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Friday, September 20, 2013

Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

Now that Auranos is under the control of the tyrannic King Gaius everything has changed. Enemies suddenly aren't the same, and our youth's focus and missions swiftly reoriented. Everyone, even his own wife and son, want to see the King fall. Will his strong grip and merciless actions be enough for him to keep control?

I am a huge fan of Falling Kingdoms, the first novel in this series, and despite Rebel Spring being a good installment it somehow found itself in the 'not as amazing as the first book' dreaded category. I think the main reason I felt this way is that Rebel Spring is one big transition and there is no clear goal or achievement to reach for this story arc. Yes, there is the ultimate goal of finding the Kindred and defeat the King, but it has become the goal of this series, not an achievable goal for the short term window that is Rebel Spring. All our characters take actions toward this goal, and we get some answers, but ultimately, there no possible victories in this novel and it's slightly disappointing.

Despite its weaknesses, I truly enjoyed reading Rebel Spring. I love the fantastical world Morgan created and the vividness of her characters. Once again, Rhodes blessed us with alternative point of view between multiple characters (including some watchers, the Queen and the King himself) and it definitely adds a richness to the story. I always enjoy seeing how the perceptive on a same situation is different from one character to another, it brings additional depth and nuances to certain key scenes.

Our heroes are faced with interesting situations once again, and I'm afraid to say more deaths awaits them (Morgan couldn't refrain now, could she?). [spoiler]Magnus & Cleo are getting married[/spoiler] and I felt terrible for them, I kept hoping this connection would bring more to their relationship, and I keep my fingers crossed that it will have an impact in the following book. Jonas is more ambitious then ever and he is willing to put aside his feud with Cleo to reach his new objective. He scared me on many occasions and I'll let you discover why! Lucia has a really passive role this time around because she's in a coma most of the novel, but after some shocking revelations at the end of Rebel Spring, my hopes for her are really high and I hope her actions will benefit the 'good'.

Rebel Spring was a great novel and delivers promises of an even better installment. I disliked it's strongly transitional atmosphere (can I even say that?), but overall, it didn't impair my enjoyment. High fantasy lovers definitely want to pick up this series. Magic, mysteries and death awaits you in those pages, and you won't regret jumping on the wagon.


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  1. I absolutely love this series, and I loved this book as well, although it was definitely a continuation of the adventure. I feel so bad for these characters and what they're going through. Poor Cleo! And Magnus, I'm still not sure how I feel about him. Obviously he is very complicated and sometimes I feel like he's turning the corner and then he'll backslide. Love Jonas, but he's also complex. I agree with you about Lucia, I still don't even feel like I know her, but she is definitely being set up to have a huge role in future books. Great review!

  2. I really liked the first book and I'm looking forward to this one though with a little trepidation. Of all the series that have been hyped as "Game of Thrones for teens" I think this is the one that comes closest with its characters that are neither "good" or "bad" but in the grey area.

    I am glad that you liked this one even if it didn't quite live up to the first book.

  3. I definitely agree with you about Jonas & Magnus. I'd like to love Magnus, but his actions often disappoint me

  4. I hope youll enjoy it Christina!
    Have you read Throne of Glass? Its also a great series in the same spirit!

  5. I read the prequels but haven't read Throne of Glass yet. Thanks for the recommendation!