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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Soapboxing: My "great escape"

Soapboxing on Tynga's Reviews

I've been planning a national conference for over a year and it's happening as you read this. It's been making me a little crazy and a lot absentminded in my non-conference life (which is why I missed my DYTR post a couple weeks ago...boo!), and you can probably guess that I'm a little stressed trying to get everything done so that my delegates have a smooth and lovely experience. My great escape when I just can't take it anymore? Reading. When I get really overwhelmed, I crave the escapism of a favourite book, so today I'm sharing my go-to books for stress relief/a break from life/just wanting a quality read. They are:

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels #6)Anything by Ilona Andrews (and I mean anything). My copy of MAGIC RISES (which came out on the 30th) couldn't have arrived at a better time since I dove right in and finished it the night I got it. You will eventually see a review (hint: it's made of awesome) but not for a while since there are review books that must be discussed before personal purchases. In any case, I know that an Ilona Andrews book is going to deliver everything I could want in a story: humour, adventure, romance (most of the time), action, and a strong, unpredictable plot. Andrews' work is just about perfect and they've written in so many different genres (or blends of genres) that I can read a full-length novel or dive into one of their novellas, depending on my mood. If I knew where they lived, I'd send them boxes of cookies to show how appreciative I am of their work. =)

Jennifer Estep is another author that I can rely on when I'm looking for a book to take me away from it all. Both her adults Elemental Assassin series and her YA Mythos Academy books are fantastic and I can't say enough good things about them. And if I'm looking for some lighter romance, I can turn to her Bigtime books for a little superhero romance. What can't this woman write? ;)

Whitney My Love by Judith McNaughtAnother "great escape" for me is historical romance. I don't talk about this genre on Team Tynga's Reviews since it's outside of the blog's scope but I am a die-hard fan of historical romance. My first romance novel was WHITNEY, MY LOVE by Judith McNaught and I haven't looked back since! There's something so wonderful about immersing yourself in a different time period and I love knowing that there's a HEA in the works for the main characters. And there's something about the setting, the gallantry, and the clothes that makes historical romance a great way for me to decompress. A well-researched historical romance is just about the best thing ever, and it's a great way for my brain to refresh if I'm in the mood for something a little outside of the genres I read for this blog.

I'm also a lifelong lover of mystery novels. I don't go back to my Nancy Drews as much as I used to but there are some fantastic mystery writers out there and I get sucked into their worlds every time. I love J. D. Robb's series since it's a futuristic series with a strong central couple -- who doesn't love a kickass cop and her billionaire husband with a criminal past? I'm also a big fan of Agatha Christie when I'm in the mood for something a little old school since there's nothing better than Ms. Marple doing her thing.

How about you? What are your "great escape" books? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I think I'd have to go with my High Fantasy Novels. Nothing like a good Maria V Snyder or Kristin Cashore to get in a good mood :)