances. Since becoming active in the writing community, all of her manuscripts have been finalists in or won various RWA chapter contests.

Visit her at:

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diana cosbyDiana Cosby, a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, owes her passion for writing to a gypsy childhood of living, traveling, and experiencing various cultures throughout the world.

Visit her at:

Website | Twitter | Facebook




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  1. I love anthologies. This one looks pretty good, too :-)

  2. Thanks for a fun post and giveaway! I love anthologies cuz I've found some new fav authors that way. But I also don't like anthologies b/c some of the stories are terrible! lol... I hate picking one up b/c there's an author I love in it and I hate all the rest... but that doesn't happen too often.

  3. I like anthologies because they are generally quick reads that give me an idea if I'm going to like a new to me author. They also are a great way to bring focus to secondary characters and build back story.

  4. I've always enjoyed anthologies with at least one author I know then I get to try usually 2 unknowns and finding new authors to read is a bonus!


  5. I love anthologies because they are short and I can discover new worlds and authors.

  6. I love finding new authors and worlds, and the fact that they are shorter and hopefully won't make me stay up all night reading.
    Least favorite thing is that sometimes the story does not feel complete.

  7. I love anthologies!! They are short and cute and you can't help but fall in love with them! And the best part you can find many new authors this way...!! The only thing I don't like anthologies is probably if you fall in love with the characters...you never want their story to end...but it does! LOL ;p

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  8. I've always loved anthologies because it gives me a chance to discover new authors and to read a complete a story when I don't have that much time to read. There isn't anything I don't like about them, except sometimes I'm not ready for the story to end.

  9. I like them because it's a good way to get a taste of new authors and I have found some new favorite reads from anthologies.

  10. I love them because you get to read different stories and find new authors. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I like that they have a lot of different stories from different authors all in one book. I don't like that the stories are short.

  12. I love anthologies. They're a wonderful opportunity to find new authors.

    It was an honor to be asked to write a story in the Born To Bite anthology with Hannah Howell and Erica Ridley. And, a blast to write the short summer camp vampire story in this blog with Erica Ridley. :) If you read Born To Bite, I sincerely hope you enjoy. Thank you. Have an amazing day!

  13. Anthologies give me an opportunity to try out new authors. If I like the short story in the anthology, I'll make a note to look into other books from that author.

  14. What I love/hate most about anthologies is then you only like one story in the anthology and it's hard to justify paying full price for the book. I know it sounds horrible, but I usually have to wait until that author's short story becomes an ebook.
    ehaney578 at aol dot com

  15. I love the mix of stories and ideas that also seem to have a common theme. The length is usually great for a quick read before bed.

  16. I like them because they are a great way to try out new authors. I have found quite a few this way.

  17. Hi!
    I love them because we can read about other authors in the same book! Read different stories too!!! Thanks!

  18. I love anthologies, even though it's an assortment of different authors it still has a main theme and it helps you find out about how different authors spin the same theme. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I like them because they are usually a quick read and you get different authors. I also like them to get an idea if I would like new to me authors. Thanks for the chance.

  20. I love the variety of authors that are in anthologies. It makes me want to read the rest of their work.

  21. I just love all the different takes on the myths! Thanks for the great giveaway!