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Friday, October 19, 2012

Books Change Lives Charity Event!

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Tynga was amazing and allowed me to share something awesome with everyone today... so I want to tell you about my charity event entitled BOOKS CHANGE LIVES!

I'm currently a Senior in high school, so I'm given the option of carrying out a Senior Project. This project can be anything from an experiment, an internship, or painting a mural around the school, but I chose for it to be a charity event evolving around books since reading is so important to me. Books are my coping mechanism and I honestly can't imagine a world without them. As a member of the book blogging community, I can guess that anybody currently reading this post may be in the same situation as me. But what upsets me is that a lot of people, more than we realize, can't have the same opportunities that books offer us because books are a luxury that they simply cannot afford. I love close to two of these communities and they're not well off. I know some of them have adults that are lucky to read at the young adult level. Combine that with the fact that areas in poverty are believed to have at least a 50% illiteracy rate and I found a problem that I KNEW I had to fix and was capable of fixing.

This is why I created the BOOKS CHANGE LIVES EVENT to coincide with my Senior Project. Throughout the next several months, I'll be having a book drive to get books to these kids aged one month to eighteen years old. The books and gift cards collected will be distributed to many impoverished communities through the Bridge of Books foundation to help these kids, their families, and their education. But to make this program a success, I need your help!

What I'm asking is to donate any of those old books that you haven't touched so that they can go to a home where they will be cherished and appreciated by a child who wouldn't have any other way to bring books into their home. All donations can be new or used, read or unread, but they have to be in decent condition. E-mail me at reflectionsbylili@gmail.com with the subject line BCL Donation if you would like to make a donation. Tweet me @LiliReflects with any questions too!

If you would like to help out, these are the following guideline for donations:

  • Children's books, middle grade, and young adult books are accepted

  • We do not take adult book donations, but we do accept parenting books

  • New Adult books cannot be accepted

  • ARCs are accepted

  • Finished copies are accepted

  • Signed books are accepted

  • Personalized books are accepted as long as they are still in good condition

  • Any books donated must be gently used or new. We're not trying to cast off our unwanted and destroyed books on these children!

  • Mangas and graphic novels are accepted

  • Books in another language are accepted for bilingual households

  • Classics are accepted

  • For international people and anyone else who likes gift cards: gift cards are accepted in the place of books! We know that shipping is very costly, so if you send me an e-gift card, it will be used at the end of the book drive to finish a series, buy series boxed sets, or buy more books in a specific genre that we are lacking in.

  • Any questions, donations, and concerns can be e-mailed to reflectionsbylili@gmail.com

If you are looking for specific books that are in high demand for this program, we need...
  • Dr. Seuss books

  • Disney books

  • Books for boys of all ages

  • Full series such as Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Pretty Little Liars, The Mortal Instruments, Twilight and more

  • If you are looking for other recommendations, e-mail reflectionsbylili@gmail.com

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. It means a lot to me to have people help out with this charity event to get books to households that don't have any other means of obtaining them. This cause is very dear to my heart and I know that we'll be making a lot of kid's happy. And thank you for the amazing banner, Stéphanie.

If you want to be continuously updated on this event, please follow my personal blog, Lili's Reflections, where weekly and monthly updates and announcements on progress will be posted.

It's time to stop illiteracy rates from going through the roof, and together, we can do that.

I'm a 18 year old from a small town in New Jersey that's a newcomer to the book blogging world. Because I am an incoming senior in high school the closest thing that I have to a job is being a volunteer at the town library, so I spend most of my time reading and persuading my parents to let me buy more books!

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