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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stacking The Shelves [84]

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

If you want to find out more about Stacking The Shelves, please visit the official launch page!


Firstly, I want to wish everyone a Happy (late) Thanksgiving! I ended up driving five hours to see my family. It's been years since all of us have gotten together, so we ended up staying longer than anticipated which explains why I'm unfortunately writing this post really late at night without a vlog or pictures for your entertainment. Trust me, after having to drive for five hours you should be thankful I'm sparing you a video. This week has been particularly amazing for me because I got four Harper titles in the mail! Four! I've never even gotten one before!

For Review

Evertrue by Brodi Ashton

Avalon by Mindee Arnett

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd


Fractured by Sarah Fine (I'm in the acknowledgments!)

The Edge of Falling by Rebecca Serle


Looking for Alaska by John Green

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen


Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins


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Friday, November 29, 2013

Novella November: The Too-Clever Fox by Leigh Bardugo

This novella is publicized as a companion story to Siege & Storm, the second book in The Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo. I'm afraid to say though that the link between the story and the book isn't clear at all. The only thing I can see maybe is that this story is about avoiding traps, and that Alina was caught in one unaware in the latest installment.

This novella is actually a fable featuring a fox whose very life was threatened by his own mother right at birth. Already at a young age he had a clever mind and thanks to his wits, he convinced his mother not to eat his ugly scrawny self. He overcame many challenges growing up and his smarts allowed him to slowly become accepted amongst the other forest animals. When a terrible hunter came to his forest, he stepped up to save his friends, thinking he was the cleverest of them all.

The fable was kind of cute and it was a nice way to show how strength of character and cleverness can get you out of many difficult situation. I liked ever more that the very bottom of the story is to show that even if you overcome many obstacles, it doesn't mean that there aren't more on the way, and that you should always remain alert. The poor fox grew cocky and it almost cost him his hide.

A nice lesson is shared by author Leigh Bardugo, but because it is so far removed from the series, I would not really recommend it. It's an ok read, but I don't feel like it brings anything to the table. It's a free novella though, so feel free to check it out and judge for yourself!




Thursday, November 28, 2013

Novella November: Elemental by Brigid Kemmerer

I'm going to preface this review by admitting that I don't read many prequel type novellas. I've read the occasional mid-series novella while waiting for the next full-length novel to come out, but this was my first experience reading a novella before beginning a series. And I kind of wish I hadn't. Don't get me wrong, the story line was alright, albeit brief and choppy feeling. I think the real shortfall in Elemental was trying to use the novella to introduce a complicated relationship set-up between dueling families rather than use the space to build a world for the forthcoming series.

Kemmerer completely skips over the entire Elemental thing and jumps headfirst into what is meant to be a very engrossing romance. But it's so difficult to get to know characters, introduce conflict, and somehow resolve that conflict all while introducing a first time reader to the novel's world all in just 50 pages.

We're told that everyone wants Michael dead - but not why. Cause he's really powerful. Well, okay? But what makes him so powerful? What level of power do others have? What happened that made him special? Is he the only one that has ever been that powerful? I found myself with lots of unanswered questions.

I'm most definitely going to continue on with the full length novels in this series, I feel like Kemmerer did a good job at baiting me to want to know what happens next. I suppose I just would have rather experienced a bit more history and explanation about the world and situation that I was walking into, rather than skipping that and trying to dive into the relational drama right away.




Giveaway: Men in Chains by Caris Roane


 Today we're participating in a book blast and giveaway for Caris Roane, author of about a bajillionty paranormal romance novels. She's starting a new series called Men in Chains and the first book, BORN IN CHAINS, came out in October and Roane is doing a little holiday promotion to celebrate.

Here's the scoop on BORN IN CHAINS:

Born in Chains by Caris Roane (Men in Chains #1)In the epic battle of vampire against vampire, one warrior’s fate is bound to a mortal woman who controls him, commands him, and craves him like no other…


Two years ago, the rogue vampires invaded Lily Haven’s home and kidnapped her son. Now, if she hopes to see her child again, she must do the unthinkable—bind herself, body and soul, to a vampire warrior.  She must choose one of the rogue army’s prisoners of war and force him to do her bidding. But when she sees the warrior Adrien, naked, beaten, and straining against his chains, it is she who is held captive…


Adrien has been waiting for her. A beautiful woman who appears to him in visions. Who soothes his tortured body, feeds his erotic cravings—and quenches his thirst for blood. But Lily is more than he ever hoped for. She is the master of his destiny, and he is her willing slave. Even when she asks him to find the ultimate weapon for his enemies, he must obey her. Even if the task destroys them both, he will fight for her love, forever…

“Sexy, cool, edgy romantic fantasy…Prepare to be enthralled.”
New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian

Read an excerpt (scroll waaaaaay down)

Purchase: Amazon | Book Depository

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Open internationally
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Three (3) winners will EACH receive ALL of the following prizes at the end of the tour:

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Caris Roane

Caris Roane has published nine paranormal novels and novellas and writing as Valerie King, fifty Regency works.  In 2005, Romantic Times gave her a Career Achievement award in Regency Romance.  As Caris Roane, she currently writes paranormal romance for St. Martin’s Press and also self-publishes the continuing stories for her Guardians of Ascension series as well as stories set in other worlds.

 WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | Goodreads


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snow White Blood Red by Cameron Jace

Snow White Blood Red by Cameron Jace is the first of several e-novella prequels to The Grimm Diaries. I was hesitating to read this book because I don't read self-published novels.  Despite my hesitation, I decided to go against my gut because this series is so popular and Amazon kept on recommending it to me.  I wasn't overly impressed with this novella, but I was definitely entertained!

My main concern with Snow White Blood Red is the narration because it's extremely inconsistent and a bit too choppy. In just 25 pages, this novella is written in both 1st and 2nd person perspectives, which was too distracting for me as a reader. Both perspectives don't mesh well together and it made Jace's writing style feel extremely awkward and illogical. This novella definitely could have used an editor to make this novel more concise.

I love the idea of The Grimm Diaries, who wouldn't want to read about a vampire Snow White? This novella didn't have much of a plot and it was mostly exposition for Snow White Sorrow. I'm definitely intrigued by the series' concept and I'm curious to see what direction this series will take.

I wasn't a huge fan of Snow White Blood Red, but I'll definitely check out the subsequent installments just because I already purchased them. I'm still questioning whether or not Snow White Blood Red is worth the 99 cents that it costs on the Kindle Store! Snow White Blood Red lacked development, but I have high hopes that this series will redeem itself in book #2.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"When I'm not writing" with Kimberly Frost + giveaway (ends today)!

Kimberly FrostWe have Kimberly Frost with us today for "When I'm not writing". She's on tour to celebrate the re-release of her Southern Witch series with Berkley. The promo materials describe the series as a "coming of age in the world of magic" story, in which urban fantasy meets humorous mystery in small-town Texas. The main character is a plucky pastry chef Tammy Jo Trask, who comes into her spell-casting powers unexpectedly. As her adventures continue, she learns the secrets of her supernatural heritage and embraces her butt-kicking destiny.

The giveaway ends today so make sure you enter!


"When I'm not writing" logo

When I’m not writing, I like to travel the world, and I do that in two different ways. First, and most frequently, I travel through reading books. I have traveled through time to the Scottish Highlands, Regency England, Victorian Toronto, and Ancient Rome. I have visited small towns, farms, jungles, and famous cities before they were famous. I have been to places of legend like Camelot, Atlantis, and Mount Olympus.

[caption id="attachment_10537" align="aligncenter" width="262"]Tremont House Tremont House Hotel[/caption]

I also travel in the conventional way via planes, trains, and automobiles. Sometimes the travel is done for research purposes. I recently set a Southern Witch series novella titled “Magical Misfire” on Galveston Island during the yearly holiday celebration of Dickens on the Strand. Because Galveston is less than an hour from where I live, my best friend joined me and we drove over. We stayed at the Tremont House Hotel, which is rumored to be haunted, and walked around the area so I could take pictures and gauge the distances. One of the characters in the story is the ghost of a Victorian prostitute known as Sullied Sal, so my friend and I went to the site of a famous brothel. There are no prostitutes in residence now, but there was a very friendly horse in the yard. The tour of the area made everything so much more vivid while I wrote that story.

[caption id="attachment_10538" align="aligncenter" width="262"]Literary Pub Crawl Literary Pub Crawl[/caption]

Another place that I’ve visited recently for Southern Witch series research is Ireland. In some places, it was as stunningly green as I’d seen in pictures. In other places, like Dublin, it was very urban and hip. We went on a fantastic and funny Literary Pub crawl in the city. There were only five stops, but we quickly realized that it was easier to get through a half-pint rather than a pint in the time allotted. The actors were wonderful, but I remember almost nothing of what they taught us about James Joyce and Oscar Wilde. Perhaps drinking half of the half pints would have been better. ;)

[caption id="attachment_10541" align="aligncenter" width="275"]Kinsale Fort Kinsale Fort[/caption]

England, too, was on the research agenda, and my friend and I traveled to York. I saw where the Bronte sisters grew up and wrote their famous novels. The cemetery on the grounds was stunning. I’m not sure why cemeteries appeal so much to writers—maybe it’s the sense of history and that each person had a life story—but I know many writers of different genres who enjoy them.

[caption id="attachment_10539" align="aligncenter" width="275"]Montreal Church Boats Montreal Church Boats[/caption]

Now, I don’t want you to think I am ALWAYS writing. I do sometimes travel just for fun. A recent trip to Montreal was wonderful. There were so many beautiful churches, and it’s a city where you can walk from place to place. I feel it’s great whenever possible to explore a destination on foot because it’s easier to take pictures that way and to spend as little or as much time as you want at each site. In my experience, some of the best food and local color is discovered spontaneously and by accident.

[caption id="attachment_10540" align="aligncenter" width="262"]High Tea High Tea[/caption]

The other tradition that was begun when I took a cruise a few years back is for me to have “High Tea,” which is an English tradition where there is, of course, tea, but also scones with cream and jam, sweets, and small sandwiches—cucumber, salmon, pimento, etc. The whole experience is lovely and delicious. I highly recommend having High Tea when you travel…or even in your own city. It’s a decadent little vacation all its own.


