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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Novella November: Origins: The Fire by Debra Driza

Origins: The Fire is one of the best novellas I've read to date. It's short, concise, exhilarating, and absolutely thrilling to read. There is not a second where the plot drags and the whole novella is extremely action-packed and exciting. I do wish it was a bit longer because 15 pages isn't nearly long for me as a reader. I craved more from The Fire because I felt it was so well-written that Driza could have taken it a step further.

This novella does an excellent job of giving the reader of an idea of whether Mila 2.0's first person narration will cut it for them. I definitely like how this novella showed Mila's strong sense of filial piety and courage during the fire. This has definitely resuscitated my need to read Renegade, the sequel to Mila 2.0.  I do wish this novella showed Mila's cyborg abilities, but there's only so much you can show in 15 pages. I definitely would recommend Origins: The Fire to those who would like to begin the Mila 2.0e trilogy.


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