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Friday, October 25, 2013

A Fool's Errand by Maureen Fergus

Turns out even though Persephone grew-up as a slave, she was the long lost twin sister of the young King Finnus. Finding out brings its lot of trouble though and to save her life, as well as the one of her friends and her brother, she must set out on a foolish quest to discover the Pool of Genezing. There's only one problem though, no body knows if it really exist. When your very life is in the balance though, you are willing to take leaps of Faith!

What an awesome second installment to this trilogy! Written by a fellow Canadian, this series is available in print, only in Canada, BUT, it's available in the US in kindle format, so fear not! I truly loved the first encounter, The Gypsy King, even though I thought it didn't quite live up to Cashore or Snyder. The same is true for A Fool's Errand, but I think I enjoyed it even more than I did the first book.

The characters we came to love, or despise depending on the character, are still an intricate part of the story and I was pleased to see Finn and Rachel being granted a bigger role. We discover a more serious side to them, and even though I liked the touch of humor of the first book, circumstances being what they are, the tone was simply perfect. King Finnus exceeded my expectations and proved to be a lot more than many thought.

This time around, the better part of the novel took place in the forest and the different tribes (which where amazing to discover, Fergus created such unique customs for them!) while our heroes face countless dangers on their quest for the pool. Throughout the whole mission, I was simply hooked onto the characters steps, and I have to confess, I was frustrated when we left Persephone's point-of-view to go back to Mordecai's POV. I had this strong Need to know what would happen to Persephone and Azriel, and while the Regent's perception provides depth to the story, I never really cared for him. There is also a mysterious character chasing after our heroes, and I thought it added a nice suspense not knowing what his intentions really were.

The plotline was exciting and engrossing. Truly, despite being over 500 pages long, this novel was a real page turner. True to herself, Fergus also ended  this novel with a bang and I truly can't wait to see if my suspicion concerning some plot points were founded. No title or tentative release date were revealed (to my knowledge) so I hope I won't have to wait too long for the last novel! If you are a fantasy lover, I strongly suggest you give this novel a try :)


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