Thanks so much for visiting us, Kimberly! For more Kimberly, check out these links or click on the tour button for the other stops on the tour:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Southern Witch Series Banner 851 x 315 With Logo


Here's the scoop on WOULD-BE WITCH:

Would-Be Witch by Kimberly Frost (Southern Witch #1)In the small town of Duvall, Texas, the only thing that causes more trouble than gossip is magic.

The family magic seems to have skipped over Tammy Jo Trask. All she gets in the way of the supernatural are a few untimely visits from the long-dead, smart-mouthed family ghost Edie. But when her locket—an heirloom that happens to hold Edie’s soul—is stolen in the midst of a town-wide crime spree, it’s time for Tammy to find her inner witch.

After a few bad experiences with her magic, Tammy turns to the only one who can help: the very rich and highly magical Bryn Lyons. He might have all the answers, but the locket isn’t the only thing passed down in Tammy’s family. She also inherited a warning…to stay away from anyone named Lyons

Read an excerpt (scroll down)

Purchase: Amazon | Book Depository

And here's where it all began:


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Kimberly is giving away an autographed copy of WOULD-BE WITCH. Follow the Rafflecopter instructions to enter!

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Authors, would you like to visit  us? Please email me at jenn (at) tyngasreviews (dot) com and we’ll set it up!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Novella November: Demon Bait by Moira Rogers

This is my first Moira Rogers story. I've seen the name on other blogs but I had never tried anything from this writing duo before. And maybe that's why I had such a hard time coming up with a two line description of the book/series. And then I realized the simplest thing to do would be to borrow the description from Moira Rogers' webpage about the series:
In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity’s survivors must fight both the demons who destroyed the world they knew and their own leaders, who only envision a bright future for a privileged few...The genre is a bit of a mash-up, combining paranormal romance with dystopian and post-apocalyptic themes and enough virtual reality to skate toward cyberpunk.

How's that for a summary?

What I liked the most about this novella is the world. It's not as fleshed out as I would like and I definitely have questions about a lot of the mythology but what I do know is that it's a very cool world. I wouldn't want to live in it but reading about it is pretty awesome. It's dark, it's post-apocalyptic, it's got a nice blend of tech and magic, and it's got endless possibilities. What's not to love? It's very much a throw-you-in-and-hope-you-can-swim introduction to the world, though, since there's not a lot of exposition.

The authors state that DEMON BAIT is more of a prequel novella that Samhain has published as Book #1 in the series and so I'm curious if I would have had a better experience if I had read HAMMER DOWN first. I think a lot of my worldbuilding questions would have been answered with a longer page count but I haven't bought HAMMER DOWN just yet so I'm not entirely certain.

In terms of character, I liked both Marci and Gabe. They're both good characters but I wasn't particularly attached to either of them. I was interested in the outcome --  I wanted them both to succeed -- but I wasn't as emotionally invested as I would have liked. The authors do a good job of giving Marci and Gabe layers and history but I found myself reading to learn more about the world that these two live in, not their HEA. It's not a big enough disconnect that I was put off the novella, and I'm still looking forward to trying HAMMER DOWN, but I wasn't sucked into their romance the way that I had hoped. Maybe it's a question of expectations? I've heard great things about their books so perhaps I was looking for too much in DEMON BAIT.

If Rogers is a new-to-you author, I'd definitely suggest reading the excerpt linked below to get your feet wet. I hope you'll enjoy what you see! I'll report back when I've had a chance to read HAMMER DOWN -- hopefully my expectations will be met in a full-length novel. And if you're a fan, please let me know if this is a typical story for them, or if there are other titles I should pick up to get a better feel for their writing style.

Read an excerpt

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Novella November: Pig, Crane, Fox by Beth Bernobich

I'm not really sure if this story qualifies as a novella since it's length is closer to short story but I'm going to make it count as a November novella anyways. Beth Bernobich has been on my watch list ever since I fell in love with the first book of her fantasy series called PASSION PLAY so I though this would be a great time to read this short story of hers that introduces her YA novel called FOX AND PHOENIX. I've yet to read the novel and while I wasn't really impressed by this story, I think the story building that was necessary to write it has a lot of potential. I feel this story only grazed the surface of the characters and the setting and I hope to learn more about them in the full length novel.

I really enjoyed learning about the characters since they all have a sort of animal familiar that follows them around. Whether it be a pig, a fox or a crane, each member of society has their own humanized animal friend. While I've seen this done before (like in The Golden Compass), the way it was done here was quite original. Each bond between animal and human is unique and ultimately sacred. Kai, the main character, and his animal pig might seem like an unlikely heroic pair but for some reason, it really works for them. They work together, along with Kai's friends, to find a way to win the princess' hand and untold riches offered by the King. All they have to do is perform three impossible task. Sounds relatively easy right?

