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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fairies in My Fireplace by R. L. Naquin

FAIRIES IN MY FIREPLACE is our third novel-length outing with Zoey Donovan, empath, aegis, and wedding planner. Her world has changed a lot since we first met her in MONSTER IN MY CLOSET (my review here) but it's not a bad thing. Her life is much richer now that she's discovered the world of the Hidden. Sure, there have been problems but the Leprachaun Mafia has nothing on the enemies Zoey and her friends face in FAIRIES IN MY FIREPLACE. In fact, Naquin has a blog post up on the Harlequin site that explains just how much she's ramped things up this time around. But you don't have to leave our lovely site to get the scoop because I am ready to dish!

Monster Haven is a six-book series and you can really see things start to get bigger in FAIRIES IN MY FIREPLACE. We learn a lot more about the bigger picture in this one since all of the Hiddden are threatened. Goblins, faeries, aegises, they're all disappearing and no one knows why. Zoey's property is overrun with Hidden refugees and she decides to investigate. What she finds was something completely unexpected, for Zoey and for me. Naquin takes the story in a neat direction and I'm curious to see what the longer-term ramifications are. There are some super interesting developments in the last third of the novel -- which I obviously won't discuss here -- that have me eagerly anticipating the fourth novel in the series even though it's not out until next year.

We see some great character development in this book, especially for Maurice. He's always been a lovable character but we see a tougher side of him in FAIRIES IN MY FIREPLACE. Don't get me wrong -- he's still sweet andnurturing but we also get to see a fairly badass version of our favourite closet monster. He really steps up to the proverbial plate for the good of his friends and the rest of the Hidden. We also get to see new aspects to some of the other characters in the series, like Iris the skunk-ape. We also meet a cool new character, a djinn named Kam. She quickly became one of my favourite Hidden folk. I think you'll find her backstory to be quite interesting.

FAIRIES IN MY FIREPLACE is another fun read in her Monster Haven series. If you liked the first two books, you should definitely get this one as soon as possible. If my post intrigues you but you're not familiar with Zoey and her merry band then I would suggest going back to the start and picking up MONSTER IN MY CLOSET. I don't think FAIRIES IN MY FIREPLACE would be a good place to start since there are a lot of characters and history to take in.

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