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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Book Blogger Twitter Con 2013

advertisementParajunkee and Ashley are hosting an online book convention the first week of April and I thought you would be interested!

What they say about it:

    • - Seven days of Great Book Topics
    • -Awesome Twitter Discussions
      -A Book Blogger Awards Program
      -Daily Giveaways

And they need your help! They are currently recruiting panellist, moderators & sponsors. If you are interested, sign up here.

awardsLOGO BBTC Award Categories

They are also nominations going on for a whole bunch of awards!

You can nominate your favourite bloggers and authors in the following categories:


  1. Best Overall Blog Award 2013
    • Who has the best blog out there? Nominate them for the Overall Best Blog Award. The Best Overall Blog must be outstanding in their craft. Excellent writing, good presentation and organization.
  2. Well-Written
    • Who turns the best phrase? Who spins the best tale? Basically whose blog has, with their words, the ability to make you so jealous of their skills, that you want to cry. (unlike how I phrased that sentence)
  3. Best Group Blog
    • The Best blog with multiple authors
  4. Best Giveaways
    • Who hosts the best giveaways or giveaway hops? Nominate them for this award.
  5. Best Meme
    • What are some of your favorite memes. Nominate them!
  6. Noob
    • The Noob award! For the start-up blog of awesome.
  7. Best Feature
    • Which features do you love? Do you visit these features on a regular basis? Nominate them!
  8. Most Creative
    • Which blogger is just bursting with good ideas? Nominate them!
  9. Overachiever
    • There are just some bloggers that reach for the stars and don’t stop. They have a blog, they write, they are a mom to ten kids and have a full time job. What…? Nominate away.



  1. Best Cover Award (Published 2012)
  2. Best Book (Published 2012) Adult
  3. Best Book (Published 2012) YA
  4. Best Indie (Published 2012)



    It’s the occasion to show your favourite bloggers how much you love them :)

    My votes are in, what are you waiting for?


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