I'm not exactly sure which culture this fantasy world is based on but the mix of historical Asian culture and modern technology makes a great combo. I wouldn't necessarily call it steampunk but it's something very similar to it. Personally I find the whole concept refreshing and while the story was short and sweet, not amounting to much, I will definitely read the next book in the series in the near future. This short story was an intriguing introduction and a teaser that will make you buy the novel length story associated to it. You don't see many female authors writing in the fantasy genre and while we are seeing more and more of them, I think Beth Bernobich has the talent to break through and write some amazing things.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Stacking The Shelves [83]

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

If you want to find out more about Stacking The Shelves, please visit the official launch page!



Allegiant by Veronica Roth
The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead
Hell Bent by Devon Monk

For Review:

Hunter by Jacquelyn Frank
Burn for Me by Cynthia Eden
Prodigal Son by Debra Mullins

What did you add to your shelves?


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Novella November: Home For the Holidays by Jeaniene Frost

This novella was originally released as part of the 'A Bite Before Christmas' anthology (and this is how I read it) but has recently been released as an ebook, so you can now pick up this story only if you wish!

Home For the Holidays features the whole gang! Cat & Bones receive their friends & family (namely Ian, Spades, Denise, Annette, Mencheres & Kara) for the weekend, to celebrate Bones birthday & Thanksgiving. Turkey is on the menu, even though most of them don't eat, but Annette as a very special gift for Bones: A long lost family member he had no idea existed.

I really enjoyed this story because the whole gang falls victim to Bones' brother and it falls on the shoulders of Cat, Denise & Ian to save the day, because they somehow resisted to Wraith's treachery. I've always liked Ian despite he depraved ways and it was nice to see him somewhat get along with Cat. He finally got to shine and prove he was a vampire of worth even though his morals are questionable at best.

I also enjoyed that Cat & Bones weren't all lovey-dovey in this story (due to circumstances) because it was something that started to displease me in the latest novels of the series.

Even though it's a short story, the plot line was interesting, engrossing and developed enough to give the reader a sense of suspense. True to herself, Jeaniene ended this story with a bang (quite literally) and the conclusion satisfied me.

The seventh, and last, book in the series is scheduled for January 2014 so I can't tell you if reading the novella is necessary to the series. I'm guessing it's not mandatory, but since the events might have a big impact on what's to come, Frost will most likely refer to them. Why not pick it up though if you're a fan of the series? It will give you something to sink your teeth into while waiting for the grand finally!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Novella November: Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout

It's very hard to place when is a good time to read this. Chronologically, it takes place before OBSIDIAN even begins. We learn the basics of what it is to be a Luxen and an Arum, how they fight, their general history. It's very interesting to say the least. But the kicker is that we meet Dawson. If you read this book after book one, OBSIDIAN, you still will have no idea who Dawson is. You won't find out until book two, so this is necessary background information for later in the series, but if you read this book before or after book one, you still won't have an idea about who the main character really is. Scratch that, you'll have an idea, but he won't have been introduced in the main series yet. Confusing, I know.

I have read the novella after reading the first three books. I like how it turned out for me in this case. I met Dawson on my own, I made my own conclusions and inferences, and then I got a background story that filled in all potential blanks. While it's not meant to be read in this order, I'd highly suggest others to do what I did.

To give a spoiler to those who have not read the series yet, Dawson is obviously Daemon and Dee's brother. It's unavoidable to review this novella without saying that. Later in the series you will find out some things about him that are rather shocking. This novella chronicles those events and gives some background information to some major bombs later in the series.

As the synopsis suggests, the love interest is a human girl named Bethany Williams. Forbidden love at its finest. While I loved Bethany's character and Dawson's character, they reminded me too much of Daemon and Katy. Dawson and Daemon have very similar thought processes even though neither are willing to admit it, and Katy and Bethany often have similar experiences, though Katy is more hardheaded than Bethany. The comparisons are slightly bothersome because the characters don't stand on their own.

To make it worse, I didn't like the progression of the relationship in this one. Time indicators were not included often and when they were they were thrown in haphazardly in the beginning of a chapter. I have no idea how long this book lasts (perhaps three months at most), but I was getting some serious insta-love vibes from this.

With all of that in mind, this is something that you would expect from Jennifer L. Armentrout. It will not wow you to the same degree as OBSIDIAN, but it'll certainly satisfy any fan of hers. A novella is not meant to be on the same level as a novel, but for a novella, this is pretty solid.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Novella November: Origins: The Fire by Debra Driza

Origins: The Fire is one of the best novellas I've read to date. It's short, concise, exhilarating, and absolutely thrilling to read. There is not a second where the plot drags and the whole novella is extremely action-packed and exciting. I do wish it was a bit longer because 15 pages isn't nearly long for me as a reader. I craved more from The Fire because I felt it was so well-written that Driza could have taken it a step further.

