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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Outcast Prince by Shona Husk

I really didn’t know what to expect when I started reading THE OUTCAST PRINCE. Before this, I had never heard of the author, but since I ended up really enjoying this first of her new series, I’ll probably end up reading some of her other books while I wait for book 2 to be published.

THE OUTCAST PRINCE is a great introduction to the fairy world of Annwyn, even though we don’t spend much time in it. Most of the book is spent in the mortal world while beings and fairy forces never fail to plague Caspian “normal” life. All he’s ever wanted is to live his life without being bothered by anything fairy but since politics are unstable in Annwyn, the mortal world is feeling repercussions. Caspian is more or less forced to search for a fairy mirror/portal, which in the wrong hands, could lead to some very awful things, both in Annwyn and in the mortal world. His psychometry ability to see an object’s past just by touching it is what makes him so valuable. As a changeling, a mortal being with some fairy abilities, he shouldn’t be important in this deadly game of fairy politics, but since he’s the son of the fairy prince, he does have a significant role to play.

Overall, I loved Caspian as a character. His generosity and selflessness when it comes to protect those who matter to him is respectable and admirable. In my opinion, him and Lydia might have fallen in love a little too quickly since after just a couple of days, it seemed like they were already in love and were thinking of moving in together. But who wouldn’t want to live together, especially in such a historical house like the Callaway House Lydia inherited from her deceased grandmother.

Lydia has a history of her own and while she’s a well developed character, there’s just something submissive about her that I’m not too crazy about. While I like that she had an open mind and was able to accept Caspian’s parentage and abilities so easily, it just seemed like she could have been a little bit bolder in her thoughts and actions. After just a couple of days, she started to depend and rely on Caspian way to much for my taste, and while I understand she was still grieving her grandmother’s death, she could have made some decisions without relying so much on Caspian’s opinion. Otherwise, I find Caspian and Lydia make a great pair, and they found each other at the perfect time. I think, because they both have their own eccentric history, they are able to understand and accept each other rather nicely.

THE OUTCAST PRINCE is before all a romance book with some supernatural action included. I was sad to leave Lydia and Caspian behind because they had such a great relationship going on. I hope we hear more about them in the future books because from what I understand, the next books will have different main characters. I also hope we get to spend more time in Annwyn. THE OUTCAST PRINCE and its fairy world is very enticing. This first book  feels like a tease because while we learn a lot about Annwyn, there seems to be so much we don’t know about it. Shona Husk created a wonderful world and populated it not only with great main character but also with entertaining secondary characters. I look forward to the continuation of the series and I hope book two will be a page-turner, much like this one was.


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