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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fury of Seduction by Coreene Callahan

coreene callahan - fury of seduction

Fury of Seduction by Coreene Callahan

Book Stats:

Reading Level: Adult
Paperback: 449 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release Date: November 13, 2012

Series: Dragonfury #3

Source: eARC from the publisher

Reviewed by: Stéphanie

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Successful landscape designer Tania Solares prides herself on living by her own terms, relying on no man to provide for her. But her carefully controlled life takes a turn for the extraordinary when her inquiry into the disappearance of her best friend thrusts her between two warring factions of dragon-shifters. Suddenly Tania’s survival depends on Mac, a newly initiated dragon-warrior who will break every rule to keep her safe.

Now that Tania knows the truth about Dragonkind, returning to her old life is too grave a risk. Ivar, leader of the Razorbacks, plots to decimate the human race, and Tania is just the tool he needs. Despite the danger, Mac cannot deny her a choice: Trade the independence she’s fought so hard to achieve for safety in a magical world, or turn her back on the man she’s grown to love in order to reclaim a freedom that might not last? It is an impossible choice. And yet a sacrifice must be made…

There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s something special about this Dragonfury series. Not only did she create a wonderful kind of dragon shapeshifter, but Coreene Callahan has succeeded in creating great characters that have you coming back for more. I think, FURY OF SEDUCTION has been my favorite of the series so far, especially since it features one of my favorite dragons, Mac.

Mac hasn’t been a dragon for a long time. Actually, he’s only known about his true nature for a few weeks now. He has always been drawn to water, especially when he was a Navy SEAL. Now that he knows he’s a water dragon, everything makes sense. The only problem is, water dragons are very rare, especially since one water dragon wants to remain the only one in existence and will do pretty much anything to eradicate any new water dragons, including Mac. It’s a good thing that Mac has joined the Nightfuries, warriors who will do anything to protect humankind. They have vowed to fight against the Razorbacks, who plan to kill off the majority of humankind and who have made this rogue water dragon one of their own.

Of course, this book wouldn’t be complete without the romance between Mac and Tania. Unfortunately, like all the other books in this series (and many paranormal romance book, truthfully), I found love was mentioned too soon and without any real foundation. What seems to bound these dragons to their mates is a strong energy that inevitably makes them fall in love. Not very realistic, I know, but a girl can wish for a strong and buff dragon of her own, can’t she? This has been my only problem with the series so far. The fated mate thing can get repetitive, so I hope author creates more obstacles in the relationships in the future books.

Nevertheless, Tania and Mac seem to be well matched. She’s the type of woman that never really trusted men since she’s always been afraid of revealing her emotions in fear of rejection. On the other hand, Mac has always been a one-night-stand kind of guy and has never thought of trying for a relationship until Tania stepped into his life. Since Tania is one of the prime targets for the Razorback breeding program, Mac will stop at nothing to protect and save her from kidnappers.

While Tania’s background story was very detailed and developed, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t learn more about Mac’s past. However, because of his relationship with the rogue water dragon, I’m hoping more will be revealed in the future books.

The first two books introduced us to the silent war between the Nightfuries and the Razorbacks, and focused mostly on characters in the Seattle area. Now, with FURY OF SEDUCTION, Coreene Callahan has expanded her story to Europe and introduced other major key player of this war. I have a feeling we have only skimmed the surface of this secretive dragon world and I suspect were in for quite a ride in the upcoming books. If you’re a fan of dragons and/or of hot and dominant shapeshifters, do try this series if you haven’t already. I love that they’re reasonably priced for the kindle and kindle apps, since I’m the type of person that hates buying e-book for more that $5.

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  1. Ohh dragons!! I love them, how could I miss this series? I need to check the first book right now ;)