This novella does an excellent job of giving the reader of an idea of whether Mila 2.0's first person narration will cut it for them. I definitely like how this novella showed Mila's strong sense of filial piety and courage during the fire. This has definitely resuscitated my need to read Renegade, the sequel to Mila 2.0.  I do wish this novella showed Mila's cyborg abilities, but there's only so much you can show in 15 pages. I definitely would recommend Origins: The Fire to those who would like to begin the Mila 2.0e trilogy.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bewitching Book Tours Hot Holiday Giveaway

giveaway banner

There's no "When I'm not writing..." post this week but we do have an amazing giveaway to share with you. Roxanne from Bewitching Book Tours has put together an amazing holiday giveaway and all of us tour hosts are posting it. Some of the prizes are:

1 Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch or equivalent value Amazon Gift Card

3 Bewitching Prize Packs full of books and book swag goodies- open to US Shipping- prize packs may contain print copies of The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle, Would Be Witch by Kimberly Frost and Earth Angel by E Van Lowe, Paranormal Pleasures by Roxanne Rhoads, Tasty Christmas Treats by Roxanne Rhoads- books will be distributed among the 3 prize packs

1 copy of River Road by Suzanne Johnson

1 Ministry Protocol: Thrilling Tales of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences

1 copy of The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter by Jillian Stone

 ....and tons more!

If you'd like the full scoop, you can check out this page. Make sure to read the Rafflecopter details about eligibility for the various prizes. Good luck and happy holidays!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, November 18, 2013

Novella November: Kiss of Venom by Jennifer Estep

It's Owen time! Like most fans of the series, I haven't been too thrilled with Owen Grayson, ever since he went and broke the heart of my favourite assassin, so I was deathly curious about KISS OF VENOM. It is, after all, the first time we get to be inside Owen's head. And what an interesting and tormented place it is! KISS OF VENOM takes place between DEADLY STING and HEART OF VENOM, so Owen and Gin are on the outs but are in a better place than before the craziness at the Briartop Museum (in DEADLY STING). Owen feel like a butthead (because he was a butthead -- an understandable  butthead but a butthead nonetheless) so he's not really sure how it interact with Gin when he sees her at Northern Aggression, a club owed by their friend Roslyn.

What I liked best about KISS OF VENOM is watching Owen repair his friendship with Phillip Kincaid. I have a major soft spot for Phillip, in no small part due to his soft spot for Owen's sister Eva. Phillip and Eva give us glimpses into Owen's past, in addition to being great characters on their own, and I'm always excited to see them on the page. And Owen and Phillip out for a night on the town is something I never thought I'd see, at least not from one of their points of view, so that was a real treat. Of course, it's no Elemental Assassin story if someone's not out to kill Gin but now it's Owen's turn to do the dirty work. KISS OF VENOM shows you how strong his feelings are for Gin, and also gives you a lot of insight into what makes him tick. We got a lot of information about Owen's history in WIDOW'S WEB thanks to Salina but you really see how those events shaped him with this little window into his mind.

I would suggest reading KISS OF VENOM after you've finished with DEADLY STING, not just because reading things chronologically is always best IMHO but because there are references to events from that novel in KISS OF VENOM. This novella isn't an essential read since you can move from DEADLY STING to HEART OF VENOM without any issues but it's definitely worth checking out if you want a better sense of Owen Grayson, or just some extra time in the Elemental Assassin world. As always, Estep has knocked it out of the park.

Read an excerpt (scroll down to Excerpt tab)


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Novella November: Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning

I'm a huge fan of Karen Marie Moning's Fever series so I thought I would give her Highlander series a second chance. I read the first book of this series a while back and while I did enjoy it, nothing could compare to her Fever series.  Where her Fever series is dark, complex and frighting, her Highlander series is more on the romantic side, which includes hot highlanders, a fair bit of time travelling and paranormal elements.

INTO THE DREAMING is a light romantic historical novel that features an amnesiac highlander from the tenth century and a current day aspiring author. It's actually quite heavy on the romance and while you don't learn very much about the main characters, for a novella the plot is quite detailed.

An historical paranormal romance is never complete without a devilishly handsome hero and Aedan fits the bill perfectly. He does have a little bit of amnesia (more than a bit, actually) which has made him forget everything about being human, even about love, passion, and sex. The star of the book, Jane, must cure him of his amnesia in order to free Aedan from the Unseelie King and using her "feminine wiles" is the only thing she can think of. Jane is an awesome character and I wish her story could have been longer than a novella. Her amusing banter combined with the incredible passion she shares with Aedan results in a fun a light read, however heavy on the romance.

Karen Marie Moning is best known for her witty characters and her melodramatic humor, and this book doesn't fail in either aspects. I love how her writing style can fit both her romantic historical novels as well as her darker and magical Fever series. The only thing I'm not crazy about, is the price of this novella ($5.99 for the kindle version). It's pretty steep for a novella and I'm not sure everyone would appreciate the story for this price (see Tynga's Soapboxing post for more on this subject). If you purchase the edition with bonus content, you'll get more for your money including deleted scenes from another novel, a failed manuscript proposal and art from the Fever graphic novel. Overall, I'm glad I own the hardcover of this novella with all its bonus content, but mostly because I'm a huge fan of the author. Not everyone will appreciate it, but if you're either a fan of Moning or one of her series, it's worth the price, in my opinion.


