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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

*Not book related* A chance to try my favorite makeup ^^

Hey guys!

This is totally not book related but my favorite eyeshadow store re-opened after being closed for over a year and they have an amazing opportunity to try their products for free and I wanted to share the news with you!

The company is called Orglamix and I'm simply crazy for their products!

If you wanna try it, visit the website and there is this  image sayin' Try Orglamix For Free, click it.

You'll see a 10$ price tag when adding it to your cart, and you'll have to pay it, BUT you will get a 10$ Gift Card for your next purchase :)

She also has a pretty amazing deal right now called 'Goodie Bag' and for only 35$ you get 10 (!!!) random eyeshadow. I would purchase it without second thought if I didn't already own over 85 shades and was bound to get doubles hehe. There's also goodie bags for smaller quantities of eyeshadow, the discount is just not as impressive.

Let me know if you decide to give them a try!

Here's an image of a challenge I completed with them back in 2010. Every look was created with their colors :)

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  1. Tynga I saw this and instantly wanted to try it but I think Lucy would be mad if I bought it since I am trying not to buy alot of make up hehe

  2. HAHA I'm sure she'll understand. She loves their product to :)