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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fury of Desire by Coreene Callahan

Wick's story is finally here! It feels like I haven't read a Dragonfury book in forever, even though it's only been a year since the previous one was published. The first three books were published only a few month apart, so prior to this fourth one, I guess I felt lucky to be able to buy and read them so close to one another. After about a year of waiting, we finally get to read Wick's story and let me tell you, the wait is definitively worth it.

Wick is the sort of character that grows on you because of his mysteriousness and his bad boy attitude. A loner and a guy that doesn't say much, we didn't get to know him all that much in the previous books. In FURY OF DESIRE, we finally understand why he's  such a broken character and why he will go to such great lengths to avoid contact with another dragon or human. His past is a dark one and I feel very sympathetic towards him and his sad childhood. Even though it's to be expected, I'm actually happy that he found a mate of his own to love and to protect him from his past.

Personally, I find J.J. (or Jamison) is a character full of clichés. A girl that was in an abusive relationship, she was forced to take matter into her own hands when her boyfriend threatened to kill her sister, Tania. In jail for killing said boyfriend, she's then abused by a horrible prison guard and she will do just about anything to be set free. Especially after getting beaten close to death, which lands her in the hospital with life threatening injuries. In comes Wick to save the day. So in my opinion, quite a cliché character and relationship, but still very entertaining. The scenes between Jamison and Wick are delightful, and even if Wick is a character that doesn't say much, the dialogue between the two is so entertaining.

I love how this series is expanding with each new book. At first, the series concentrated on dragon conflicts within the city of Seattle, but now the war between dragons is going international. Many different background characters now play a role in the battle between "good" dragons and "bad" dragons, some by simply backing it financially while others trying to get involved first hand. The world of dragonkind politics is a complicated one and I think Coreene Callahan has only given us an brief introduction. I anticipate more plot twists and intrigue in future books.

A paranormal romance at heart, like all the other books of the series, FURY OF DESIRE isn't without a good dose of action. However,  it feels like there was a little less romance in this one, compared to the first three, but that made the scenes between Wick and Jamison that much more precious. The romance will leave you desiring more, while the action will keep you on edge. I probably said it before, but I highly recommend this series, if you're a fan of the genre.


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  1. I just finished reading Fury of Fire this morning at 2. lol I loved it and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Thanks so much for the review!!!! Wick is a character I'm dying to find out about!