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Monday, September 02, 2013

Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep

Oh, Jennifer Estep, everything you write is magic, and MIDNIGHT FROST is no exception.

In her fifth full-length outing, Gwen Frost finds herself in a brand new location, faced with an incredibly difficult task: finding the rare cure for a poison before someone close to her dies. (I don't want to say who actually got poisoned, to stay on the good side of the spoiler line). As a result, Gwen is completely out of her element, and she faces odds even more overwhelming than before. I always wonder how Estep will surprise her readers next and she's done a fantastic job of raising the stakes in MIDNIGHT FROST, just when I thought things couldn't get any more fraught.

This time around, Gwen and her friends travel to a sister school near Denver, which is a completely new -- and yet eerily familiar -- experience for our intrepid heroine. In Snowline Ridge, Gwen learns a bit more about her family and about how all of the good guys' schools work. Of course, it's not a social visit since they're on a hunt for a cure but it was really interesting to see how Gwen's  reputation has travelled and how much more global the fight against the Reapers is. Gwen also has to confront enemies new and old, and MIDNIGHT FROST lets us see just how much Gaen has grown as a character and a leader. 

There are also some developments on the Logan front as Gwen struggles with her feelings for Logan and how Loki's possession of Logan is affecting her. I'm glad that Estep didn't just turn around and have everything be hunky dory -- it's much more realistic for Gwen to have nightmares about the events at the end of CRIMSON FROST, especially since she hasn't seen Logan since she saved him. (We get some nice insight into his point of view in SPARTAN FROST, which I reviewed a little while ago.) Gwen wouldn't be a very realistic character if she could instantly adapt to something as awful as being stabbed by her boyfriend but I'm very happy that she still loves Logan, even if she can't trust him completely.

As always, this Jennifer Estep novel gets two giant thumbs up. I love the way Estep writes urban fantasy, no matter the target audience, and the Mythos Academy series deserves a lot of praise for being consistently original, funny, smart, and exciting. You won't know where the plot will take you but you're guaranteed an amazing adventure.

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