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Thursday, June 20, 2013

SS: Interview with Traci Douglass


Today's post comes from Traci Douglass, author the Seven Seals series from Crimson Romance. She's here today as part of a blog tour to promote her series. Please join me in welcoming her to the blog!


Welcome to Team Tynga's Reviews! To start, what made you want to be an author?

Seal of Surrender by Traci Douglass (Seven Seals #2)I'm an only child, so storytelling was always a part of my life. When there was no one around to play with, I'd make up my own tales to amuse myself.

It never occurred to me to write the stories down until November of 2011, when I had a dream which became the first Seal book. The idea wouldn't leave me until I
got it down on paper.

Could you please tell us a bit about your Seven Seals series?

The Seven Seals Series deals with the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, which have been bound to the DNA of seven human women, and the team of elite immortal warriors who
are sworn to protect them at any cost.

Do you have an overall story arc in mind? Or are you more of a pantser?

I started out as a pantser, then once I signed my first publishing contract, I realized that winging it wasn't going to work when I had to put four books out a year, plus other non-Seal related projects.

So now I follow Cathy Yardley's awesome Rock Your Plot formula to get my basic outline on paper as a general guide before I start to write.

Which characters are the most fun to write?

I love all my characters, but the villains are the most fun for me. They get to say and do most of those things the rest of us only wish we could.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of writing a continuing series?

Seal of Destiny by Traci Douglass (Seven Seals #1)The advantages are getting the chance to go deeper with your characters and building a relationship with your audience through them. The disadvantage is having to keep all the notes so everybody stays consistent, little things like birthdays, hair and eye color, etc.

Do you have any summer traditions?

Just hanging out, enjoying the sunsets and having some wine in the evenings. If a beach is nearby, that's great too.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today! It's been great fun! And look for Book Three in the Seal Series coming out this fall! :)


Thank you so much for stopping by on your blog tour, Traci! For more Traci, click on the banner to check out the other stops on her tour.

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Seal of Surrender by Traci Douglass (Seven Seals #2)Love, like War, will always find a way…

War has shaped every aspect of Irena Soldan’s life—her childhood, her work, her DNA. Unaware she is the genetic host of the second Seal of the Apocalypse, Irena battles for those who cannot fight for themselves. As a top human-rights operative for The Omega Consortium, her company provides both the financial backing required to undertake her task and a charismatic, publicity-loving boss to promote her cause. Life proceeds on plan for Irena until a mysterious, sexy stranger arrives claiming to be her guardian and Irena’s path takes a sudden, inauspicious turn for both the erotic and the lethal.

Chago has always been the quiet one amongst his warrior Scion brethren—the brooding, Spanish combat expert with a hidden soft side. A member of Divinity’s covert special forces, he’s protected humanity for more than a millennium. Still, his greatest joy comes not from the battlefield, but from tending the cattle herd on his remote Montana ranch.

Irena’s new assignment takes her straight to the heart of a bloody civil conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa and Chago’s mission demands he follow. Expecting a seething cauldron of female whoop-ass, he instead discovers a harbinger of peace amidst a world of ever-increasing violence. The explosively tense situation is further magnified by the cunning Omega Consortium leader, his ambiguous personal agenda, and an ancient foe whose audacious rise to power threatens the world’s very existence.

Despite the cataclysmic circumstances, an undeniable attraction ignites between Chago and Irena. Together, they must unravel the ancient puzzle of the Seals and discover her employer’s ulterior plans before they both become casualties of War. Soon, both are forced to choose between a past riddled with old torments or risk everything they treasure on a love capable of defeating evil incarnate.

Read an excerpt

Purchase: Amazon

Here's the rest of the series:

Seal of Destiny by Traci Douglass (Seven Seals #1)


Traci is the author of paranormal/urban fantasy and contemporary romances featuring a sly, urban edge, including her current Seven Seals series. Her stories feature sizzling alpha-male heroes full of dark humor, quick wits and major attitudes; smart, independent heroines who always give as good as they get; and scrumptiously evil villains who are—more often than not—bent on world destruction. She enjoys weaving ancient curses and mythology, modern science and old religion, and great dialogue together to build red-hot, sizzling chemistry between her main characters.

Traci is an active member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Indiana Romance Writers of America (IRWA) and Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Writers (FF&P) and is pursing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Writing Popular Fiction through Seton Hill University. Her stories have made the final rounds in several RWA chapter contests, including the 2012 Duel on the Delta, the 2012 Molly Awards, and the 2012 Catherine Awards. An earlier draft of Seal of Destiny won the paranormal category of the 2012 Marlene Awards sponsored by the Washington Romance Writers.

Other current projects include upcoming books in the Seven Seals series and a new futuristic suspense series with hints of the paranormal and plenty of romance.

She loves hearing from readers! Connect with Traci here:

Website | Twitter | Facebook


Born and raised in the Toronto area, Jenn moved to St. John's, Newfoundland, eight years ago for school. She's still in school (thankfully on another degree!), now trapped in her dissertation. When she's not dissertating, which happens more often than it should, Jenn spends her time reading, watching movies, playing volleyball, travelling, and enjoying the local music scene. Her latest addictions: yoga and Almond Crunch cereal.

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