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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lily-Ann’s birthday party!

I just came back from my daughter’s lunch party and I thought you’d like to see some pictures :) She’s fast asleep right now after ‘partying hard’ lol

Birthday girl!

homemade strawberry cupcakes *miam*

Blowing her first candle ^^

Eating delicious cupcake for the first time!

A sweet hug lol

*yes I had whipped cream in my hair…*

Lily-Ann and her 2 cousins :)

We had a great time! She’s such a big girl now :)


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  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Happy birthday, Lily-Ann!

  2. She is so cute! Hope she loved her cupcake and her birthday. Happy birthday, Lily-Ann!

  3. Aww, she is too cute! Happy 1st Birthday to Lily-Ann :-)

  4. So cute! Happy BDay to her and I'm sure you all had a wonderful time!!!

  5. AWWWW!!! She's so cute!!

    I remember when my niece tore apart a cupcake at her first birthday party too!! Amazing how messy one little cupcake can be!

    Glad she had fun! Happy Birthday (again!) Lily Ann!!

  6. I can't believe she is a year already! She is so cute! Happy birthday to Lily Ann.

    My oldest niece did not want to do the whole "make a mess" first birthday. She just sat and looked at her cupcake and looked at us like well, aren't you gonna feed me? Her mom (my sis) tried to get her to but she just wouldn't. Her aunt on her dad's side ended up picking up her hand and putting it in the frosting to get her started and it made her so mad!

    1. I didnt have the chance to even give my daughter her first cupcake and see what she would do. My mother-in-law picked a cupcake and smeared it in her face while I wasnt looking. To say I'm upset is putting it midly... I've been looking forward to that event for weeks and I feel like it was rubbed from me -.-

  7. Hard to believe that she's one year old already! Hope she enjoyed her first cupcake! Happy Birthday Lily Ann!

  8. So cute, and she's gotten so big!

    Happy Birthday Lily-Ann. :)

  9. Thank you all for the wishes!

  10. Bonne Fete Lily-Ann. I hope you had a fantastic first bday :)

  11. *SQUEE!* Lily-Ann is soooo adorable! Bless her and your nieces!!! I think Lily-Ann had a blast hehe :D