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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Novella November: Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning

I'm a huge fan of Karen Marie Moning's Fever series so I thought I would give her Highlander series a second chance. I read the first book of this series a while back and while I did enjoy it, nothing could compare to her Fever series.  Where her Fever series is dark, complex and frighting, her Highlander series is more on the romantic side, which includes hot highlanders, a fair bit of time travelling and paranormal elements.

INTO THE DREAMING is a light romantic historical novel that features an amnesiac highlander from the tenth century and a current day aspiring author. It's actually quite heavy on the romance and while you don't learn very much about the main characters, for a novella the plot is quite detailed.

An historical paranormal romance is never complete without a devilishly handsome hero and Aedan fits the bill perfectly. He does have a little bit of amnesia (more than a bit, actually) which has made him forget everything about being human, even about love, passion, and sex. The star of the book, Jane, must cure him of his amnesia in order to free Aedan from the Unseelie King and using her "feminine wiles" is the only thing she can think of. Jane is an awesome character and I wish her story could have been longer than a novella. Her amusing banter combined with the incredible passion she shares with Aedan results in a fun a light read, however heavy on the romance.

Karen Marie Moning is best known for her witty characters and her melodramatic humor, and this book doesn't fail in either aspects. I love how her writing style can fit both her romantic historical novels as well as her darker and magical Fever series. The only thing I'm not crazy about, is the price of this novella ($5.99 for the kindle version). It's pretty steep for a novella and I'm not sure everyone would appreciate the story for this price (see Tynga's Soapboxing post for more on this subject). If you purchase the edition with bonus content, you'll get more for your money including deleted scenes from another novel, a failed manuscript proposal and art from the Fever graphic novel. Overall, I'm glad I own the hardcover of this novella with all its bonus content, but mostly because I'm a huge fan of the author. Not everyone will appreciate it, but if you're either a fan of Moning or one of her series, it's worth the price, in my opinion.


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