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Monday, June 17, 2013

Forsaken by the Others by Jess Haines

Trouble follows Shia around like a dog and its tail, and Forsaken by the Others is no exception. She just avoided turning into a werewolf (or did she really?) and found Royce for comfort. After getting what he craved since he met her, he has to let her go for her own safety. Did he really think she would be safer away though? I bet he didn’t foresee an army of walking dead!

First, let me say that this book was just as amazing as the previous ones and that fans of the series won’t be disappointed! There was a very drastic split at about 25% of the book, moment when Shia and Sara went away to LA, supposedly to stay safe. The first part is all about Royce and I was really surprised. If you remember, at the end of book 4, Shia finally gave in and had sex with Royce. Forsaken by the Others starts the next morning, when she has to face what she did. At first, she’s scared and distrustful and I was knocked off my chair by how easily she gave in to him in the end. By the time she leaves for LA, I’ll dare say she’s almost clingy. It felt really anticlimactic to what I’m used to from her, but it wasn’t bad either, I mean, they have been dancing around each other for four books already. I am really sold to Royce despite everything and I’m afraid to say he is practically absent from the rest of the book and I missed him.

Part two is all about Shia and her best friend Sara forced to investigate a case of zombie attacks against the vampire hosting them at his home. He is hiding things from them and the girls bit off more than they could chew. The action was non stop, Forsaken by the Others was a real page-turner. I was also really pleased to see old friends and heart-broken that Arnold is still not back on the roster. When will Arnold be back Jess? *begs on her knees*

The plot line was smooth and surprising and there’s a particular scene with zombies swarming the highway that particularly felt bigger than nature. Kudos Jess! The end was a real slap in the face and would’ve knocked me on my behind if I weren't already sitting. I never expected it and I am that much more excited for book six. What will happen to Shia in the aftermath? Will she or will she not turn into a werewolf? Will she finally have a somewhat normal relationship with Royce. And more importantly, will we see Arnold again??? lol

I know the covers of the first books in the series aren’t particularly attractive, but this series is a serious case of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. H&W Investigation series is an amazing urban fantasy series and I am convinced fans of the genre will fall in love with its action and its characters. On a side note, Jess Haines is also made of awesome and I love her very much <3


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  1. Great review Tynga! I knew that you've always loved the series and it's definitely on my PTR shelf! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Heartses and lurv! <3

    Arnold will be back in book 6 in a big way, I promise.


  3. Great review! Anyone who is out to buy English books online, must add this book in the list.