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Friday, August 09, 2013

Bound by Night by Larissa Ione

In a world where vampires are hunted and enslaved, we are far from your typical romance story. Nicole is at the head of the biggest company in the vampire trade business and even though she prides herself in her scientific work (she found a cure to cancer!), she despises the slavery aspect of the work. Scared to death of vampires after her family slaves rebelled and killed everyone, she still misses her sweet nanny Therese. Her killer, Riker, stills hunts her nightmares at night, twenty years later. For his part, Riker is out for revenge, wanting to kill every Martins in his way. Kidnapping Nicole to retrieve a kidnapped female is the ultimate goal, but the side benefits of torturing the enemy makes the whole deal that much more enticing.

This whole new world by Larissa Ione is completely different from her previous series set in the Demonica world, and even though the vibe is very different, I loved it just as much. I can’t help but compare the two because her two previous series were set in the same huge rich world but this one felt a bit more contained (which isn’t a bad thing!). The story revolves around the MoonBound clan, which Riker is part of and their quest to retrieve a female vampire to avoid war with her original clan. All the action happens in Seattle and the surrounding woods and MoonBound is facing imminent war with a neighbourhood clan, and I feel like this somewhat intimate atmosphere will allow us to get to know each characters better.

Speaking of characters, miss Ione once again blessed with an amazing selection. Nicole and Riker are of course front and center and I loved them both. Yes at time I wanted to smack Riker on the head because he was being stupid, but hey, it’s always a good thing to feel emotional about characters! I loved their romance and how everything unfolded. Their issues and fights felt very vivid and plausible and I enjoyed it all. I also fell for Myne, a weird lonely vampire, Bastien, a rescued youth and Aylin, whom we meet at the very end. I must admit I am also fascinated with Hunter, the MoonBound clan’s leader.

The Lore Larissa created was particularly rich and fascinating. Vampires are rumoured to originate from a fight between two Native American leaders which ended up and their death and a subsequent fight between a raven and a crow. The details aren't very explicit, but again, it’s a rumour! Born vampires also have special abilities as opposed to turned vampires, which isn’t a first in vampire literature, but Larissa also brought her own twist to the table. There is also this great event surrounding the new moon, in links with very unique feeding practice that I thought brought a nice touch.

I was drawn into this new world right from the epilogue and the whole trip felt way to short, I confess, I wanted more. The plot is especially packed with action, sexual energy and a strong sense of urgency. A lot is at stake and the very future of MoonBound clans lay on Nicole and Riker’s shoulders. The tension was palpable most of the novel and I stayed on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I especially liked surprise curve ball Larissa Ione threw at us and the ending simply killed me. I can’t wait to see what’s next! My guess is that Hunter & Aylin will be featured and that a different MoonBound couple will be the star of each instalment.

I was highly satisfied with Bound By Night, the first novel in Larissa’s brand new series and I strongly suggest you give it a try. Paranormal Romance lovers will be please and fans of Ione won’t be disappointed!

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