Soapboxing: Novellas, yay or nay?

soapboxing logo

With Novella November going strong I thought it would be the perfect moment to discuss these short stories!

Novellas are more and more popular, especially amongst young adult series and I have to confess I have split feeling about them.

On the plus side, when you love a series, you usually can't get enough of its characters and novella is just the perfect way to fill a craving! Not only you can get an extra treat you wouldn't get in a novel, but they are usually released between books. The torture of waiting for the next installment then feels much more bearable!

Novellas are also the perfect short read when you have only a little time on your hands. Waiting for an appointment? Don't feel like starting a book now because you won't have much time to read? Why not read that novella you've had on your ereader for a while?

Also, I must confess, novellas are lifesavers for those weeks life gets in the way and I don't have time to read a full length novel in time for my Friday reviews! But shhh, don't tell anyone!

On the other hand, I find that even though novellas are a fun read, I don't read them as much as I would like to because they are often too expensive for what you get. I categorically refuse to pay more than a dollar for a story that is under 50 pages. For example, The Transfer, a Divergent novella, is 1,99$ on amazon (though I see it at 4,35$ for some reason) and it's only 30 pages long. I would NEVER pay that price even though I like this series. Also, Hana, a Delirium novella, is 3,26$ for 60 pages. Again, it feels like a total rip off.

Thankfully, there are a lot of free (Maria V Snyder has many on her website) or really cheap novellas out there for our enjoyment!

Now I'm asking you, do you read novellas? Do you like them? What's the maximum price you'll pay to read one?

Soapboxing is our platform for talking about books and book-related topics that matter to us. Soapboxing posts may be rants, they may highlight awesome or terrifying trends, or they might tackle bookish issues on our minds…
The content will vary but the posts will (hopefully) never be boring!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stacking The Shelves [82]

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

If you want to find out more about Stacking The Shelves, please visit the official launch page!


Jenn here this week. I've gotten a nice stack of goodies, including some awesome swag from Amanda Carlson and Lisa Shearin, two of my favourite authors. No pics right now, due to time, but they will show up on my Twitter feed if you care to look later this weekend.

For review:

Dragos Takes a Holiday by Thea Harrison*
A Cursed Moon by Cecy Robson
Cursed by Destiny by Cecy Robson
The Grendel Affair by Lisa Shearin*
The Sharpest Blade by Sandy Williams*


Entangled, A Paranormal Anthology*
Tempt the Stars by Karen Chance
Pile of Bones by Bailey Cunningham
Pushing Luck by Elliott James*
Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire
Velveteen vs. The Junior Super Patriots by Seanan McGuire*
Four Weddings and a Werewolf by Kristin Miller*
The Templar Chronicles Boxed Set by Joseph Nassise*


An awesome signed copy of Cold Blooded by Amanda Carlson (with nifty swag)
The Grendel Affair swag from Lisa Shearin

Amazon freebies:

The Bride of Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta*
Haunted Honeymoon at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta*
Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn Cameron*

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Designing Services - Special prices for Blog Tour Websites!

Hello guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I am still offering design services (you can view all about it here) but I also wanted to let you know that I now have special prices for Blog Tour Website!

Want your tour button to stand out? Want your promo tours to look professional? You are at the right place!

Here's an example of what I could do for you!

I created this button for Wendy to help her with the launch of her new Blog Tour Website (you can sign up here for her tours)

What she had to say about my work: "It's perfect".

For more info, please contact me at tyngauf(a)gmail.com :)


Novella November: The Tailor by Leigh Bardugo

The Tailor is a very short novella and it's about a scene happening in Shadow & Bones from Genya's point of view. It takes place after Alina was injured by Zoya.

I enjoyed this very quick read because it gives Genya a stepping-stone to the readers heart. Her actions in the series have been questionable and this little insight to her true feelings and her past was very welcome.

She is a sweet but abused girl and she does her best to survive in this cruel world. You can't help but feel sympathy for the girl after reading this story.

I would not suggest reading it without having read Shadow & Bones, but it's a nice addition to the book if you have a moment to spare. Plus, it's free :)

If you haven't read the Grisha series yet, I urge you to get your hands on the first novel, It's really awesome!



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Novella November: The Queen's Army by Marissa Meyer

I think it's safe to say that nearly the entire universe, if not the entire universe, loves Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles series. My anxiety over the wait for CRESS is ever increasing, so I knew that I'd be reading this novella without question. And, boy, am I happy I was able to read this. While it's a very quick read, it's full of background information on our beloved Wolf. This book can be read either before or after SCARLET and the small back-story that it reveals to you will make certain events in SCARLET all the more meaningful.

This novel depicts Wolf's transformation from normal boy into a recruit in the Queen's Army. It shows his journey and inability to keep away from fighting, despite the fact that it's something he never supported. It shows how his desire to observe instead of partake in the action made him all the more skilled. But what I loved most about this novella is the dark and gritty irony of it all. Despite everything, Wolf could not avoid the very thing that he never wanted to happen: becoming the bloodthirsty Alpha that allows his animalistic ways to take over. That's right, we discover how Wolf became Alpha, and it's certainly worth a read.

