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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"When I'm not writing" with Jason M. Hough

Jason M HoughThis week's guest is Jason M. Hough. I'm so excited to have him here since I thought his debut, THE DARWIN ELEVATOR, was fantastic. I'm quite looking forward to the second book in the Dire Earth Cycle, THE EXODUS TOWERS, which comes out next week.

Jason's here today to share a bit of his non-writing life. Get ready for some adorableness!



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Up until a few months ago, writing had just been a hobby for me. Granted, I had a book deal and things were looking promising, but I still had a day job that took up the majority of me time. My kids took up the bulk of the rest, and writing was just an activity I squeezed in everyday between dawn and breakfast.

Now, however, I’m a full time writer. With the support of my wife I’ve left the day job behind in order to focus on the launch of THE DARWIN ELEVATOR and it’s two sequels, all of which come out this summer (2013).

I’d love to say that I have an awesome hobby that fills my spare time, but honestly that hobby is still writing. I just get paid for it now, and have a lot more time to spend with my kids.


Nathan, who will be four in November, is my best bud.  He’s recently graduated from childrens shows like Thomas the Train to cartoons that I can genuinely enjoy with him, like The Avengers or Justice League. I’m already getting excited about re-watching some of my old favorites with him, like Robotech and Mobile Suit Gundam.  In a given week we will build train tracks, play with Hot Wheels or just put on capes and run around in the back yard. I recently bought him a flashlight, and given the warm summer evenings here in San Diego, we’ve been going on a lot of after-dinner nature walks around the neighborhood.


His little brother, Ian, will be two in October. He’s just started running, which given his bullheaded nature has been a bit terrifying. Nothing scares this kid, and hollering “STOP!” at him when he’s about to do something truly dangerous (like, say, run out into the street) seems to translate as “GO FASTER!”. He keeps me on my toes, to say the least.


Within a few years they’ll both be in school, at least part of the time, and there is a small part of my brain that is starting to look forward to getting back into a hobby beyond writing.  Thanks to the kids I’ve got about 4 years of video games to catch up on, plus countless movies and TV shows. But I’ve always needed to create, not just consume, so in addition to writing I’ll probably get back into doing 3D modeling and animation. Or maybe I’ll start learning how to build replica movie props. Or I’ll take up gardening. Maybe cooking.

Okay, we’ll see… but for now, I write for roughly half the day and then it’s all kids all the time.

And that suits this 41-year-old child just fine.



Thanks so much for visiting us, Jason, and sharing these great photos of you and your kids!

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Here's the scoop on THE EXODUS TOWERS:

The Exodus Towers by Jason M. Hough (Dire Earth Cycle #2)The Exodus Towers features all the high-octane action and richly imagined characters of The Darwin Elevator—but the stakes have never been higher.
The sudden appearance of a second space elevator in Brazil only deepens the mystery about the aliens who provided it: the Builders. Scavenger crew captain Skyler Luiken and brilliant scientist Dr. Tania Sharma have formed a colony around the new Elevator’s base, utilizing mobile towers to protect humans from the Builders’ plague. But they are soon under attack from a roving band of plague-immune soldiers. Cut off from the colony, Skyler must wage a one-man war against the new threat as well as murderous subhumans and thugs from Darwin—all while trying to solve the puzzle of the Builders’ master plan . . . before it’s too late for the last vestiges of humanity.

Pre-order: Amazon | Book Depository

And here's where it all began:

The Darwin Elevator by Jason M. Hough (Dire Earth Cycle #1)———————————

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  1. Ahhhh! I love, love, loved this book! Like, I keep shoving it at my friends (who don't even read sci-fi) because they need it now. It's terrible, I tell you! Your kids are adorable, Jason!

  2. Your boys look sweet and it's nice that you find the time to spend with them. Gundam is an awesome series and I completely understand your need to share it with your son!

    The Darwin Elevator is waiting for me on my kindle. I'm in the mood for a good sci-fi so I might have to bump it up and read it next.

  3. I just finished the first book and really enjoyed it. My reservations are in for the other books because I know there will be a big line at the library. My friend is starting the book today and I told her she should get her reservations in too, she'll want to get as high on the list as possible, no need to wait to see if she likes the book because she definitely will. I'm so happy for your success, Jason, and that you get to spend more time with those beautiful children, the very best reward for your achievement. I hope you keep having lots of fun with your family and with writing. And thank you for the hours of fun you've given me and will be giving me.

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