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Friday, October 04, 2013

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Charles & Anna are having a hard time right now. Charles can't deal with the guilt brought on by enforcing his father's new rules and his victims ghosts are literally hunting him. To try and protect Anna he shuts her out. What he doesn't know is that his desire to keep her safe might very well be the very thing that will kill her in the end.

I always love coming back to this world, may it be with Charles and Anna or with Mercy and this novel was no exception. At first, I did not realize this novel took place before Frost Burned (part of the Mercy Thompson series) and so I read the latter book first. I was a little fuzzy on a couple of details while reading it, and now that I've read Fair Game it all makes sense! It's always nice to find answers don't you think?

The dynamic between the two main characters is such an highlight of this series and they delivered once more. Charles is used to being the protector, and while he will get to do that, Anna finds herself in that role for the first time. Her beloved mate is in danger and she will step up her game to keep him sane. I loved her determination and the unique way she has to get to the otherwise impassive enforcer. I also enjoy his subtle sense of humor and secretive smirks. The pair of them is simply delicious!

Stuck in Boston to solve the case of a serial killer that remained unsolved for many decades, our heroes will be faced with an impressive challenge. The plot line remained engaging the whole time and I was hooked to Briggs' every word. In this novel, we get to meet a pair of FBI officers I particularly grew fond of and I really hope we'll see more of them. There seems to be more to Goldstein than we discovered and I have to confess, I am very curious about him.

The conclusion was breathtaking and simply shocking and it's killing me that there isn't an Alpha & Omega #4 planned as we speak. Patricia Briggs is under contract for 1 more Mercy book (Night Broken - To be released in 2014) and 1 more book in this world, but Patricia has other plans than a A&O book. I really, really hope Penguin will extend her contract and that Briggs will write another Charles & Anna book (s) because their story is far from being over. Yes, the end was satisfying for a novel, but definitely NOT for a series.

If you enjoy the Mercy Thompson series, you MUST read the Alpha and Omega series, you'll simply love it. You don't know Mercy? Than hurry my friend and get your hands on both series because you're in for quite an amazing ride!

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  1. I loved the Mercy books, and I adore A&O too! I agree, it breaks my heart to think that we might not get more Charles and Anna!

  2. I adore this couple. I really like that P Briggs made this into it's own series - they deserve to have the spotlight shined on them because they are excellent characters. I didn't realize there isn't another one planned so far. Hmm I'll have to check out Briggs website

  3. Yeah. Patricia says their story isnt over though and that she would love to continue eventually *fingers crossed*

  4. Hopefully it will change. Theres a place holder for A&O 4 but when you click it she says theres no plans yet

  5. Superb inrfimatoon here, ol'e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.