As far as background information goes, we learn why Wolf isn't the most obedient, why he, if anyone, can be swayed by emotions. We learn what exactly caused the huge rift between him and Ran. It's not something I expected, but that's what makes it all the more heartbreaking. We learn why he hesitates when he nearly kills people in SCARLET, just how he got that scar from that unknown stupid mistake. To sum it up nicely, we learn about his journey and why Wolf is the way he is.

In less then twenty pages Meyer has convinced me that I fully understand perhaps one of my favorite mysterious heroes in all of young adult literature. And now that I've got this beautiful little gem under my belt, my anxiety over CRESS has increased ten-fold. With this knowledge of Wolf, I want to see what is explored in his future and Scarlet's future, not to mention Cinder and Captain Thorne's. And, of course, who doesn't want to meet Cress?

I highly recommend this free novella to everyone. Though it is meant to be read before SCARLET, I recommend reading it after SCARLET only because it'll make you love Wolf even more now that you know the experiences that caused him to act the way he did. However, reading it first will have a somewhat similar effect if you can remember everything. Either way, if you are a fan of this series, this is not a novella to be ignored because of the enlightening character back-story that it provides.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Novella November: The Choice by Jason Mott

I've always been interested in "What-If" scenarios, and so The Returned really appealed to me as a reader. The Returned is all about getting a second chance at life and making your own choices. The Choice is one of three e-novellas that serve as a companion to The Returned and it definitely delivers. This novella really gives readers a feel for the poignancy and raw emotion that Jason Mott writes with in The Returned.

I definitely enjoyed reading this story, but my problem was that it was way too short for me to form emotional attachments to the characters. How can I care about a character if I spend less than 30 pages with them? It's an extremely daunting task to enable readers to empathize with your characters in such a short span of time and Mott never really takes his characters to the next level. The characters in The Returned aren't one dimensional perse, but they still could have used some more development. I really wanted to care about Peter and Tracey, but I felt like the reader never spent enough time with them to give a hoot about their relationship. I really feel that if there were an additional 10-15 pages in The Choice, I would have enjoyed it so much more.

The Choice is a great way to help you decide: "Is The Returned a book that I would enjoy?" Instead of immediately jumping into The Returned, I would highly suggest reading The Choice because it's a short, sweet and captivating story. Also there's a short excerpt of The Returned at the end of The Choice which is definitely a nice treat. The Choice is a great tease to build buzz for The Returned, but it didn't really impress me. I really hope that The Sparrow and The First, the next two Returned novellas catch my interest more!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"When I'm not writing" with Sonya Clark

Trancehack by Sonya Clark (Magic Born #1)This week, we're hosting Sonya Clark for "When I'm not writing". I reviewed TRANCEHACK a little while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it so I'm thrilled to have her visiting the blog. Check out what Sonya does when she's not working on her next novel.


"When I'm not writing" logo

For several years now, I’ve put a great deal of energy into writing. Being a published author was something I’d wanted most of my life, so when I finally made the decision to really go for it, I put as much of myself as I could into writing. When I had my daughter, I refocused my energy into putting her first, along with my husband and our home and family life. Still, every spare moment beyond that was spent writing, editing, blogging, and other things that fall under the heading of Being An Author.

But then the burn-out hit, and I had to make some changes or go crazy. I needed something other than writing to do, at least some of the time. The first thing I thought of was something I’d been really interested in for a while, so I finally took the plunge. The heroine in Trancehack, Calla, designs jewelry because I thought that would be a cool thing to do. A couple of years ago I made a bracelet under the guidance of my sister-in-law, who had the tools and the know-how. I really enjoyed it, and when it came time to flesh out Calla’s life and story, it was the first thing that came to mind. But I never tried it for myself, even though I really wanted to.


So recently I just decided to go ahead and do it - I bought a few tools and beads and accessories and started making bracelets. I don’t know if I’ll be any good at this, but it’s enjoyable and I’m having fun. I like having something creative to do that’s different from writing. It’s also nice to have a project finished in an hour or so, as opposed to months. The bracelets I’ve made so far aren’t very fancy, but that’s okay. I’m learning.

At sixteen months, my daughter is too young for this kind of thing now. She currently favors the cute little plastic bangles in pastel shades that you can find for very young girls. I look forward to making bracelets and necklaces for her when she’s old enough to wear them.

Other than spending time with my family and this new foray into jewelry-making, the rest of my time away from the keyboard is spent reading, watching Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow, and thinking up the next story.

Thank you for inviting me to the blog!


Thanks so much for visiting us, Sonya! For more Sonya, visit her:

Website | Facebook | Twitter


Here's the scoop on TRANCEHACK:

Trancehack by Sonya Clark (Magic Born #1)It's 2065. Those born with magic abilities live in government-run zones, without rights or freedoms. Fear of magic created this segregated world and fear keeps it intact.

A high-profile murder brings Detective Nathan Perez to Magic Born Zone 13. He's had little experience with the Magic Born and isn't sure what to expect during his first encounter with a witch, but he never thought he'd be so drawn to her.

