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Monday, August 26, 2013

Keeping Secret by Sierra Dean

The fourth Secret McQueen novel takes us out of New York City and into Louisiana, the seat of Secret's family's domain. (Her uncle Callum presides over the territory neighbouring Lucas' domain.) It's the first time we get to see where Secret could have grown up, if her mom wasn't such a crazy lady. It makes for a really interesting experience for Secret since she seems what life as a werewolf princess might have been like -- the good and the bad. Mostly, there's bad in the neighbourhood but there are also some great moments. We get to meet an interesting new group of werewolves, including some siblings that she never knew existed. She also has a little swamp adventure as part of her getting-to-know-them phase, which is quite a hair-raising trip.

On the romance side, Secret is buying wedding dresses, choosing flowers, and all that good wedding stuff. Unfortunately, she's still conflicted. She feels a sense of duty and will marry Lucas but she's still soul-bonded with Desmond and actually loves him more. It's a really neat love triangle, which is something I don't say very often since love triangles can so often be a device rather than a really interesting plot point, but the Lucas-Secret-Desmond is one that really resonates for me.

There's also a really great line about Secret Rain and it made me nearly laugh myself out of my seat.

Holden fans won't be disappointed by KEEPING SECRET since there are also some great scenes between Holden and Secret. Their relationship is quite complicated and it seems to get more twisty with every novel. Some of the other great characters in the series also have some nice moments, like Mercedes, Sig, and Shane. I won't say too much about them since some of them are in the latter part of the novel but I will say that KEEPING SECRET is a real treat and sure to please all of the Secret McQueen fans out then. It's also another strong instalment in a stand-out urban fantasy series. People, you need to read these books!

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  1. I simply can't get enough of this series! I'm so happy that Lucas is out of the picture now. I really can't stand that man. Holden and Desmond are much better choices anyway. Great review!

  2. Hear, hear! I can't wait to see what happens next. :)