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Friday, July 26, 2013

Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole

Garreth has been waiting for his mate for centuries, hoping she would prove to be a challenge, and Lord was he served! Never would he have thought that his mate would come in the form of a Valkyrie sworn to chastity. How is a wolf suppose to claim his mate without having sex? More determined than ever, MacLain will chase her across the world for months before he actually gets a chance. But is Lucia willing to sacrifice all that she is for him? Highly doubtful!

Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole is the ninth book in the series and it’s always a pleasure to come back to these characters that have grown on me overtime. This particular novel’s storyline actual starts before the events of the first book (where Lachlain meets Emmaline) and I enjoyed reliving these moments from a new perceptive. It’s also quite funny because while I was reading Garreth’s story, my mom was reading Lachlain’s story, so we were both reading the same time period in the series from different perspectives. This story takes place over the course of over a year, thus many books in the series, and I always appreciate the intricate way miss Cole weaves her stories together.

I particularly liked this instalment because even though it’s never a done deal for Cole’s characters to be together, this couple faced the biggest challenges thus far. Garreth will suffers indescribable pain in hopes to claim his mate, promise the moon to Lucia (in a no-sex way), even submit himself to witch magic (which he despise), all with the tiniest hope that she will accept him. He suffers for over a year for her and I can’t help but bow to his strength and determination. Don’t get me wrong, Lucia isn’t torturing him for pleasure, but she is on a mission to stop the apocalypse and giving in to earthly pleasure could mean the end of the world. She remained strong in a quest to save the world and face her own nightmare and her pride wouldn’t allow her to seek help. I never particularly cared for her in previous books, and I came to like and respect her in this novel.

The plot proved to be engaging and fast-paced, as usual, and I liked that Kresley Cole took us to mystical parts of the Amazon. The original scenery helped bring an exotic feeling to the novel, it’s like I could almost feel the heat. The whole set-up exudes a strong India Jones and Lara Croft feel as our hero set on a quest to recover a magical weapon. The conclusion was also highly surprising and I never foresaw the story enfolding the way it did.

On a side note, I must mention my undying love for Nyx. She is packed with awesomeness and really, as amazing as Kresley’s books are, it wouldn’t be the same without her craziness. I say this every review of this series, but I can’t wait for her to have her own story, or even her own POV in one of the coming books, so we can finally get a glimpse of what’s going on in that head of hers!

Immortals After Dark is by far one of my favorite paranormal romance series and I must urge you to give this series a try. It’s thrilling, engaging, smoking-hot and has an healthy dose of humour. It is bound to please you!

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  1. I too enjoyed this books.. and am looking forward to continuing the series.

  2. I do love the IAD series a lot. Glad you do to Tynga.