Trancehacker Calla Vesper uses magic to break into computers and aid the Magic Born underground. She has no interest in helping a cop, even if he is smoking-hot, but money's tight and Nate offers a tidy amount for help navigating the Zone. Calla's determined to keep it all business, but sparks start flying before the investigation even gets started.

When Calla's trancehacking and Nathan's investigation uncover a conspiracy, Calla becomes a target. Nate can protect her by keeping her role a secret--but then who will protect Nate?

Jenn's thoughts

Read an excerpt

Purchase: Amazon


Do you guys have suggestions for who you’d like to see featured on the blog? If so, you can make your suggestions on this page. No guarantees that your favourite authors will be able to participate but we’ll try!

Authors, would you like to visit  us? Please email me at jenn (at) tyngasreviews (dot) com and we’ll set it up!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Novella November: Sing for the Dead by PJ Schnyder

For a bit of context, check out my review of BITE ME, the first novella in the series. As I mentioned in that post, the best part of the London Undead series is definitely the worldbuilding. Schnyder gives us a great but short introduction to a very scary London, where zombies roam the streets of the quarantined city and werewolves patrol to keep the residents too poor or stubborn to leave safe. I had so many questions about where these zombies come from, why they're getting smarter, why they stay in London. We didn't get many answers in BITE ME but we get a pile of them in SING FOR THE DEAD because Sorcha, the female lead, has been dispatched to London by the Light Court to investigate the zombies and their potential threat to the Fae. Kayden finds her in a park, and things quickly move to a head from there.

What we learn -- which I won't explain here -- is very interesting stuff indeed. It was a development I wasn't expecting and it results in some great action scenes and a much wider world to explore in future stories. It's hard to discuss it without giving things away so I'll just say that it's a very satisfying ending and you'll definitely be intrigued by the zombies' origins and the reasons for why they are getting smarter. ;)

I also really liked the relationship that builds between Sorcha and Kayden in SING FOR THE DEAD. He's much more accepting of their bond than she is, mostly because Sorcha has a mountain of baggage. It's not unexpected, given her upbringing and background, but it's a significant impediment in their burgeoning relationship. But what fun would a paranormal romance story be without some bumps along the way?

The end of SING FOR THE DEAD definitely implies that there are more stories to go and I'm curious to see if Schnyder has a new pairing for us, or if we'll see more of Sorcha and Kayden. I like them a lot more than Maisie and Seth (from BITE ME) so I've got my fingers crossed! I hope you'll give this series a try.

 Read an excerpt


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Novella November: Like A Wolf With A Bone (Howl For It) by Shelly Laurenston

Shelly Laurenston never fails to entertain me. Even with a novella, she is able to tell the story of two people coming together, falling in love while having fun with it at the same time.

I guess you could say Darla Mae is your typical Shelly Laurenston female protagonist. She can be self sufficient, she's intelligent and she is definitely strong and able to take care of herself. Meeting the intimidating Eggie was probably not in her plans but she ends up trusting the guy instantly even if he did kidnap her in order to save her life. As a marine and a werewolf, Eggie is known ny everyone, including his family, a wolf not to meddle with. He is a relentless hunter and a man that will do anything in order to protect, whether if its to protect his country or his female. He and Darla couldn't make it stranger couple with him being a marine, and her a baker. Despite the unlikely pair, their relationship simply works.

There's never a dull moment in the book, with humans hunting down Darla Mae, road car races and an endless supply of pies. The banter between characters also makes it ingesting and things can get out of control when family members get involved in Darla and Eggie's business.

Overall I would definitely recommend LIKE A WOLF WITH A BONE to anyone interested in a quick read in paranormal romance. Even if it's part of a series, it's the first book in the chronological order of the series, despite it being written later on. Truthfully, I've been reading this series completely out of order and now that I've read #0.5, I think I'll definitely read the rest in order. It's not a must since I strongly believe this series can be read out of order but I'm interested in learning more about all the different characters mentioned in this story and all the other books I've read so far.

A fun story, you can never go wrong with Laurenston. This is type of story that keeps me reading, even if I know it's time to sleep. It definitely kept me up late into the night because I wanted to know more, right away. It's not the best story ever written by the author but she makes you care for her character, which is truly important when it comes to romance stories.


Saturday, November 09, 2013

Stacking The Shelves [81]

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

If you want to find out more about Stacking The Shelves, please visit the official launch page!


Happy weekend everyone! I went on a book buying frenzy over the last couple of weeks and I surprised myself by buying outside my comfort zone. I rarely read non-fiction books and for some reason I was attracted by two autobiographies. Really not my typical read but I'm enjoying both so far.

sts - 2013 nov 9


Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

I Am Malala by Malala Youfsafzai

An Astronaut's Guide to Life by Chris Hadfield

Lover at Last by J.R. Ward

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning

Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Howl For It by Shelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden*

For Review

Four Small Stones by Gary Taaffe*

(*eBooks not shown in image)


I hope you all had a wonderful week full of books and stories! Let me know what you got this week. I can't really promise to visit or comment, since I'm in Las Vegas this weekend, but I will try to stop by!


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