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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Ten by Gretchen McNeil

TEN was a thrilling, fast-paced suspenseful horror story that I absolutely loved! One of the very best mysteries I've read all year.  It starts with ten teens who seem an odd bunch to be invited to a weekend-long party at a wealthy family's island home. But since it's the most popular girl in school that's inviting them, they don't dare refuse. Upon arriving at the island home, they are stranded by a severe storm, and soon find that someone seems determined to keep them there. When they start dying one by one, they have only two options: there is either someone else in the house, or one of them is the killer.

I instantly bonded with the main character Meg. The supporting characters were also strong and multi-dimensional. I was skeptical at first that the reader would be able to connect with ten characters in a single book without feeling confused. Fortunately, I was completely wrong. Though the novel is told from Meg's point of view, the others around her also come to life very quickly.

I like to consider myself pretty hard to fool - I normally have a fairly decent idea of how I think things are going to play out in a story. Especially one like this, where each time one of them died, the suspect pool got smaller and smaller. That said, TEN completely knocked me off my chair. I had two main theories while reading. The first was what I thought would be the easy way out. It would have been a clean way to end. The second was what I hoped would be the actual ending, as it was a bit more intriguing. I was completely off on both counts. Every few pages something else would surface that would have me flip-flopping back and forth between which of these two theories I thought would play out. But by the last chapter, it turned out I was completely wrong. And I loved it.

The plotting was absolutely superb. The sort that you can only fully appreciate while looking back at all the breadcrumbs left by author once you reach the end. I really respect that fact that McNeil didn't tie this up too neatly either. It was a messy ending, exactly what was needed to make a story like this realistic.

If you're looking for a thrilling, masterfully plotted stand-alone novel to keep you on your toes, TEN is absolutely the perfect fit. You most definitely won't regret it!

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  1. This sounds like Agatha Cristie's And Then There Were None.. But still interesting! Have to check this one out ^^

  2. Helen, as the previous commenter stated, this is exactly like Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. Like, they are almost exactly the same
    But i might give this a try sometime
    GREAT review
    your reader,

  3. Wow! Ten sounds really interesting, I have to get time to read it this summer then. Great review!

  4. This sounds amazing! I'm glad Meg is so relatable and that you loved the plot so much. I think I need to read Ten soon.

    Great review!

  5. She really was easily relatable which is always such a plus! :D

  6. Hmm, interesting - haven't read any Agatha Cristie but I might have to check it out!

  7. Interesting... if you do read this one, I'd be interested to find out if the "twists" and such end up in the same way!

  8. It was SOOO good! Such a great summer mystery read :)

  9. I found this book so creepy! Since I had read the Christie novel, I thought I would easily be able to figure out whodunnit but instead I struggled to solve the mystery :( Excited for more from McNeil.